My Childs Weight Gain

Updated on August 08, 2008
M.C. asks from Meriden, CT
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hello everyone,

i have a 11 1/2 month old daughter and she not gaining much weight. She is a fussy eater, any suggestions please. she weighs only 18pound 6 ounces. She was born avg at 7.2 pounds. i would really appreciate any input

thank you

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So What Happened?

i just wanted to thank everyone for some great suggestions, i will find more about my daughters progress after her doctor vist on sep. 5th

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answers from New York on

Chicken nuggets
fish sticks
dole fruit cups
spagetti O's
cold cuts and cheese

grilled cheese

Rice, -- add peas
Pasta -- add peas or mixed vegetables

Corn on the cob

CEREALS-- Let her pick

Snacks -- cookies, chips, crackers, goldfish crackers

these are simple and easy foods

If she likes Ketchup, put it on her plate and let her dip the food into it,

FOOD first then her juice/ water.


French Fries always seem to work.


Macaroni and Cheese

Home made Chinese rice

Dunkin Donuts Flat bread sandwiches
panera breads
quiche----You could make this at home and its a great way to sneak in veggies

Broccoli and cheese

And MC Donalds
( this is a great way to build her initial appetite most kids love it )

Stewed meats

Barbequed ribs boiled then add the sauce afterwards

Beef stew

stewed chicken breasts with potatoes and carrots and peas

Boiled corn on the cob with salt and butter

And Desserts--- ice cream, cookies, cakes, WHATEVER!!!!

Email me if you need more suggestions



answers from Hartford on

my granddaughters are 16mths now and just under 21 lbs each so your little one being 18 lbs doesn't sound unreasonable to me. how is her health? her energy? how does she look to you? is she getting the proper nutrition from the foods she does eat? are you breastfeeding? that's always a major plus.
not every baby has to chubby to be healthy, so try not to fall into that trap.



answers from Hartford on

Hi M.,
My son is allergic to Dairy. He was failure to thrive till he was almost a year. He was below the growth chart( now he is 15th for weight). We were told to add canola oil to his cereal. We also add avocado & tahini to his dinner cereal. In the morning he has banana in his cereal with the oil. Because he is allergic to milk we drink Hemp milk( looked into soy & found some bad stuff for babies). The hemp milk I buy has 7 g of fat. Higher the reg. milk. I try to keep him eating as healthy as possible, so I don't give him a lot of junk. Have you checked into allergies? If she is on the growth chart at all don't worry too much. jjust try to sneak some good fat in. feel frre to e-mail any other qu about this issue.


answers from New York on

Has your doctor mentioned anything? My 2nd grandson was diagnosed with failure to thrive at age 1 and then acid reflux at age 2. It actually turned out to be an allergy to cow milk and once that was removed from his diet he's been doing great. Put on 7 lbs in 4 months.

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