My Babies Are Coughing and I Want to Know What I Can Do for Them

Updated on October 01, 2008
E.C. asks from Delray Beach, FL
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My daughter who is 2.5 and my son is 9 months both have a terrible cough! They are running fevers, the cough sounds like there is mucus in it, and their noses are running and stuffed up. I bought some Robotussin for my daughter and its not working too well and my son is too young for cough meds. He coughs so hard that he really hasn't been able to sleep well and when he finally did get to sleep he woke up because of a high fever making him uncomfortable. Any one have any ideas on what can make them feel better? Tricks of how to bring down fevers? This is really the first time that my daughter has been sick and the same for my son, we are trying to keep them well hydrated too.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for the great advice, I took them to the Dr and my daughter has bronchitis in her chest and she is on antibiotics and my son has all the same symtoms but its not in his chest so there is not much that I can do as far as antibiotics for him. I put a humidifier in their bedroom but I can't use the euchalyptus because of a sever agergy that I have to it. They are slowly getting better and I am going to be checking out the websites on the natural products.
Thank you for your help
E., Ryder, and Madylin

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answers from Miami on

Awweee poor little ones. Here is what we use in our household:
First off you must know if your kids have a viral or bacterial infection. The Dr can perform a blood test on their finger (not really painful) to determine if they are battleling a viral or bacterial infection. Also have them do a throat culture for the same purpose. If it’s bacterial we treat it with:
1. Colodial Silver - 3 dropperfulls 3 times a day. Silver is a natural antibiotic and is what was used in hospitals in the early 1800's and 1900's to treat newborns coming out of the womb. With the boom in pharmaceutical companies Silver stopped being used and was replaced by many antibiotics. Antibiotics should not be ruled out all together as sometimes they are needed. Its important to always ck with your dr. buy here

2. Xlear - Nasal Wash - stuff rocks. I have used it on my kids from about 6 mths old. It has the same ingredients as little noses but has Xylitol a natural sugar which has antibiotic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. When sick I use 3 times a day, when not sick during cold season just at night buy here

1. To maintain health during a viral and or bacterial infection:
for coughing:
Olbas Oil and bath wash - mix the oil with a bit of children’s vapor rub and rub all over feet at bedtime then apply socks.
The wash is a great item for bath time too! buy here

2. Olbas - Cough Syrup buy here

3. Herbs for Kids - Eldertussin Elderberry Syrup - helps maintain health during a virus and or bacterial infection

4. New Chapter - Blockade with ViraBloc Blueberry - to STOP Viral Infection spreading in the body. We use this as preventative medicine once our kids or we are around people who may have a flu or stomach virus

I hope this helps you.
As with everything - none of the above has been proven true or has been evaluated by the FDA nor is any of the above intedted to cure/treat diseases - I can say though that it worked and still works for me and my household.



answers from Boca Raton on

There are alot of natural ways to help a cough. First a mixture of 1 tsp honey, 1 tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon and a small amount of water will help soothe the throat from all that coughing and help the cough. Hylands also makes a natural honey cough syrup that my kid loves. Warm tea with garlic or honey is another way if your kid will drink something warm. KidsWellness makes and Immune Formula and a Respiratory Cough Formula that seems to really help my child when he is coughing. You can get those at Wholefoods and some vitamin stores.

A vaporizor with a small amount of vicks can help in the room at night and during naps. Straight saline nose spray can help clear out the nose and flush out the infection. But try not to do this to close to when they will be laying down.

For the fever, I agree it is good to let the fever go untreated if it isn't too high. However, if your child is uncomfortable then I would give him Motrin and altrenate with Tylenol to bring the fever down and make him comfortable. I would probably try a warm to cool bath first though. I usually get in with my 2 1/2 year old because he's not feeling well and likes the company. Also keep away from dairy as much as possible during this time, as dairy thickens the mucous.

Good luck.


answers from Miami on

To bring down a fever, I have always used a bath! I let my children stay in tub for 1/2 hour, so that their bodies will cool down as the water cools down! I give them lots of tub toys to keep them busy! THIS has always worked for me! My girls will only use Triaminic.It does help reduce the cough and I've taught them to spit out the mucus. The baby i still too young, but maybe a ped. can give you something to remove the mucus for your baby! Good Luck & May God bless you all...
Kathy N.



answers from Miami on

I am all for the natural approach, but I would still recommend that you take them to your pediatrician. From what I have heard, strep throat seems to be going around these days. Unfortunately, they may need antibiotics and the only way to know for sure is to do a strep test in the dr. office. As for bringing down ped. always recommends alternating tylenol and motrin and if it lasts for more than two days then they should definitely be seen, you never know what kind of infections they may be fighting. Good luck!

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