My Baby Name Book Is Boring Me to Death, Help Me!

Updated on September 13, 2011
S.R. asks from Clinton, MO
48 answers

We are not finding out what we are having so we need to have a boy and girl name. We have our boy name picked out, we are about 95% sure it will be Oliver, the middle name is still up in the air. We thought we had the girl name picked out too, it would be Lucy. But I am having second thoughts about that one now. Olivia, Ella and Grace are out, they are already in the family. Lilly is also out because my husband hates it. Please no Madison's, Madelyn's, Adison's, or Adelyn's.

So far we have Lucy, Scarlet, Violet, Everly, and Hadley. Please help me with some other suggestions!

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So What Happened?

Nothing is wrong with Madison, Madelyn, Adison, or Adelyn. I happen to like them all, and they were all 4 on our list with our first child almost 4 years ago. But now I know too many people personally that have named their girls those names, and they are just not the names for us this time.

I love the names Stella, Leah, and Emma, but our daughter's name is Ella. They are just too smilar for me. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions so far, you ladies are the best!

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answers from Dallas on

I like Hadley without the H. Adley. I would spell it Adlee which also has the same letters as Adele which is a classic name. Good Luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

You have Everly -- what about Evelyn ? I liked that name when I was pregnant. But ended up with a son instead.

I also like Jane. Simple, but sounds pretty imo.

What about picking a name that's for a boy or a girl? My friend was going to name her newest child "Riley" whether it came out a boy or a girl.

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answers from Dallas on

I like scarlet, charolette, eden, overly, Sidney
I have to disagree with one of you outs!
My babies name is madisyn Layne :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm not going to suggest even one name. I'm only going to add: Be sure that any name you pick will work as well when your child is 30 and a professional, or a dignified 70-year-old, as it works when she is two. I knew a family whose small child had a nauseatingly cute name that was candy-sweet for a baby and must be a nightmare for a 40-year-old woman now.

And please, please avoid the cutesy and utterly impossible spellings (or misspellings, or as people like to think of them, "original" spellings, I guess) for what are otherwise standard names. These spellings look so very cute and unique but they will have first you, then your child, spending far too much time telling others how to spell the name.

Just think mostly, "How will this look in these places: On a business card; on a wedding announcement; in the newspaper; etc.? Will it look like mom and dad saddled the woman with a difficult and babyish name or like they thought about how others would perceive the name later in life?"

The ones you list as your "so far" choices are OK though Everly and Hadley sound to me like they could be boys' names as well, and Everly especially seems to invite a lot of different misspellings --Everley, Everlee, Everlea, etc. If folks can misspell it, they will find a way to do so. And Scarlet will prompt people to ask you, "Oh, is she named for Scarlett Johansson the actress?" Even if you have no idea who that is, you will get asked that. Again, people feel no shame asking parents things like that.

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answers from Spokane on

I love Scarlet, Violet and Everly from your list - all are names we considered.

What about:

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answers from Seattle on

Wait until the baby's born and find out then. Also, ask the elder siblings for suggestions.

My eldest suggested "Sam" when I was pregnant. I put it on the list of potentials to humor her, but I disliked the name. My baby was born....and he was undoubtedly a Sam. Mama was wrong, big sister was right. This baby's name was Sam.

My nephew also surprised his pregnant mother with both the name and gender of his yet-to-be born baby sibling. He was right on both counts.

Have fun!

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answers from Nashville on

I love:

Hadleigh (Hadley)
Gabriella, Gabriel
Love Lucy!


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answers from Atlanta on

I like Lucy and Violet from your list, but I agree with waiting. We had names picked out for our boys before birth, but I said I reserved the right to change them after I actually saw them! Some names just don't "fit." A good idea is to also think if you can picture an adult not being embarrassed of the name or being a professional -a doctor, lawyer, executive of some sort -and the name not sounding silly. Others I like:


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answers from Portland on

Check out the Baby Name Wizard website and book. Not only can you get some great ideas, but you can see popularity over time (ie fun history lesson and what is insanely popular right now)

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answers from New Orleans on

Briella (if you like Ella do Briella)

Sorry thats all I can up with. :)

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answers from Dallas on

I love Violet & Emma & Sage & Rhys (Reece)...named my daughters that:-) I also really like Scarlet. The others you listed aren't really my taste so much.

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answers from Philadelphia on

If Everly is a favorite, how about Evelyn?? Can do Evie for a nickname...

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answers from New York on

How about Lily or Lila. Personally I love Lucy.

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answers from Pocatello on

Lucena- my middle name! you could also do Lucia, or Lucille

-Scarlett (a alternate spelling), or Careen which means "red" as well
-Violette, Viola, Eolande, Violeine, Vyoletta all are interesting variants that mean "purple"
-You could do Everil, Everilda, Aeverie, Avril
-Hadlea, or Ardith, Oralee, Beverly, Waverly (all "meadow names")

Since you seem tpo be fond of colors:

pink: Coral, Fuscia, Petunia, Carnation, Sakura
red: Rose, Coral, Garnet, Ruby, Suri
orange: Nerola, Saffron, Valencia
yellow: Alyssa, Aven, Blaine, Celandine, Flavia, Forsythia, Taja, Xanthe
green: Chloe, Jade, Fern, Emerald, Midori, Tawny, Teal, Verna
blue: Azure, Cyanea, Linnia, Livia, Mazerine, Taisie, Sapphire, Hyacinth
purple: Amethyst, Wisteria, Mauve
indigo: Indigo, Lotus

I purposefully went for names that are just a little "different"- not boring!

My Girls? Rhiannon and Zoie

Good luck and congrats!



answers from Birmingham on

I love ALL of your possible girl names, especially Hadley. That is a name you don't hear very often. I also love Ruby, Harper, Stella, Sadie, Eve or Evie, Azalea, Liza, and Isabel.



answers from San Diego on

Of your girl names, I like Lucy and Violet. I favor names that you know how to pronounce when you see them and know how to spell when you hear them. And neither of those are so super popular that you hear a ton of kids with them (I know soooo many Olivias, Isabellas, and Emmas right now).

I always like names that have special meaning to the parents. Can your maiden name be used as a first or middle name? Or are there other family names that you can use? Was the baby conceived in a city that has a nice name, or is there a city that has some significance to you and your husband as a couple?

Good luck! Let us know what you decide!


answers from Dover on

I like Cheyenne Nicole.

If you are still considering boy names (at least for the middle name), I like Matthew James or Matthew Charles.



answers from Joplin on

Ok, my all time favorite that I always throw out there for a girl is Carly.

One little girl is called Cady, but her given name is Cadence.
I had a friend called Mackie that was a Mackenzie.
Kinley is a newer name I have heard.
I have always liked my sisters name, she is a Leslie.
My daughters name is Kristen Claire and we constantly wish we had given her Claire as a first name...
Happy hunting, you will know when you find the right one!



answers from Davenport on

Avery (boy or girl)
elana (girl)

Zane (middle Oliver Zain)

if anything go to

everything from typical to bizzarre


answers from Los Angeles on

How about Lucia (Loo-see-uh) and you can call her Lucy for short.



answers from Dallas on

I always wanted a daughter named Remi or Tori.
Good luck to you



answers from Detroit on

I've always loved the name Cambria but couldn't use it because of a family member... I also love Mia, Brielle (maybe too close to Ella for you though), Aleana ... and of course my girls names... Emily, Samantha and Abby :)
Good Luck and Congrats :)



answers from Denver on

I have four kids and I thought naming a human being was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Ultimately, we decided on names based on the meaning of the name. Turns out each name totally suited each of my child's personalities. Here are the names we gave:

Merrick Allen - Merrick means fame, power, ruler, strength and might. He is a very strong person and a leader naturally. His middle name is from his dad's middle name and means "rock".

Tallyn Alexander - Tallyn is defined as an incredibly funny person who inspires all those around him/her to smile. Alexander means defender of men.

Brenna Nicole - Brenna means, one who looks forward to the future, shy and sensitive, tends to make other girls mad or jealous. Doesn't like to be put under pressure, at times loves to be in the limelight, and people envy. Very protective of the ones she cares about. Nicole means victory of the people.

Aria Royale - Aria is from an opera, it basically is what gives the character in an opera their identity through the song, or can be defined also as a beautiful song. It also means someone who has strong will, intelligence, creativity and realness. Royale is derived from my grandfather's middle name of Royal. He hated this name and would just flip if he were alive to hear that I named her after him. I just loved him so much and this name just suited her to a tee. The name Royale means, most beautiful girl in the entire world, inside and out. Royale is funny, smart, and has an all around good personality. She can make you feel like a better person just by being in her presence.

I know I rambled for a long time about my kids names but I thought it might help to go the route of meaning in your search.

Good luck and congrats, what a beautiful blessing!



answers from Sacramento on

I vote no on Violet, Scarlet, Lucy and Hadley because I think they are becoming (or have become) trendy. I love love love Iris and Danica, Ashlen, Annika, Shea (Shay)

Good luck!!!



answers from Cincinnati on

First...what is wrong with the name madelynn. this is the name I picked out for the my unborn daughter. I love the name lily. Here are the names we were choosing from for our girl. Lily, Sophia, Alexis, Charlotte, Page, Morgan, Sydney ,and of course madelynn. as for middle names don't think you have to choose just one. My son's name is Nicholas Richard James, and our daughter will be Madelynn Margaret Grace or Madelyn Margart Sophia



answers from Des Moines on

I liked the name Charlotte, Penelope (Penny) and Ruby for a little girl...


answers from Kansas City on

names can be cute when they are little, like crystal or violet, but think about it when they are teens and even in their older years.. go to an interview with the name Running River, might end up being the laughing stock of the office.. if ya know what I mean.

Pick a classic, something elegant for a girl

Something strong, but not too long, for a boy

it has to sound right with your last names too.. and note the initials.

I had a friend who's name, when initialed, spelt A.S.S

good luck!!


answers from Orlando on

I like Ashlynn, Delilah, or Amberlynn,
My son has actully picked our name if my baby is a girl and that's Harlee Quinn...he's very into batman and for those who don't know it's jokers girlfriend :)



answers from Minneapolis on

How about Caroline, Charlotte, Teagan or Julia?


answers from San Diego on

We started watching the credits of our favorite movies and TV shows for inspiration for all 3 of mine. We also started looking at our favorite books. I hated those baby books, made my eyes blur after a while and I had no connection to the names that were pouring off the pages. By looking to the things we enjoyed we found names that had meaning to us either by being a strong character in a story or a costume director I really admired the work of or whatever. Our kids all have 4 names, first, 2 middle and last names. Except for the last name this is how we picked all of them.



answers from Kansas City on

I know you have many responses, but wanted to throw in a couple more for you.


I really like Oliver James!

Good Luck!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Charlotte. You can call her Charlie.


answers from Albany on

Well, my daughter's name is Margaret Katharine, my niece is Tess Suzanne.



answers from Washington DC on

If I hadn't put my foot down my daughter would have probably been Amanda ... not a bad name and I did like it ... but I'd picked out her name when I was in high school :)

Other names I like: Emmalina (Emma, or Emily for short), Annabelle, Arianna, Gabrielle, Annalise, Eliza, and of course Angela is a pretty awesome name if I do say so myself LOL

Although I was almost named Heather ... till my dad stepped in and said "you're not naming my daughter after a weed" LOL

Edited to Add: My grandmother on my dad's side was Evelyn Edna and my Great gram on my mom's side was Hazel. Both were awesome ladies and I love their names.



answers from Dallas on



answers from Houston on

I love your boy name!...and your girl names were in my top 10 picks for a girl, however a friend of mines aunt just named her baby Lucille and my friend named her daughter Grace.. I really love it but I love original names more. I dont mind there being other kids with my kids name but i would have rather names it first or not known them when i had the name picked out is all.

BTW...Lilly is my second daughters name, seeing as we have similar taste in names ill spout off some of my other top picks, maybe that will help.

Vivian, Chase, Cadence, Ava, Isla, others were Ella and Emma

My boy names were Silas, Gage, Parker and Samson (although my husband was set on finnegan, lol)

Im pregnant now and we have two names picked out "Pearl" and "Dylan" (my husbands pick this time)



answers from New York on

we considered Lyra and Lila and ended up with Dalia. Good luck. I think it is the baby name wizard that has the cool graphic roll over showing baby names over time. We wanted to go with something slightly unusual that still sounded like a "name." Of course you never know what will become super popular. Our friends named their daughter Ella right before it became common.


answers from Rochester on

I don't care for Everly or Hadley, but I really don't care for this modern name trend altogether. I have an Elizabeth and an Alice...I really like traditional names. However, their middle names are Asenath and Shire, because I also like creative names that have meaning for us as a family.

Maybe focus on that...find a name that has a very significant meaning to you, rather than something you think sounds great. You'll never get tired of a name or second guess it, if it means something to you.

I do like Lucy, always have...and as far as traditional names go, I like Mary, Sally, Betsy, Betty, Eunice, Mayme, and a lot more. If you like Lucy, go with it!

There's a baby book called 100,000 Baby Names, or something like's full of names I had never heard before. You might see if your library has it!



answers from Kansas City on

It would be cute to have them both with an E.How about Evelyn or Elliot? Otherwise,I think Scarlet is pretty =)


answers from Dayton on

The only one on your list I don't like is Hadley.
Sounds very man-ish to me.

If you like Everly, how about Verity?
I love it, retro classy. It means truth/truthful.

It is the only one I can think of that sort of goes w/ your other names.


answers from Los Angeles on

LOL, baby books are tough and it all starts looking the same.
I have a Sydney and a Grant. My friend has an Oliver and they call him Olive...? Last year my son had a classmate named Lucy and they called her "Loose"! decisions, decisions....


answers from Santa Fe on

How about Mabel, Rosie, Emma, Silvia, Hayley


answers from Provo on

Oliver ;D
I love Hadley. I have a really good friend named Hadley. Had for short. What about Molly?



answers from Kansas City on

I think a lot of the old names are becoming popular again i.e.,Ava, Emma, Emily. For both boys and girls I think it is important to think ahead when they become adults. We named our son Spencer. We didn't want him to be called Billy, Bobby, Willy as a businessman. Spencer seemed very masculine and confident. It seems like if they are called something at an early age it sticks with them all their life. My sister's son is named after his dad, David, so they always called him "Little David" and dad was "Big David". Just some things you have to think about. Didn't mean to sound negative but your name has a great deal to do with the way you live your life.
Does Jennipher sound more successful than Lois? How about Drew instead of Earnie or Bernard? Just putting this out there. Love the name Oliver.


answers from Wichita on

I personally used names in my family to figure out what I wanted to name my daughter. Her name is Alana, I originally was going to name her Alana Grace, which is a singer and my aunt middle name was Grace, but that was thrown out the window when my cousin said she was going to use Grace... So I sat and thought for awhile. My name is A., my moms middle name is Lee, and my sisters middle name is Leigh. So I thought it through and used them all together to make her middle name. So her name is Alana LeeAnn. I liked the thought of using pieces of family names cause that was how I was named. My first name is from my aunts middle name (Ann) and my middle name is a mix of two of my other aunts middle names.


answers from Phoenix on

Jade, or Jada



answers from Honolulu on

Sorry, "Hadley" sounds like "hag-ly" to me.
As in Hag.

The other names are nice.


answers from Los Angeles on

We named ours Roxy. Our cousin delievered 3 weeks before me and she named her daughter Emerson.
Others we considered...
Zoey, Johnna, Lucia, Remi, Jessa, Ruby, Eva, Cecilia, Jolene, Joiee, Carly, Ryanne, Tess. I think I am drawn to shorter names that end in vowels lol.
Out of your list I like...Violet and Scarlet. Both super pretty.
Good Luck!

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