My 8 Month Old Woke up with Swollen Eyes

Updated on January 19, 2011
L.R. asks from Nashville, TN
6 answers

my 8 month old woke up with swollen runny nose or cough. has not been outside or around anything acting normal. no dis coloration. no rash or fevor. no swelling any where other symptoms.

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answers from Boston on

Could be an allergy call your ped


answers from Richmond on

Allergy? Have you tried a cool wet washcloth? I know that's hard with a baby, but if that doesn't take the swelling down, call the pediatrician and see if it would be okay to give baby some benadryl in case it's an allergic reaction. Are babys lips swollen? Is there a rash behind the ears or on his/her butt? Are babys fingernail/toenail beds bluish?



answers from Boston on

Have you called the doctor yet? If not, do. The first time my daughter had an ear infection, swollen eyes were her main symptom. The fluid had gotten all backed up and was puffing the bottom of her eyes. She needed antibiotic shots. Good luck.



answers from Augusta on

sounds like allergies or pink eye.



answers from Spartanburg on

any drainage from his eyes? My son's only symptoms for ear infections has been a little yellow drainage from his eyes and swelling underneath them.

when he was much younger he had a plugged tear duct and his eyelid swelled up, it was an infection from the tear duct.



answers from Johnstown on

Could be an allergy or could be the on-set of pink eye. Watch for a mattery discharge. Don't touch the eyes & wash your hands immediately after messing with his/her face or touching their hands that may have been at the eyes.

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