My 7 and 1/2 Month Old Still Not Sitting Up!

Updated on February 16, 2008
T.K. asks from Spokane, WA
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My 7 almost 8 month old is still not sitting up on her own. She crawls but does not use her feet (army crawls). She moves pretty fast and quick this way, but I am concerned that she is not crawling normally or sitting up. My first child did everything so early, and was a little go getter. My daughter is very laid back. She does everything else normally babbles and says mama and dada. Am I crazy or do I have reason to be concerned? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Spokane on

Average age for sitting up is 8 months. That means about half of all children sit up earlier and about half sit up later. You have nothing to worry about at this point. Also I have known several children that got around so efficiently army crawling that they never crawled normally (went straight to walking).

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answers from Portland on

Hi T.,
My son is nine months old today and he still isn't sitting up. For what it's worth, my two and a half year old was the same way. He did not crawl until after a year old and didn't walk until 18 months. I was really surprised given how physical and vocal both boys are. Blaine, the 9 mo. old, at least crawls though still army crawls and my pediatrician says not to worry in the least. They're both perfectly healthy and happy and their verbal skills and small motor skills are exceptional. Maybe it wasn't so bad that they did so many things so late as long as they could tell me early when they were hungry or cold. I'm pretty laid back about milestones overall though, probably because my first seemed in absolutely no hurry to do anything but talk.

About me: I'm a full time professor of Engl. My husband teaches Econ. We were both able to stay at home the first year of our kids lives and have the toddler in a fabulous home situation. I just went back to work this week after 8 mo. off. My husband is now home with the baby for four months.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest that you talk with her pediatrician about this. I hate to say but there is a possibility that her developmental delay is caused by a medical condition. If she's OK you will be relieved. If she needs some help she'll get it earlier than if you wait.

My grandson has a developmental delay. He was still not talking by 2 1/2 years. His parents took him for evaluation and learned that he has a condition which prevents the nerves connecting the mouth to the brain had not developed. He's having speech therapy now. He's still not talking well enough to understand and will need special help in school. If he'd started therapy earlier he might not have had this difficulty by the time he went to school.

It is so scary to think that one's child could have a serious condition. It is best to face that possibility as early as possible. My prayers are with you.

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answers from Seattle on

I had twin boys at 36 weeks. One (who not-so-coincidentally was my "in utero otter" because he was in constant motion when I was pregnant!) was rolling over at three months, crawling at five months and walking at ten months. In contrast, his brother started rolling over at five months; he started doing a belly wriggle at around eight months . . . mostly because he needed to get whatever it was his brother had moved out of his reach! He finally stood up and began tentatively "cruising" at about eleven months . . . only to get whatever his brother had just put on the couch! I have no doubt that he would have much preferred to have delayed these milestones even more!

My first and "third" were go getters. My second was a "go get me . . .(fill in the blank)!" Now that they are eighteen months, my go getter twin is still speedier and still into everything. His brother has gotten much more motivated, but he is definitely more mellow and more cautious. (We went to the beach, one couldn't wait to run through the wet sand. The other didn't even want to TOUCH the sand!)

Kids are completely different - and that's normal. I just thank my lucky stars that mellow twin wasn't my first baby - because I would've been lulled into thinking this whole parenting thing was a breeze . . . and I would've gone into shock if my oldest and youngest had been twins! They would've run me ragged!

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answers from Portland on

Same thing here, my first daughter was standing at age 4 months. My second daughter is a little over 8 months old now and does not sit up or crawl. She barely started holding her head up. She was born 1 month early. Just give your daughter her own time. I know how hard it is not to compare. My second daughter is on Physical therapy now and I compare all the time with the first one who is a genius. But I hope this email will offer you some comfort in knowing it could be worst, at least she is crawling, right? My little one barely interacts...


answers from Seattle on


I agree, talk with your pediatrician. On the other hand though, I never crawled "normally". I was born 2 months premature 26 years ago. I crawled on an elbow, a hand, a hip, and a knee. If I remember what my dad told me it was right elbow, left hand, left hip, and right knee, or some type of variation of that. I'm fine now. Some babies only do the army low crawl, some babies do the traditional hands and knees.

If you are concerned, ask your pediatrician, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Example: At my daughter's 10 month well baby check-up she still didn't have any teeth. I asked her pediatrician if I should be worried yet, she said not yet, but if she doesn't have any teeth by 13 months I would have to call and make an appointment. She just turned 11 months yesterday, and is about to cut her first teeth. SO now I don't have to worry/wonder.

Hope this helps,



answers from Seattle on

just check with your pediatrician just to be safe... ask for an occupational evaluation.... my Gracie was born at 36 weeks - didnt sit up until 8 months, crawled at 11 months, and walked at 16 months..... she is 2 now and you would never know it....



answers from Portland on

Every child is unique. My daughter (my 1st, almost 3 yrs old) was really early w/getting teeth, rolling, crawling, and walking. She has always been very determined, a go getter, and masters everything earlier than most kids her age. She amazes me that she can play educational computer games that are designed for 4-6 yr olds all on her own without my help. My son (2nd, 7 months old) on the other hand is very laid back and easy going. He takes his time to discover things and I think a lot of it has to do w/his personality. He is just a happy and content kid and so doesn't feel the need to master every skill ASAP. He is rolling and starting to scoot around on one elbow, close to the army crawl and finally cut his 1st two teeth last week. He is still not sitting up on his own, but I am sure he will eventually do this when he is ready just like your little one. From what you said your little one is army crawling, that is good and sounds like she is right on track and will do things at her pace when she is ready to advance onto the next phase of her life. Good luck and enjoy her while she is little.

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