My Baby Only Sleeps in a Swing

Updated on July 29, 2010
C.D. asks from Katy, TX
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my 13 week old will only fall asleep in her swing. its ok for me during the day when she naps- but its terrible whenever we are out or shes at a grandparents house being babysat. id like for her to fall asleep on her own but would like some direction. shes a great sleeper..she usually has a bottle by 1030pm and sleeps until either 545am or 645am (depending on her bedtime) and has a bottle then sleeps again until 930am. if she doesn't fall asleep in her swing she throws a terrifying tantrum- screaming and turning bright red and tears are pouring- it breaks my heart. id like some advise :) thanks :)

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answers from Austin on

My DD did the same thing, but with her bouncy chair. I would let her fall asleep in it, then transfer her to her crib. Then I started waiting until she was at the droopy-eyes stage of falling asleep, then move her. (took a few tries) after a while of that I started putting her in more and more awake, and now she usually falls asleep in it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I went through this stage with my 3rd child , although she was younger that your daughter. If you really want to break this habbit then you have no choice but to just stop putting her in the chair to fall asleep , yes she is going to cry because that is what she has got to know as "normal" for going to sleep. It's only a matter of time before she can pull herself up and then the chair will be unsafe for her , so your better off doing it sooner rather than later. Choose a routine that you want , for example bath , PJ's , milk then bed and stick to the same thing every night , she will soon get used to it , but it will take a few days of her crying and resisiting it , as long as you don't leave her to scream for prolonged periods , and you reassure her and settle her back down it should work.

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm going through the same thing only it's not the swing but in my arms. I'm trying to teach him to take regular naps in his bed. Of course, right now he is napping in my arms while I type. =) He will cry but I will just keep consoling him and then letting him cry for a few minutes each time. He'll learn how to nap in his bed eventually. UGH!

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answers from Victoria on

for the first several months our son sleept in the infant to toddler rocking chair. we would rock him to sleep, then gently set the bar so he was in a locked position. target has them. i felt better about him not getting sids with one because he could not roll over. but our pedi did tell us not to set him in his car seat due to the wind pipe being compermized if his little head leaned forward. for the first month my daughter slept on my chest while i was sitting up on the couch....not fun. then for the next month she slept in her swing majority of the time. our son was so loud she could not fall asleep even if she was very tired. so i put her in her crib and gave her about five or ten mins. i felt so bad because she was soo tired (durring the day) and couldnt get to sleep because of him. she sleeps in her crib now. from what i understand the cio method is not intended for infants. but i did what i had to do for her durring the day. she some what figured out that the crib ment she got to rest. she is almost six months and i do not recall the last time she cried in her crib. it must have been about three months old. its not exactly the best option but its more of what happened. our son was so pampered and gently rocked to sleep and our daughter dosent get that pampered but again at least she is getting the rest she needs too.



answers from Houston on

My youngest, who will be 6 in September, was the same as a newborn/infant. We finally found a portable swing at babies-r-us and if we were going out and knew we'd run into naptime/bedtime while away from home, the swing went with us. We toted that thing into parties and restaurants! But it was a pleasure for us because we'd put her in it and she'd fall asleep peacefully with no crying. If we didn't have a swing, we'd have to leave, because she would work herself up into a scary state. I think ours was made by fisher-price and had lights and music (and I seem to remember fish?). Good luck!



answers from Austin on

My daughter, who is now six, was a really good sleeper as an infant, but she seemed to have to cry for 10 min no matter what I would do. I read every baby book out there and tried rocking, singing, pitch black room, nothing seemed to work. I would cry because I felt like a terrible mother who couldn't console my child. However, as my daughter grew, it seems she just always had to fight sleep. She still tries to delay the bedtime routine and tells me she is not sleepy even though I know she is. Whatever you do, as a newborn, don't leave her alone to cry it out. That is for a much older child. Since she likes to swing, have you tried swinging her in your arms? Some one had to show me how to do that - the baby is tummy down in both of your arms, about waist height and you swing your arms side to side while you are rocking your hips. You could also rock forwards and back. My daughter loved this and I have many fond memories of calming her with this technique. Also try holding her in a completely dark room for at least 10 min. The other thing is trying to get her to sleep before she is overtired, it's always harder. I remember an older mom telling me that babies cry sometimes, because it's the only exercise they can get (a pedi told her that). Hang in there - just when you think you have it figured out, something else will be a problem : )



answers from Austin on

I think the hardest part of being a mom is teaching your child that she cannot throw a tantrum and you will come running to give her whatever she wants. When they are newborns, you are teaching them that you are there for them and have to comfort them, but as they get older, they have to start learning that the world does not revolve around them. When you should start that is different for every mom. Because you need her to sleep other places, you will either need to bring a swing or teach her how to fall asleep without the swing.



answers from San Diego on

My 4 month old is stuck sleeping in her swing. I think this is turning into a common problem because The Happiest Baby on the Block dvd suggests to swaddle and send them swinging to get them to fall asleep. One big problem though, is getting them out of the swing! I just had my appt with my ped and he said to keep trying the crib but she probably won't sleep consistently until she is consuming 6 oz per feeding. I keep trying the crib and she starts crying. My ped. also said we may have to try some of the cry it out method to break the swing habit. The sooner you get your baby out of the swing the better and easier it will be. Good luck!

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