My 8 mOnth bAby Fell from Bed, Having Huge Bumps and Bruise in Forehead!

Updated on May 07, 2011
L.M. asks from North Blenheim, NY
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Hi, I still can't get over of the 8 months old baby fell from bed, I just saw her crying with big bumps and bruised at the rigthforehead. I thought maybe her head hit the metal part of the bed because it's so big. I just put ice then she was continuing crying but when I stopped putting ice, she stop cry. And the bumps gone but there is bruise and redness. She looks fine, because she eats normally and drink milk normally. No vomiting. How serious this one? Please help me. Thanks

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the answers,it helps me a lot! My baby now is ok, she became more active & playful! She ares a lot like rice and drink milk as well. Her urine and stool are ok.. I have another question? How long I should wait to confirm that she is really ok and normal?

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You should buy the homeopathic tube of Arnica for bumps and bruises. Apply it like ten times or more a day to the area. You can get at any healthfood store or Whole Foods. Use arnica for all types of bruises ...not so bad bruises and really bad ones. Always helps my son heal faster...etc.



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If you're worried, call her doctor. I don't know how long ago this happened, but it's always a good idea to put a call in to the doc. This has happened to lots of us - when my youngest was a few months, he rolled off the bed while I was sitting right there. I did call the doctor right away. He was fine.

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Ok, as a mother of 2 babies (one 7 months and the other 2 yrs) things are going to happen. The people on here being rude need to stop. My daughter, when she was just 6 months fell right off the bed and my mother in law was sitting right next to Her. I was in the bathroom for all you rude people wondering. Things happen. LAY OFF. Im sure she feels horrible this happened! Im sure your little one will be just fine. Im sorry for all these cold comments people are leaving on here. ;-)

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I would call your doctor. Better to be safe than sorry.

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The bump is great you want that when you get a head injury it's when they don't I worry.Keep ice on her throught the day for only 5-10 a time.She is eating & drinking doesn't seem in pain or isn't bleeding from the ears or nose she probably is fine.Don't let her fall asleep keep her occupied if she seems to be gettign fussy,drowsy has unusual behavior take her in.To be on the safe side call a nurse hotline or the Drs office the on call nurse will call you back (if you have that service with them)
How did she fall off the bed??Well lesson learned no adult bed for baby

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the bump is a good thing.. Just be on the look out for your child being lathargic or falling asleep ...that means she has a concusion and needs to see a doc ASAP...I am sure you are kid has had many goose eggs in her day..
the BIGGEST thing is looking for sleepy signs at an abnormal time....otherwise you are ok. BIL who is a doctor.
good luck

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Big bumps and bruises on an infant doesn't sound good. Even for an adult, I might have taken her right in to see a doctor. It doesn't sound like you let her go to you may have ruled out a concussion, but an injury to the head seems like the most critical part of the body to me.

I realize this happened a week ago, but for someone else reading this, my advice is don't mess around with injuries to the head of anyone should this be your predicament.



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awwww...don't feel bad. My daughter fell off my bed when she was only 9 days old, and supervised. I was frantic and called 911. They asked me if she was still eating and pooping and having wet diapers, which she was. I told them I was going to bring her in, and they very kindly told me not to, that as long as she was functioning normally not to worry:) I did get rid of my bed-frame and moved my mattress to the floor cause I was paranoid after that. I also dropped her when she was about 7 months old, I tripped over a curb and she flew out of my arms and landed in the bushes. She was pretty mad, but again, fine. Babies are pretty resilient.



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My son has had many falls in his 5 years with lots of bumps and bruises. That being said, I would take your daughter to her pediatrician or even the ER. At 10 months old, our son's babysitter accidentally dropped him. He seemed fine but 5 days later we were in the ER because I felt fluid under the skin on the side of his head where he had fallen. He did have a concussion and needed to be followed up a couple of months later to make sure a cyst didn't develop. We saw absolutely no signs of this before the fluid! He seemed completely normal. It was scary but he is fine. Since then, I always err on the side of having a doctor look at him.



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Sorry, but why was your 8 month old baby left on a bed unsupervised?



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Take her to the doctor and have her checked. She is probably okay but it can't hurt to be sure.



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My son had a few falls when he was a baby -- for one I took him to the doctor, and was glad I did, because although he was fine, she said that a fall could upset their middle and inner ears, and that is not something that a mom can check herself (and something that might not have symptoms right away). When your baby falls, you always feel like someone is going to judge you, but believe me, all babies fall every so often (and the parents feel terrible about it).
Probably fine but always a good idea to call the doctor.


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I would take her to the doctor.



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one of the great things about babies ... they bounce. Baby is fine, no need to freak out or anything. And you CAN let her sleep (that advice has changed) if there are no other signs of concussion (which there aren't per your post). continue to ice the bruise if she'll let you. and just keep an eye on her for changes in personality, vomiting, dizziness, and if she doesn't wake up on her own at her normal times AND you can't wake her ... take her in immediately.



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same thing happened to my son last year, he was almost 2 at the time so a little older. but his feet got tangled & he fell down a couple steps. screamed IMMEDIATELY when he hit the floor and just as soon as his scream came, so did a HUGE nasty goose egg. it was at a church thing & thankfully there was a nurse there. he said as long as the kids conscious, etc & no bleeding fr ears/nose, then he's fine. he hit hard though & i heard it so i took him to Care Now for head x-ray. pretty impossible for a kiddo that age. i had to be sure though. slight concussion they said but the main sign was that he screamed after he hit. if he hadn't done that then there'd be some major concern. just my 2 little baby cents. it's SO freakin' scary. and to think they're so young & so much MORE will still happen. eeek. :(


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I'm not going to answer the question you specifically asked. Not sure why baby was on the bed. Sounds like an adult bed. Maybe you set her there to play, maybe to sleep. You were not clear. Just want to tell you that this is a very bad age to let baby in an adult bed to sleep. I personally know two families who lost children this way. Not trying to make you feel bad. Just saying, its one of the more common accidents that happen to mobile babies; falling between wall and bed, or bed and furniture and suffocating.



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Ya know, I have had my baby on the bed with me while I was awake, SUPERVISED, and she still has managed to fall off a couple of times. So don't feel too horrible about it, because accidents do happen. Whenever my DD gets a head bump, the 3 things I watch for is 1~ Does she cry immediately, and is she consolable? 2~ I watch her eyes, and pass a light in front of them. If they dialate normally, and at the same speed, I don't worry. If they aren't normal, or if they don't change when I pass the light, I would run her in. 3~ does she otherwise act normal, play, and eat once she has had a chance to calm down? If her balance seems off, she won't eat, or are any other noticible diffences in her then I would also run her in.

Don't beat yourself up too bad. Accidents do happen. As long as you learn from them, you and your DD will be fine. :) BTW.. She has knocked herself silly a lot more often, and a lot worse, learning how to walk than she ever did from falling off the bed. lol.



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Personally I would probably take her in. They may want to do an x-ray or other imaging on her head and give her an exam.
Call a nurse advice line or your doctor if you're unsure...they'll tell you what to do.


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check her eyes to see if they are equal and responsive.

DO NOT let her go to sleep until you have checked her eyes. You can use a flashlight to see if her eyes respond to light and the pupils are the SAME SIZE - if they are not - take her into the ER for an Xray to see if she has a concussion.




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You really should take her to the doctor, who may order x--rays to make sure everything is ok. There can be internal damage you may not see, that might affect her later in life.

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