My Chest Wall Bones Are Cracking/popping, Help!

Updated on February 01, 2010
N.I. asks from Deltona, FL
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Hi ladies!
After the birth of my second boy 22 months ago, I've been noticing that my chest bones crack often like when you crack/pop your back, hands, fingers...well, just like that and about a week ago I felt like a small pain like I needed to crack/pop my chest wall bones (sorry don't know how else to describe it ) and I tried to crack it like i do in my back but I couldn't and I got this pain there, that I almost couldn't breath or move too much! little by little it left but I still feel discomfort there and now, I feel bubbles (from gas ) getting stock there, and I don't know if this is normal or not. I've never heard of anyone cracking/popping their chest wall bones. I don't know, can you help me??? cause I really don't want to loose time or money at some doctor's office and they say it's nothing, you know how sometimes they are.
Thank You!

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So What Happened?

Thank you sooooo much everyone! I appreciate it! I will definetly look for a doctor/specialist or another Quiropractor...Thank You!

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answers from Detroit on

I recommend first you see your doctor. Very soon.

Second, you may need to see a chiropractor (be cautious on whom you see as many are after insurance money).

If not a chiro, a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) may be able to assist you, I am one, but I would not see you without the doctor's consult first to be safe.

The body shifts so much in pregnancy, and the muscles move so much to accommodate that precious baby... You may have a dislocated rib, but it may just be you need to be realigned... and a massage can sometimes help. I have realigned clients with reflexology and a massage as I provide gentle stretching. But as you have something causing pain - any reputable therapist I would hope would want to hear what an MD would have to say. I'm the type to play it safe in my work.

Good luck and get yourself taken care of immediately as no one on here can truly diagnose you or advise you.

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answers from Denver on

Hi N. - try the chiropractor. I had horrible chest pains and shortness of breath after having some laproscopic surgery and went to the ER. They did all kinds of test and scans looking for a blood clot etc. The doctors were "at a loss" when they found nothing. I saw my chiropractor who said my sternum was out of line. The pain and difficulty breathing were gone right after the adjustment. It probably happened during my surgery - the relaxant they gave me before surgery knocked me out even before I got to the OR and they had to lift me onto the operating table. A lot happens during pregancy. Our ligaments relax and we squirm put ourselves into crazy positions giving birth. I would imagine an adjustment will work wonders.

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I went to my OB/GYN 7 weeks after the birth of my daughter. He wasn't "too concerned" - I'm glad I followed my instincts because, although the copays added-up over the next few weeks (and NO ONE thought it would be something to worry about), I was diagnosed with cancer.

I only tell you that to let you know that sometimes it can be worth going to the doctor to learn that everything is OK because 1% of the time, we might think it is, and it really isn't.

For your sake, I hope it's nothing, but I'd call your doctor's office. A lot of times, you can get a triage nurse on the phone, and they'll indicate if you need to be seen or not.

As for chiropractic, I've never done it personally, but I've wanted to try. The one bit of advice I've gotten is to go to someone really reputable because one bad experience can affect you for a lifetime.

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answers from Tampa on

Hi N... I was just reading through the responses and a few have already mentioned what I would recommend also.. but wanted to let you know there is at least one more person out there that has gone through the same sensations.. I have been a massage therapist since 1994, and after my first daughter, had the same sensations, and occasionally they reoccur. It is usually a rib subluxation.. or sliding out of it's normal position.. and the muscles between the ribs and ligaments tighten and spasm.. it can catch you off guard and be pretty painful for a couple of breaths..making it continue and worse is posture.. not keeping our shoulders back.. and sleeping on your side without hugging a pillow, both close the chest and allow the muscles of the back to stretch and the chest tighten..(picking your son up, and carrying diaper bags, etc. all contribute to it) so a good chiropractor, or osteopath can help with adjusting.. and making sure there is no other more serious issue going on.. and a good massage therapist can help. I stretch my pecs using a door way.. a chiro or LMT can help you with that.. and I am still flexible enough to link my hands behind my lower back and do a slight back bend to stretch and hear the rib pop back into place.. but would recommend you letting a professional help you with that. :-) Depending on age, back health, etc.. we are all at different levels of flexibility and strength. Best of luck..

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answers from Miami on

You should definitely see a professional to figure out what the problem is. When I was in highschool my chest hurt so bad once that we thought I had bronchitis. I could hardly breath. After an examination we discovered that it was my back. It was so far out of place that it was making my chest hurt. He fixed my back and I felt better right away. I still have back issues, so I do yoga and that helps.

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I really think you need to see a doctor. I see a chiropractor and love her, but what you're talking about sounds like something that needs to be checked out by xray first, before you have someone making adjustments and making things worse. The shortness of breath and pain are concerning. I've heard of people even cracking ribs during pregnancy & labor, and although I don't know how true that is, I still think you shouldn't chance it.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

If I'm understanding your correctly, do you mean your ribs near your back? If so, you could be experiencing something I went thru while I was pregnant with my daughter, where your rib pops out of place. It can be really painful, but chiropractics work WONDERS/MIRACLES and are a lot cheaper than a docs visit!! I would seriously make an appointment with a chiropractor and see what they have to offer, you'll only be sorry you didn't go in sooner!
Hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Minneapolis on

That happens to me all the time. It is just a muscular thing, is what my dr has told me. I just crack myself by stretching and it helps. I have found Yoga helps, or any other stretching type of excercise. Definateley double check with your dr next time you are in to make sure it isnt something more severe.

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answers from Miami on

That is more than likely your ribs moving in and out of place. When a rib does that you have painful breathing. A chiropractor can help that very easily and if that doesn't help get further examination with your MD.

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