My Baby Has a Stomach Ache

Updated on November 18, 2015
C.M. asks from Tomball, TX
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My one and a half year old son has been sick for about three nights and I think he is starting to feel better but his stomach is still hurting what can I give him that will help with his pain please help me with some of your ideals.

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So What Happened?

Well, I tryed the tea and a some bread and by the next day he was feeling much better thank you all for all the great responses I hope to be able to help you one day.

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answers from Longview on

If you have already taken hin to the doctor and he doesn't have any other issues. then....

I have heard that chamomille tea soothes the stomach. I was told to give it him when he was first born for colic. It really seemed to help. I gave him a very diluted verson. My grandmother used to give me warmed milk when I was growing up for my stomach aches. I have nevery really liked warmed milk, but for some reason it really did help.

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answers from Corpus Christi on

Take child to Dr. there are to many things that can be going on inside to just stand by with.

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answers from Houston on

It really depends on what type of stomach ache it is. If it's nausea, some flat ginger ale can help (room temp not cold). If it's gas or upset stomach ask your pediatrician, you may be able to gie him a small dose of Mylanta.

My son had acid reflux as a baby and our pediatrician reccomended Mylanta.

Make sure he keeps drinking liquids, that will help too!

I hope he feels better!

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answers from Houston on

Hi C., I used to work in a daycare and sometimes the babies and little children would be so gassy, then gulp their bottles or else be really hungry and their tummy hard as a rubber ball. They could only eat a bite or two then cry because they couldn't eat any more but were still hungry. We let them eat one or 2 gingersnap cookies and in a few mins they'd begin to pass gas. Once they'd gotten rid of that, they could eat/drink. You could see the relief on their faces and then they'd be cheerful. Gingerale is another good remedy--put just a tsp. or so of water in it to make it flat (so you're not adding more gas to his belly). If they have been crying hard, they gulp air. If you know he is gassy, use a Cupped hand, Not flat and clap him on the Back at his waist level Not his tummy-that will hurt. That will speed up the movement of gas. HTH C.
ps I had 4 children but unfortunately didn't learn this tip til they were grown. I've had my husband do the percussion technique on my back at the waist when I've had that prob and it helps.

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answers from Austin on

While I realize this isn't very conventional it always worked for me. I would put a peppermint candy in some water and dissolve it. He can drink it cold or warm. It really helps ease an upset stomach.

Hope he feels better soon!

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answers from Waco on

My son started with tummy aches when he was a few weeks old--we started giving him a few spoonfuls of chamomile tea and fennel tea (I steep the teas together)in a desperate attempts--it worked! he calmed down (maybe because of the warmth initially and then due to the effects of those teas. Just remember to water the mixture down when its given to him--I use about a 1/4 cup of the tea mix to 3/4 cup water...and sometimes he drinks it throughout the day! We used organic sugar (just a little) when he was really young and now organic honey that he is older...he is 26 months and asks for tea when his tummy is upset so I assume it works! (with sore throat I add a little lemon)

When younger I tried the Gripe Water--it seemed to work, but the tea was favored more. Also peppermint tea worked a little and giving him a warm bath eases tummy aches sometimes too.

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answers from San Angelo on

It sounds like you little one is just getting over a stomach virus. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do about stomach pain from viruses. Mylanta and other antacids are primarily for gas or gastric juice problems and not really for the cramping that causes the pain post virus.

I have found eating helps. This can be a catch 22. Sometimes it causes the vomiting again, but sometimes it just gives the stomach something to work on, so it stops cramping. I would do bread or dry cereal.

One thing to really be careful of is dehydration. Kiddos can get dehydrated really fast, especially with vomiting, and this can cause more serious problems including stomach cramping and diarrhea (which is often mis-construed as part of the virus). Gatorade replenishing or electrolyte is best (my kids hate pedialyte) as is some watered down gingerale...but the best is plain old water. Good luck and I hope we could help!

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answers from San Antonio on

Hi C.,

The first thing I would suggest is if he's in horrible pain do take him to get checked out. You can pretty much tell when it's something serious.

Although he's probably caught the famous stomach virus that's going around. It usually lasts about a week. My girls and my husband got it too. Their symptoms were stomach cramps, nausea, fever and diarreah. Nothing will take it away, it's a horrible virus. But you can buy a bottle of Papaya pills OTC. They are natural so you can start him off with 3-4 pills. They are sweet so he can chew them. And you can keep giving them to him until he feels a little better. Like I said it's natural so it's ok. Or you can just buy the real papaya fruit and give it to him in small bite size pieces. If he likes it great but if he doesn't like the smell or taste you can add a little sugar or squeeze some lemon; however he prefers it as long as he eats it. Papaya is very good for the stomach.

You can also make him some Chamomile tea w/a little sugar and he can drink it through out the day. Well, hope this will help him a bit. Hope he get's better.


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answers from Killeen on

i would advise you to just take the lil guy to the DR there could be so many different things it could just be gas but the DR is your safest bet


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answers from Houston on

Unfortunately no one can make a diagnosis over the Internet as to what could be wrong with your toddler.
At this age, it could be virtually anything.
Please take him to see a doctor right away.

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answers from Providence on

Don't give him medicines full of preservatives. Try some natural tea like babies magic tea.

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