My 6Mo HATES Her New Walker!!

Updated on October 14, 2009
S.R. asks from Pawtucket, RI
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Alyssa is 6mo old and she is used to her jumper. but i met someone on who said they would trade my jumper and a changing table i was selling on Craigslist for the walker. i couldnt pass it up because i thought it would help me get things done around the house. because alyssa can stay focused in the walker or follow me around instead of staying in the living room as she did with the jumper. i really thought she would like it. but she really like the Jumper and now she hates the walker.
i got the walker today and tried putting her in it a few times. she was okay for a few minutes but she kept crying at me to pick her up and got mad that it wouldnt bounce with her.
now i dont even have the jumper to put her in! is she too young for a walker? is she just too used to the jumper and needs to get used to the walker? how can i help her to feel more comfortable in the walker?
help PLEASE???!!!

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Sounds like she is just wondering where her jumper went. If you give it a few more tries she may get used to it. can always go back to CL and see if you can trade a walker for a jumper...;-)

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Hi S.

She just may not be use to it yet. Try putting her in it and sit next to her for a few minutes to encourage her and show her how much fun it can be. Don't give up on it! Just keep putting her in it for short amounts of time until she starts to enjoy it and become familar with it. There is a chance that she may never like it... there are some things that kids just never really enjoy. Don't beat yourself up over trading in your jumper. Kids are unpredictable and you're always taking a chance when you buy something hoping that they like it! I know of a great website that you can find lots of great free stuff for kids. Its called Its kind of like craigslist, but everything is free. My mom uses it quite a bit and loves it. Best of luck!

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I completely sympathize with the frustration of needing to get some stuff done around the house - things really get neglected when you have an infant. So my first bit of advice is to try to forget about that stuff. You have written before about pressures from your MIL, so don't let that be influencing you.

Secondly, the jury is out on walkers. Some kids really enjoy the mobility, but some kids don't get the hang of it. Your daughter is too young or not yet interested in moving her feet around and discovering the fun of movement. She also was in the habit of just bouncing, and now she is frustrated that a little squirming doesn't produce any action!

However, once the kids figure out how to get the walker to move, you have a new problem. They can be dangerous - my friend's daughter suddenly developed the skills to move it, and worked her way down a long hall and down a flight of stairs. Also, some pediatricians say that the child's leg muscles do not develop in the same way, and the walkers impede walking later on, especially because it may limit the urge to crawl. Kids who use walkers sometimes just sit on the floor and never figure out how to crawl.

You can put it back on Craig's List if you want. You can put your daughter on the floor and help her get started crawling - put a toy just out of reach. Be prepared that some kids first figure out how to crawl backwards though! It's kind of funny - just enjoy it!

Or, you can try pushing her around the room in it. You can work her legs a little and let her eventually figure out that moving her legs causes movement. Use the same words each time - "Kick your feet" or whatever you choose.

Try to be patient and enjoy your time with her. Let the housework go. A little dust never killed anyone. Let your husband do laundry when he gets home. Take her out in the stroller while the weather is still mild - the sights and sounds stimulate her, and the fresh air can make her sleep! Prepare meals while she naps. And so on.

You are NOT doing anything wrong. Raising kids is a lot of trial and error while we figure out what they like and don't like. They are little individuals and don't all follow the same path.

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Hi S.! I know there is a lot of negativity around walkers, but as long as you are vigilant, and have baby gates up, you should be fine. I would suggest giving her a special toy only when she goes in the walker, or something fun and messy to play with, like yogurt, or a wet washrag. This way, she always will associate the walker with something fun. I would only do this while she is stationary, and until she gets the hang of being in there. Once she does, I'm sure she'll be busy following you around the house! Good Luck and Have Fun Honey, this is such a great age!!!



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Walkers can be extremely dangerous. My advice is to keep her in the bouncer or get one of those walkers that stay still. Both bouncers and walkers tell you the age is from 4 months up. My son was actually so skinny that they were both too big for a long time. So, she may just be uncomfortable in it, if she's small. I would try waiting a while. Then, keep the walker on a secure surface where it can't move. I found that this was much safer for my son and he was able to still stretch his legs...good luck!



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get rid of the walker and get yourself a good sling! Not only is carrying your baby better for her development, you will find it easier to get things done around the house by wearing her. Have you read anything by DR Sears? this talks about the benefits of wearing your baby. There are so many options for slings and baby carriers. I like ring slings because you can nurse in them as well(yes, nurse while doing housework) but the ergo or calyx carriers are good as well. You can buy any of these, pretty cheaply on ebay. Good luck!


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She is not to young. Try a snakc in it, just keep trying! Why did u get rid of the jumper??

M. - SAHM and work at home mom and loving it!!


answers from Portland on

I thought they stopped selling walkers that actually moved because they were a safety issue (kids falling down stairs, etc). Anyway, it you feel that it's safe, I'm sure it's fine.

However, it might take the baby some time to get used to it. Otherwise just put her on a cozy blanket on the floor with some toys to play with.

Do you have other local mom friends with babies the same age? If you do, its a great way to trade toys back and forth without having to buy anything. Our local library has a baby class, and that's a great way to meet moms.



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Get rid of the walker! The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on them as unsafe and bad developmentally. My kids were very happy in baby activity centers such as this:

Just resist the temptation to keep her there too long and make sure she gets plenty of tummy time as well! :)

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