My 8 Month Old Was Giving a Dose of Steroids an Antibiotic

Updated on January 11, 2019
B.J. asks from Livingston, NJ
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My 8 month was given a dose of steroids an antibiotic tonight for ear infection, bad cough, sneezing an runny nose. I was wondering if it was okay to give her a Hyland baby night tiny cold tablets since she had a dose of steroids. She’s not sleeping very well coughing really hard an sneezing where it’s making hard for her to sleep

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answers from Boston on

I always spoke with my pharmacist when in doubt. It's so easy to get one on the phone and it doesn't matter if it's a pharmacy you know or not. Pharmacists are specialists in drug effects and are very informed.

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answers from Boston on


Your pediatrician has a 24/7 phone line that costs you nothing. This is the office that knows your baby the best - prior history, current meds, and the chance to have a conversation with a medical professional. That would make SO much more sense than going on an anonymous internet forum and waiting, waiting, waiting for answers.

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answers from Portland on

Did your pediatrician suggest using steam in her room? Using a steamer has helped my family reduce congestion for 70 years. You can buy a basic one for around $20. I have an electronic one that cost $60 or so a few years ago. You can find them in the pharmacy department of a general store. Perhaps you have a Krueger store.

If you can afford it an electronic steamer is easier to use than one that heats the water. You'll find steaming helpful for years to come.

Definitely call your doctor for advice on the Hyland pills. You could also call a pharmacist.

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answers from San Francisco on

Call the 24 hour nurse line and ask. I don't know what "cold tablets" are but my pediatrician never approved of any kind of OTC cold medication and how would that even help a hard cough anyway? CALL!!!

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answers from Portland on

Like Gidget, my kiddos were around the age where they started telling us not to give babies cold medicines and I was disappointed. It was hard to see them suffering. In fact, I had given my oldest cold medicine in desperation/ignorance one time only to then realize we weren't supposed to and then had guilt over it. It wasn't recommended. They were learning more about it at the time.

We aren't able to advise you on this - and never take advice about your baby's medication from the internet. That is my advice to you. Instead, call your doc's office.

But since you're here, as far as I know, you're still not supposed to give children that age cold medication.

My advice - if you can keep her upright at all, bouncy chair, etc. it will help her breathe, and also help coughs possibly - and stop the pressure from the ear infection a little bit.

My children had bad ear infections (needed tubes later on), and laying down flat can worsen the pressure in their ears - so if you can keep her slightly upright for naps at all - you'll find she may be a little better.

Keeping air moist (we used those vaporizers) just be sure to clean them regularly.

We had this thing (bulb) where you could suck boogies out of their noses. It worked really well with one of our children. You would stick it in and clear out his nostril and made a huge difference. Just bought it at the pharmacy (over the counter).

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answers from San Antonio on

I also second calling the doctors nurse line or your insurance's call a nurse line.

With my kids, sitting with them in a seam filled bathroom often helped while gently patting their backs to loosen up the mucus in the lungs. Also the bulb suck-y thing to help clean out their noses. They hate it and scream but it does really help.

I wouldn't give anything without checking first with the doctor. Sick baby's make us moms feel so bad. Good luck!!

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answers from Dallas on

Ask your Dr if you want an truly informed answer.

We are not medical professionals. I know nothing of mixing medications and would never do it for myself or a child unless it was a Dr’s recommendation.

Always... utilize the nurse/Dr on call option when it comes to medical issues with your child. The professional diagnosis and opinion is worth it.

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answers from Springfield on

I would call your doctor and ask. It's important to remember that many things - OTC, homeopathic - can interact or even react with any medicine, so you really need to ask your doctor what is best.

It's so miserable to see your little one with a cold. My oldest was a baby when doctors were just beginning to tell us not to give them cold meds. I was devastated. I just wanted to be able to give him some relief and let him sleep. It was challenging, but we just followed the suggestions our doctor gave and we all survived.

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answers from Norfolk on

I've never heard of any over the counter cold medicine that was recommended for anyone under 2 years old.
Let the antibiotic and steroid do their work - and besides you have no idea what the drug interactions might be.
It's tough with a sick baby but sometimes you are just going to have to be up all night with them.
Our son had pneumonia at 14 months - I know how hard it can be.
Croup could happen - her throat could swell shut - and she might not be able to breathe - you want to be awake in case you need to steam up the bathroom to help her breathe or get her to the hospital.
If you have questions - talk to your pediatricians nurse answer line - that's what they are there for.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would not mix medications, no.

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answers from Dallas on

Hyland is homeopathic right? I think it would probably be okay, but you might want to check with a pharmacist if you have a question. There will be a 24 hour pharmacy somewhere near you that you can call.

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answers from Miami on

CALL A PHARMACIST! We are not professionals here. How would you feel if we gave you medical advice that hurt your baby?

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