My Child Is Growing like a Weed :)

Updated on April 15, 2011
M.G. asks from Keller, TX
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Our 5 year old has always been taller than most his age, and he just keeps growing like a weed. At the beginning of the school year, he was barely in a 5T pants (meaning he could be in a 4T), and thank goodness for adjustable waistbands because they are always huge on him. Anyway. . . so just got into 5T at the end of August, and beginning of October he's in a boy's 5. He literally grew over an inch within one month's time! I just noticed this morning that the bottom of his pants were above the top of his socks! I checked, and he grew another inch or so since October!!!! He turned 5 in December. Is this typical for his age? He's a skinny skinny but a tall one.

Maybe I should clarify. He's super skinny but much taller than any of his peers. Not at all worried. . just a fun discussion. :)

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answers from San Francisco on

Welcome to the land of tall skinny boys...I can't wait for summer when they live in swim trunks and flip flops!

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answers from Norfolk on

My son had his first major growth spurt during his 4th year.
He shot up 4 inches that year and although I got his clothes big for him (rolled up sleeves and pants at first), I still had to replace his wardrobe 3 times. His preschool teacher said there were some days when he seemed taller after nap time than he was that same morning.
The growing pains were horrible. He'd wake up in the night crying his legs and sometimes arms would hurt so bad. We tried warm bathes, heating pad and Tylenol, and they helped sometimes but not all the time.
During year 5 he only grew 1.5 inches, then year 6 he grew another 4 inches.
It was the same pattern for years 7 and 8.
He's still growing, but the spurts have not been so dramatic lately.
He's 12 now and he's just passed my height. Some of his friends are starting to catch up with him, but he's a foot taller than a few of his other friends.
Our pediatrician said he could reach 6'4" (I'm 5'5" and Dad's 6'1").

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answers from Dallas on

My son grew SOOO fast duriong the puberty growth spurt that he has horizontal stretchmarks on his back!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son turned 5 in October and is in a boys 6 now...and he started the school year in a 5T too!

I think your son sounds pretty normal.

~My 7 yr old started the school year in a boys 7 and now is in a about being thankful for adjustable waists! He is a skinny skinny with extremely long legs...just like his daddy!

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answers from Kansas City on

you guys are scaring me -mine is 4 and won't be 5 till september - he's already 45 inches tall (reaches my armpits!) and in a 5t/xs!!!! he had a huge growth spurt in the last six months as well (he was in a 4 t for a little over a year) so if he has another like you describe in the next 6 months, i'm scared! lol! mine has been in the 98th percentile for height and weight since about 3 months lol. he is healthy too, not overweight for his size, you can see his ribs even...just a big boy!

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answers from Eugene on

Sounds normal. I can't seem to buy the next pant size fast enough for my boys. They've gotten used to having the hemline up around their ankles. I wish this would become the new style so I didn't have to shop so often.

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answers from Biloxi on

There are times when I look at my son in the morning and I know he has literally grown overnight. At 14, he is not taller than me - okay, not hard to do as I am only 5'2", but he was significantly shorter than me at the beginning of the school year.

He has outgrown clothing and shoes in three months sometimes. He is also very thin and adjustable waist bands have been a life saver - if not he gets that "home boy" look because to get the length in pants he usually has to wear a size larger in the waist even in slims. He is about 3 inches in the waist away from being able to wear pants that come in waist/length sizes and I just keep telling him to eat, eat, eat, so he can start wearing pants that actually fit everywhere.

But my boy has always been shorter than everyone in his class - until he hit 9th grade - he shot up last summer, and while not the tallest in class, he has achieved "average" height. Hmmm, so far about the only good thing that has come from puberty. LOL

God Bless

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answers from Dallas on

my son has always worn about 18 months bigger (because of his height), so when he was 5.5, he was wearing 7 slim jeans. for shorts though, he can still wear 5 because he's so skinny and has a thin waist. they just are what they are!



answers from Denver on

Hee Hee I can feel your pain. My daughter has always been at the top of the height charts. I am terrified that by the time she is a teenager she will be passing me up. Then she is the exact opposite on weight and is in lower half. The fun year was when she was 10% in weight and 90% in height. Thankfully she is more average now in weight, but one of the tallest in her class. Whoever came up with adjustable waist bands needs a medal. It seems like a lot of kids are really tall and skinny, so I think your tall little guy is the norm.
Good luck and remember we could try putting a brick on their heads to slow down the growth or give them coffee, as my mom likes to tease me. But then again my mom has been drinking coffee since she was 6 and is super tall.. hmmmmm must of past a generation. :-)



answers from Dallas on

I'm right there with you... My 3 year (4 in June) is 42 inches tall. She can wear 3T around her waist, but needs 5T for length in Levis jeans. It's really hard to buy clothes!!! There are days I think she has grown overnight as well. She has grown 1.5 inches since Christmas.

She gets it from my side since most of my cousins are tall. Unfortunately I did not get the gene, just carried it. :-P She will be taller than both my husband and me.


answers from Sacramento on

My 8 year old is 5' tall, and she is on her 2nd shoe size since the beginning of the school year. It's a good thing she enjoys clothes shopping, because we have to do it alll the time! She has very long legs for her height, so she has to wear a size 12 in pants, but then we have to adjust the waistband all the way in. Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of the maxi skirt trend! ;)


answers from Rochester on

I don't think that's so big. My daughter, who JUST turned six, wears an 8...and she's not fat at ALL, just tall and physically fit. I wouldn't worry about it too much...we haven't seen 5T's since she was 3! But oh no...does that mean that I have the giant? :) Tee hee.


answers from Jacksonville on

My daughter is two and a half, she is already half of my husbands height, and he is six two. But on my side of the family we have tall ones, both guys and gals can reach over six feet. Adjustable waist bands are great, I totally agree. As for the clothes thing, for Christmas we asked for all 2t stuff, by Feb none of it fit.



answers from Honolulu on

I don't see anything unusual with that.

Kids, grow like weeds.
My son is 4 and wears size 5 or 6.
My daughter is 8 and wears size 10 or size L.

My kids are and have always been, very tall/long & lean for their ages.

One summer, my daughter grew like 4".
In a given school year, her feet grew to the next size up.

My son is taller than his peers. He's 4 but height wise, is taller than even many 1st Graders.
My Daughter is tall too... for her age. But, in her grade level, it seems mostly all the girls, are tall like that too. She is not unusually taller, than her classmates. But, she is as tall as some 5th graders. But she is in 3rd grade.

Kids grow like weeds.
So amazing.