My Car Needs Detail Cleaned, Any Referrals?

Updated on October 20, 2008
T.N. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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I'm selling my minivan (we're attempting to become a 1-car family to save money and less pollution) and I need to have it cleaned very well to prepare it to sell. Can anyone recommend a good place to take it? It will need a lot of work, like carpets cleaned, etc. Two small kids certainly take their toll on the cleanliness of a vehicle! LOL Have you had a good experience where they cleaned your car well at a reasonable price?

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So What Happened?

I've been taking my cars to Danny's Car wash and been pleased. I also get coupons for them in the mail, which is nice.

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I have been here a million years (no not I cannot for the life of me remember the car wash name. Someone may know it after my description so this may help either way.=D
Mesa..West of Fiesta Mall exit..on Longmore? MCC football field etc. is directly behind the building. Next to the car wash is a movie theater and then a ramp over the 60 freeway. Going south it will be at the mall exit/entrance on right.
I have been a loyal customer for several years in detailing my sedan. I come back for their constant decent price/s and fast service that I receive. By appointment or just "drop in" and I have found that both have been faster then any other place.
*Please keep in mind that if you come on a day/time that is their "rush hour/s" you WILL BE A LONG TIME.* =)

I go in the middle of the week and in the morning because you WILL have wet/soaked interior.(any place-some worse than others) Now leading to my next important point:
**YOU CAN VERY EASILY GET MILDEW FROM THE WET/SOAKED CARPETS/INTERIOR-that you will smell and you dont wanna go there..** Just like your carpets at home... SO if you and the kids just hop on in with the dirty feet rubbing into the dirt soaking fabric underneath then you are back to square one. You/kids can enter/exit shoeless til van is sold. Continued use the paper floor mats that are given when detailing is finished is also suggested. Or buy a cheap set to place on top of the cleaned surface underneath for presentation.
***MAKE SURE You crack all your windows or if you are a little wild rolled them roll them down all the way and basically air dry the carpets/interior...dry AZ air works wonders...your A/C works a little slower if driving a lot and floor vents improve the time length. If going home (or if at nightfall)CRACK all windows- if can roll all the way do so BUT only if in a secured parking area- of course.
Sorry so long winded but I have had many many experiences and have learned so much that I wanted it to be shared.
Good luck.

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answers from Phoenix on

Hi T.,

Our former neighbor has a detail/window tint business in
Mesa. Their website link:
cut & paste in your browser.

The business is Deluxe Detail and Tint on Gilbert Road
just south of Broadway. I HIGHLY recommend their services,
they've worked on many of my family's cars and I have refered dozens of people, we are all always very satisfied with the work they do for reasonable prices. Their website also has
a 10% off coupon.

The owner's name is Brad DiLorenzo, he's a super guy and he
can probably help you with drop off/pick up of your car.
Tell him J. Lynch sent you, I know you'll be very pleased
dealing with Brad.


J. Lynch

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You didn't mention where you live. I'm in southern Chandler. I got my 2002 Suburban detailed at Danny's on the 202 and Gilbert Rd. I was pleased. They really had to work hard (I think it took a total of 6 hours--and 4 to 5 guys working on it). If you go in there, go for a regular car wash--and they'll ask you about detailing. Act like you are NOT interested--keep telling them it's too much--they will come down in price. They start at about $180. I just got a deal there this summer for around $80. Go when they are not busy at all. THere's also a Danny's at SanTan and Pecos (I think). By the Costco out there.



answers from Phoenix on

Weiss guys car wash on Gilbert and just south of Baseline does a good job.



answers from Phoenix on

I have been to Dolphin Car Wash on Power and Baseline- they did a great job when we went to sell my husband's car. We have also had our Expedition detailed at Cobblestone Auto Spa- they did amazing as well. Good luck!

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