My 7 Month Old Is Always Congested and Sounds like a Purring Kitten...

Updated on September 19, 2011
K.M. asks from Friedens, PA
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Every since my 7 month old has been 2 months she has been congested. After consulting a doctor and trying different formulas she is currently on Alumentum which is expensive; however, her congestion has not improved. After becoming frustrated with her pediatrician, I found an ear nose and throat doctor. There findings were: no problems with tonsils or adnoid, redness in throat probably due to acid reflux so now she's on medication and has been for about a month; however, this is not working either. I am getting really frustrated. Everytime I take her to the doctors they say that it's all transmitted upper airway congestion. I use saline spray and clean out her nose often. She also gets yellowish puss in her eyes quite frequently. they said that is a discharge. Can anyone help me?

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So What Happened?

My daughter is still congested. We took her off the reflux medicine and alumntum. She is seeing a ENT at a children's hospital tomorrow. hopefully they will be able to tell me something. Also something new that popped up. She gags when given any chunky foods. She only likes pureed foods. Even the tiniest little piece of soft food makes her gag, she has thrown up numerous times because I have tried to feed her a chunky food. Even some stage 2 baby foods, and stage 3 make her gag.

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I am also going to tell you to see an allergist. And a pediatrician is NO substitute for an allergist. My son's allergist was so much better in getting him on a plan than his ped was. Actually the ped was misinformed on several things. It is worth a try.

PS: My son did Alimentum as well-crazy expensive!

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It can make a parent want to run screaming in the many attempts to get the correct help for our children. Consider an Allergist that sees children of course they could tell you if it was a milk allergy many Allergist are also immune specialist (as so considered). I am willing to bet you will get real results with an Allergist. Ours helped us with not only one child's asthma but also a child that had a temp situation with an immune illness. Check out Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic they have a few different locations everywhere and our Dr's are Dr. Stanley Fineman and Dr. Kathleen Sheerin there are other doctors see their website and see if you might want to consider them I think you will leave with some answers and results.

Best wishes

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My daughter had all these symptoms practically from birth. We finally took her to an allergist, where we found out she had allergies to pet dander, dairy and dust. A thorough clean up (we did have to remove carpeting in the nursery and take precautions in the play areas) and diet change, and within a month the reflux and chronic sinus problems were GONE. And, she was sleeping better, happier, and even had a big growth spurt--- it seems her health issues were causing problems we didn't even know about.

If nothing else is working, try an allergy specialist.



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Is your daughter feeling better after being seen at the hospital? My son has the same conditions as your daughter and he gags on anything that is not pureed, I was just wondering what they had recommeded that you can share so I can atleast explore.. Thanks.



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Does she show other signs of reflux? Things like arching her back while eating, spitting up frequently, a gurgling sound where she starts to bring food up and then reswallows,frequent hiccups, being more comfortable while being held and/or upright, etc. are all pretty classic reflux signs. If it is indeed reflux, I would schedule an appointment with a pediatric GI if you have not already seen one. If she doesn't particularly seem to show reflux signs then definitely push the allergy side more. Unfortunately we sometimes have to be very assertive to make sure our little ones get the care they need. Good luck!



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I would look into allergies... get rid of the carpet in her room, and get a HEPA air filter. We have the Filtreete air filter... it is excellent (no dust AT ALL in his room) but the filters are expensive, and hard to find. Maybe there is something more readily available now?



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My 19 month old daughter ended up in the hopital twice in 6 weeks with breathing difficulties. Her pediatrician finally put her on a daily medications with an nebulizer. We already had hardwood flooring in her room, but an air purifier made such a difference, that we were able to stop the meds unless she has a cold.

The yellowish puss may be a blocked tear-duct. Sometimes you can resolve that by massaging the duct for a couple of days. It's really easy, but kind of hard to explain, your pediatrician should be able to show you.


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Hi, K.:

Have you thought about getting an air purifier for the house?
Other things to help with her immune system:
Friendly bacteria, and vit. c tabs for infants: Highland Vit C tabs 5 mg

from your local health food store.

Good luck. D.


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My almost 1 year old has been congested for the last 9 months. After finally convincing the ped that it wasn't just a cold, she referred us to an allergist. He tested for the common allergies (eggs, wheat, milk, dust, dog, etc.) all which came back negative so he treated him with antibiotics for a recurring sinus infection (he was also in the hospital for a week in january with RSV so he thought it was sinus). After 2 months of that, he referred us to an ENT who took an xray of his adenoids and found that those were the culprit. i know you said those were fine in your daughter but that was the issue for us...we're waiting for a re-check later this month to have them removed. but long story short, he started gettine wierd reactions at day care so we thought he was allergic to something else there and the allergist tested him for some more stuff including retesting for eggs...turns out he popped allergic to eggs! so what i'm getting at is at her age, sometimes they will test negative for some things but can all of a sudden be positive very quickly. If she is tested and they turn out negative, don't be afraid to retest in a few months.