My 8 1/2 Month Old Baby Has a Very Bad Runny Nose and Cough.

Updated on July 27, 2011
A.S. asks from Port Saint Lucie, FL
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I have him on the nebulizer and I give him the breathing treatments around 3 times a day. He hates the treatments and they do not seem to offer much relief. The worst time is at night, he has so much trouble trying to sleep because he is so congested and has so much mucous and flem that he does not know what to do with or how to control it. He is literally up all night. I feel so bad for him. I bought the Vicks Vaporizer today and I'm hoping that helps. After reading all of the reviews, I'm not sure how I feel about using it. I called my pediatrician and they suggested it was fine to use. I asked about using the Vaposteam and she said that was also ok to use. However, it says do not use for children under 2 years of age. What is the appropriate amount of drops to put in without harming baby or making him worse than he already is.

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So What Happened?

The pediatrician put him on the nebulizer a few months ago when he had bronchitis.

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answers from New York on

Did your pediatrician give him the nebulizer or are you doing this on your
own. It only works for asthma type of conditions. Won't help your average
cold and the medication that goes in the nebulizer might not agree with him.
I would not use it if your pediatrician did not order it. Is he wheezing?
Raise one end of his crib. That should help him sleep. The worse part
will be over in a few days.

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answers from Honolulu on

... a Nebulizer, is to open up the airways.
It does NOT, get rid of mucus.
Same for vaporizers.
Mucus, is a separate issue.
Know, that.
Nebulizers, are Bronchodilators.
Not mucus medicine.

At night, it is worse, because baby is lying down. Thus, the mucus accumulates and pools, in the throat or chest.
Hence, more congestion.
But the mucus is still there.

Did they check him for Pneumonia?

There are MANY kinds of chest illnesses...
all of which, cause mucus.

There is also, INFANT "Vicks."
You can try and rub this on his chest.

But, I would, take him back to the Doctor.

Babies of course, cannot spit out, mucus, nor control it.
And they can choke on it.

AND you need to look out for secondary infections.... too.
With chest illnesses/mucus, this can happen.
Even from a head cold.
Bacteria, is in the sinus mucus, it drips down the throat, and can get into the chest too.
That happened to me once, from a head cold. I then, got Pneumonia.
From the bacteria in the mucus.

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answers from Denver on

Not sure about the drops - the moisture is the best part. Also, I found w/ my kids steaming them (in a bathroom with the hot shower running for 10-15 minutes before bed helped too. Actually a few times a day may help. If you haven't already, try putting him in a more upright position (baby swing, car seat, propped mattress - if he doesn't move too much) to make him more comfortable at night. Last... use some saline - don't necessarily syringe it out, but keep his nose hydrated so the mucus can run through and out easier. Good luck - I know how helpless you feel when the tiny ones are sick.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Try also propping up the head of his crib on phone books or thick blocks. That will help the mucous drain. LOTS of liquids.
Sorry--Poor kid. :(

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answers from Chicago on

OMG - Vick's is the only thing that's gotten me through my kids being sick as babies!
It's FINE to give her.

Hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Miami on

My son is now 8 months old and when he was 5 months old he too had a really bad cough and congestion that he couldn't get rid of. We ended up using a nebulizer for nearly 2 weeks 3 times a day, what the nebulizer does is help to open up the airways and help them to cough up what ever is in the lungs - stick with it it will help in the end.

I found that that vicks drops where a bit harsh in the air so we ended up just using the nebulizer with out the drops and that does help it keeps there nasal passages moist so it doesn't hurt to breathe. I agree also with the advise to raise one end of the crib, put a pillow or a towel under the mattress. You can also you vicks rub on his chest before he goes to bed.

Are you using saline drops in his nose and suckering out the congestion? That worked a treat for us.

Hang in there - it will pass soon. Hope he feels better.

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