My 8 Month Baby Girl

Updated on November 25, 2010
W.T. asks from San Jose, CA
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My baby is 8 1/2 months an she has 100.9 temperature, I checked her at 6:45pm and gave he 4ml of Pedia Care, do you think I should take her to the hospital or should I wait to see if the medecine has done some efect.

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answers from San Francisco on

I would switch over to Infant Tylenol once she's ready for her next dose of medicine. It has always worked for my kids' fevers.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi. Tylenol is best to give your baby. Motrin isn't recommended in young infants. Expect to see your baby's temp. rise in the evening. This is normal. Give more Tylenol in 4-6 hours for discomfort, and fever. Realize that babies often have FUO's (fever of unknown origin). Sometimes it is as simple as a virus and is gone in 24 hours. Other times, it may be related to an ear infection.

Fevers can be dangerous though. A baby can have a seizure with a highly elevated temp (near 104). Don't wait to take your baby in if the fever persists for >24 hours.

If your baby is soothed with the medication, eating, drinking and behaving normally (sleeping normally)- just recheck the temp. in the morning. It may be transient (may just come and go).
If your baby is irritable, fussy and the fever is still up in the morning- your baby may have something underlying. Then take the baby in to see the pediatrician.

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answers from Lafayette on

i've been in your situation a few times. everytime i talk to the dr about it, he says don't worry unless her fever has been over 101 for a few days.. but if it gets up to like 103-104 then to take her in. i would just keep giving her tylenol and alternating it with ibuprofen if the fever stays up. that's what my ped told me to do at least...

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answers from Chicago on

Does she have any other symptoms? That isn't considered a high fever for a baby her age. I would base it more on how she is behaving. If she is drinking well, alert, and not crying constantly I would wait to see what happens. If she seems miserable or your gut tells you something is really wrong you should bring her in. My pediatrician recommends Motrin for fevers (or any other Ibuprofin) and he wasn't too concerned when my daughter had a fever of 104 because the Motrin brought it down.



answers from Phoenix on

My son had a fever at 5 months and he told me the right dose for infant tylenol for his weight. I'd just give her a teeny bit of it unless you can take her to an urgent care to get the exact dose for her weight. It's not a high fever but keep an eye on it. Good luck!



answers from Las Vegas on

100.9- that is no fever to worry about believe me-We have gotten to 106 instantly and then u panic-just treat it with motrin or tylenol and see if u get it down-if u cannot keep it down or have persistant vomitting or diarrhea then be worried, but for now-Relax and try to get it down on your own-that is not high. Also keep them hydrated with pedialyte if they will drink it-mine do not-did u ever try it YUCK!!!!!!!!!! Or try gatorade to keep hydrated-after 24 hrs if u cannot control it then call the ped-they should have an oncall service or a nurse to speak to. Good Luck and relax-L.:)


answers from San Francisco on

In a baby that young, 100.9 isn't considered a fever. Call your pediatrician to be sure, but see what happens with the Tylenol. If it's viral, there's nothing the doctor can do anyway, but if her fever spikes up to 103+, then definitely take her.



answers from New London on

she may just be fighting off a cold. What are her symptoms. That isn't really a high fever. Google fever and babies and research the Dr. Sears site. A fever is actually a good thing for fighting off a cold. Did she have a warm bath? My temp goes up to 102 after I've had a hot shower ... so she could just be warm. How is she?

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