My 7 Year Old Pees When She Laughs - Doctor Wants to Take Drastic Measures

Updated on June 27, 2008
V.A. asks from Walnut Creek, CA
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Hi all,

My daughter very rarely pees in bed but she pees when she laughs all the time. Part of me thinks it is because she holds it too long and is too busy having a good time. The neurologist I was refered to, however, says it shouldn't happen and wants to have her take a MRI to see if there is some brain/spine malfunction ( apparently not all that unusual, according to him), and also wants her to take some bladder exams ( up to an invasive tube to the bladder if necessary) to see if it cannot handle pressure. I find it a bit drastic and before putting my daughter thru all this I would love to have your opinion if you have experienced the same issue. Thanks in advance!

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I actually don't think this is normal at all. I'd think occasionally not being able to hold it is one thing, but happening all the time is another. If you are right and she is in fact holding it in too long, that is a whole other set of issues - why is she doing that, and what kind of problems could it lead to in the future?

I am wondering why you were referred to a neurologist for what seems a urological issue. The neurologist appears from what you say, to be approaching things from a neurological perspective. However, I'd try to get a referral to a urologist for this issue before moving forward with any of the neurologist's suggestions.

Given that, if procedures and tests are warranted, they may not be any more fun. I have been through a battery of tests for a bladder issue, including having a scope stuck up my urethra, and it frankly sucked. I won't post all the details here but if you want them, message me. But - the doctor was able to diagnose the problem and develop a treatment plan, so it was well worth it.

Enough rambling - good luck to you and your DD!



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It could just be that the muscels in her pelvic floor aren't strong enough. I had the same problem when I was young and by the time I was in High School I would pee a little when we did jumping jacks in PE (even if I peed right before leaving the locker room). It was very emberassing. I started doing kegel exercises and it stoped happening in about a week.

Now I have no idea how to explain kegels to a 7 year old but it may be something to discuss with her doctor.

As for the testing. The MRI may be a little scarry for her and the catheter is certainly not fun but it's not really painful either. Talk to the doctor about strengthening those muscles first, if he's not responsive to your request try getting a second opinion.



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I had similar issues as a child, and when I was eleven or twelve, I had those bladder tests done, and it is pretty awful. It was basically getting your bladder as full as possible and seeing how it handles that, and it was pretty tortuous, imagine having to pee so bad you want to cry, but they aren't letting you, and it feels like forever. I remember being filled up with fluid, and then being on a table that slowly raised up so that I was finally on my feet. I would definitely think twice before doing this to my kid. It was quite unforgettable, and I have to say it seems as if I grew out of it. I am 40 now and don't have any problem now, except for the occasional surprise when I sneeze due to giving birth! If you want to talk with me about it, I am not an expert but can tell you more about the experience. [email protected]



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I don't if this helps but that used to be me as a kid and I remember always peeing if I laughed too hard, and basically it was because I would hold it because of not wanting to miss out on anything. It would only happen if I was playing with other kids too. Hahaha this actually brought me memories!

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