My Breasts Are Leaking and Have Bumps I Just Menstrated? Please ANY Ideas?

Updated on June 25, 2010
K.R. asks from Spokane, WA
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Ok I am a 26 yr old mother of a seven year old, I did breastfeed. I have just started leaking a white milky fluid from my right breast & bumps have formed on the same breast... like milk glands, my left one is forming these same bumps.They are not engorged and it is not all the time,... but it should not be there at all???? Considering the first day of my last mensteral period way just 13 days ago and seemed completly normal, this could not be an early pregnancy sign. RIGHT??? Most of what I have read says that sypmtoms like this do not even happen this early even if I was pregnant... { Iam going to be very blunt, I am THAT concerned} My boyfriend & I have been together for 2 years and have used the ... um "removal system" our entire relationship. { I know..... this is not our smartest move} BUT I am very doubtfull pregnancy could be the reason ANY sugestions or ideas I am worried

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So What Happened?

Bloodwork came back normal????????????

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answers from Dallas on

I just asked a question a few weeks ago about how long it takes for breast milk to dry up completely, you should read the responses...they are pretty funny. I believe one person said she had milk come out 7 or so years later!!! I will tell you the times it has happened to me is right after my period as well and I also have little bumps. At my annual two weeks ago, I asked the doctor about it and she did not seem to be concerned about it, due to the "symptoms" I have. I think it will give you peace of mind to talk to the doctor. And I honestly don't think you are pregnant, but I know the first time it happened to me that was my first thought too! Good Luck!

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answers from Nashville on

It is still possible that you are pregnant. There are several women who bleed even though they are pregnant. It is often mistaken as a period, but it is possible to sometimes bleed due to implantation. That being said, it is also not a guarantee that you are pregnant either. I would definitely call your ob/gyn if your breasts continue to act abnormally. I'm not sure what it could be, but there is probably some hormonal imbalance that could probably be easily fixed.

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answers from Cleveland on

Go see your doc... no matter what it is you need to talk to him/her about it. I haven't leaked, but I have been very tender through out my pregancy. I do know that when my sister had her first - my mom who had not had a baby in about 12 yrs & had her tubes cut, tied & burnt after my brother, started to produce milk. When she talked to the doc about it - it was explained to her... but the short version is that she was around 2 pregnant people (my sis & I) and for some reason her hormones went up & her body started producing milk for the babies coming.

But honestly - if you are having sex... pregancy can happen. Also, I have had periods during pregnacy before... I was almost 5 mo along w/ my first before they stopped. Go see your doc and find out what is going on.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I would be worried as well.

After having my second child, I had pretty bad breast pains that we assumed were related to breasfeeding and blocked ducts. It was diagnosed as mastitis (infection of the mammary tissue), but it wasn't.

Despite the relatively common diagnosis, the OB/GYN's don't mess around with any kind of breast abnormalities. They rushed me in for a breast ultrasound which was deemed to be clear. It was, but my issue was not related to my breasts.

My recommendation is to call your Family Physician or GYN to see what they recommend. With over 250K cases of breast cancer diagnosed each year in the US, they really don't take chances. The possibility of it being related to this is slim, so don't get panicked. Just call the doctor and see what they recommend.

Good luck. I hope you're well and comforted soon.



answers from Dallas on

With my first pregnancy, my breasts started leaking at 11 weeks along.
I don't know what you read, but I know that it can be so different for everyone. I would take a PG test just to see what happens. Even if you get a negative, still see your gyno or ob and find out whats happening. Good luck...



answers from San Diego on

I doubt that you are pregnant. If your period was 13 days ago you are probably ovulating right now. That doesn't explain the leakage but you should be aware that ovulation occurs around day 14 of your cycle(assuming you have normal cycles). Since you are THAT concerned then make an appointment with your doctor, make sure you note the color of the discharge, amount, how long it has been, etc. Only your doctor can give you real medical advice.
And stop using the pull and pray method, use some real birth control even if it is just condoms.

Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

Like Mari A said, I had something similar, but it turned out I had a benign tumor on my pituitary gland that was making my pituitary gland make high levels of prolactin which then made my breasts leak a milky fluid. When I am not pregnant I take meds to lower the levels to normal. I'd go see your doctor and see what they say.



answers from Los Angeles on

Get it checked by a doctor RIGHT AWAY! Go see your ob/gyn and let them determine what it is!! I have read recently that abnormal fluid and bumps/ puckering on your breast can be signs of breast cancer. It could very well be something less worrisome, but that is not they type of thing you should ignore!! Let your doc decide... dont take chances with your breasts!!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I would say that you have to use process of elimination with this one. I would first start of by taking a pregnancy test. If the test is negative, then I would make an appointment with a breast center to get a mammogram/breast exam done. I would say that if you aren't pregnant than there is definitely something up.



answers from Los Angeles on

I had the same thing happen to me and it ended up being that my hormones were a bit crazy due to my pituatary gland. Due to this I had to take meds to control hormones. I think my body was producing to much prolactin...what it does when your preg therefore body thought it needed to produce milk...anyhow in order to get preg I had to take meds to make my body to be at normal prolactin levels.



answers from Los Angeles on

Could potentially be something to do with your pituitary (sp?) gland -- I had something like that about a year after my first and that was what my doctor thought. You should call your doctor and get checked to find out what's going on.


answers from Phoenix on

Ur pregnant. Take a test. Its the only reason, right?



answers from Phoenix on

2 years before I ever became pregnant with my first child I had discharge from one breast. It was milky white and looked just like breast milk. I was completely freaked. If I squeezed my breast it would actually shoot out. Never being a mother this was disturbing. I went to the doctor and they said it was most likely a blocked milk duct and fluid was building up there. No other breast lumps etc... so they were not concerned and said it would go away. It did go away. I would rule out pregnancy and then make an appointment to get it checked.



answers from San Diego on

You NEED to go get it checked out. Any abnormality in your breasts should be checked out. Do not wait, please. It could mean nothing, but it could mean SOMETHING.

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