My 9 Yrs Old Daughter Is Loosing Alot of Her During the Shower and Brushing

Updated on May 07, 2013
M.M. asks from Irvine, CA
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My 9yrs old daughter is loosing alot of her especially during the shower and brushing afterward. This started to happen around Januaryt ime when she was getting dandroff so i started using head and shoulder for little to fix the problem which it did and then i started noticing her loosing hair. I stoped the shampoo and went back to her old loreal shampoo and conditioner. Her hair was dry so i put on avocado and egg yolk on her hair and it worked but the shedding didn stop. She sleeps really good and i have the most perfect diet for all of us so i don't need to give both of my girls any vitamins. They eat alot fo vegtables such as broccoli and carrots and peppers and spinach almost everyday in their salad with lots of proteins with it. she drinks her cup of milk and yogurt so i dont really think its nutrition unless im over doing the nutritions. Her weight and height is perfect average foe her age.
Im just very worry that she loosing all this hair. she still has alot but shes loosing it all over her head not one spot. she is under no stress at school, she loves her school, friends and teacher cause im involved with her school so i see it. she is a happy girl at home and loves her sister and her dad is so great with them> she is the big sister and best daughter any parent can ask for, so unless this is hormone i can't think of anything else.
someone told me to take her for blood work cause she might be anemeic cause when she falls she bruzes wuickly too. so any advice will be great , maybe change shampoo or wash her hair more, cause now i wash it every 2 or 3 days . or..????
plz help me with any ideas you all might have., I really do approciate it

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answers from Washington DC on

She could also be possibly dehydrated.
If this just started a few months ago, you should have her in to the doctor for blood work.

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answers from Portland on

Doctor and dermatologist. You can have the most fantastic diet in the world and still have problems. From what you describe, this isn't something we can diagnose via a forum. Take her to the doctor.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!

You need to take your daughter to the doctor. They should run a blood test to check for iron/anemia as well as other things. It's not normal to bruise quickly. You need to write down the list of symptoms your daughter has:

Hair loss
EASILY bruises

Talk to your doctor about alopecia.

Good luck!

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answers from Columbus on

She very well may have a dermatitis or even ring worm of the scalp. Both will cause hair loss and severe dandruff. A hormonal imbalance can also trigger hair loss. I would recommend, whether it's anemia or a skin issue or nutrition - no matter what - you start with a visit to the pediatrician.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Lots of great ideas on the possibilities of what the problem might be. Sounds like you should see a Dr. to get a definitive diagnosis and proper treatment.



answers from Jacksonville on

Have her thyroid levels tested. Hair loss and brittleness are 2 signs or thytoid issues. My daughter has hashimoto's (hypithyroid) and brittle hair was her first symptom. Is she tired? Constipated? Does she complain that she's cold?

After my daughter was diagnosed, we switched her from regular shampoo to Wen, which is a cleansing conditioner and cleans the hair without foaming. The suds in shampoo are very damaging and drying. The Wen really helps with dry hair and hair loss.


answers from Norfolk on

Thyroid problems can cause hair loss.
Is she getting enough vitamin B?
Sometimes the hormones are uneven for awhile with puberty (it can take several years for them to even out) and sometimes this can cause some hair loss.
Does she blow dry her hair, or curl it (or straighten it), or wear it in tight braids?
That can cause a lot of damage and breakage.
Ringworm (a fungus) can cause temporary bald little patches but it sounds like her dandruff was more like seborrheic dermatitis.
Have the Dr check her out.
If she's low on iron, try having some liver and onions for supper every week.

For strong (and slightly faster growing) hair and nails she can try the following:
take 1 Biotin per day
take 1 tablespoon black strap molasses a day (sulfur source)
take 1 teaspoon FOOD GRADE diatomacious earth (mix it up with juice or water - it's tastes really chalky) (silica source) - a horsetail supplement will work too.
Within a few weeks her hair and nail growth will speed up and will continue that way for several months as long as you keep taking the supplements.
But be warned - her hair all over will grow quickly - legs, under arms, eyebrows, etc - so she might have to shave more often.
Doing this increases my hair growth rate from 1/2 per month to 1 inch per month.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Do take her to the doctor to be certain that nothing is going on. But it may be nothing.

The same thing happened to me in third grade, around age 8-9. My hair got very thin all over. I wasn't sick, stressed, or abused, and I was well-nourished and of normal size. My pediatrician checked me out thoroughly and told my mom that nothing was wrong, and that while this sort of thing wasn't common, it did happen, and to watch and wait. Six months later my hair grew back in, much thicker, and with curl.



answers from Los Angeles on

When in doubt go to the family doctor..Our hair an nails tell us alot about our present body status. Loosing hair can be normal we all loose hair daily but when it comes out alot there is an issue...however our children's health should never be left to the Internet "doctors" if you do t have insurance many doctors offices will give you a great cash price. I've been with a great family doctor since moving to Orange County 7 years ago. Dr jottings patel in Laguna Niguel. Never have we waited not then 15 minutes even on a walk in. He is thorough and trust my children's lives to him ###-###-#### (just in case any needs it)


answers from Hartford on

Her hair is loose? Or she's losing hair?

There are a few possible reasons but diet isn't the likely reason. You need to start with her pediatrician and will likely end up with a dermatologist. Blood tests will need to be run.

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