My 6 Year Olds Elbow

Updated on July 21, 2010
J.L. asks from Sauquoit, NY
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My son fell off his scooter today and hurt his elbow, it's swollen in all. I took him to the ER because he was complaining he can not move it, they took a xray and 5 seconds later literally 5 seconds later the doc came in and said it's not broken or sprained she put a bandage and sent him home and told me to take him to see ortho.... If it's not fractured or sprained why wuld i take him to ortho.. Im begining to think that they did not even check the xray... what do you ppl think??? he is moving it around a little more, but still a little swollen and sore!!!

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So What Happened?

Well..... everyone was right, my sons elbow was sore and stiff, but he is getting better. he was actually doing cartwheels today... lol.. thanx everyone for ur help

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My daughter broke her wrist and the first ER dr said - yep, it is broken and sent us home with a splint and an appt with an ortho to put a cast on it. So, we got to the Ortho and he says, nope - not broken!! I am sitting there scratching my head going how does 1 dr say broken and the other say not. He told me that ER dr's are not specialized in this so he didn't diagnose it properly. I kind of was hesitant and took my daughter to get a second opinion and a second xray. The second xray showed the fracture and sure enough was broken.

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In the ER they have to move fast. They briefly look at things that are not life-threatening and move on. They told you to take him to an ortho because they need to cover themselves if they missed it. But, a small hairline fracture wouldn't necessarily show up on x-ray right away. It usually takes up to 10 days, when the healing line shows up on a film. If he can't move it within a week and his range of motion is still limited, take him to an ortho and get another film--it just might show up then.



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50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. Get a second opinion.




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My son broke his arm at age 2. The ER told me it was not broken. I took him to the Ped. next day and she looked at it and said it was broken and sent me to a bone specialist who took one look and said it was broken. Always go with your gut.


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My mom was in a car accident recently. Her right foot was in terrible shape. Both the ER Doctor AND her regular Doctor just said it was a bad sprain. After a few weeks (please don't wait a few weeks), I took my mom to see a Foot Doctor. AND, not only was it NOT a sprain, it was broken/fractured in SEVEN places. She had so bad of a break that she was put in a wheel chair for 6 weeks.
Please see another doctor- a specialist.
Just my two cents,


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There might be some sort of muscle/ligament issue. Even if it is not technically sprained... it is probably very sore, and there might be some specific moves/motions that an ortho could recommend for him to help it feel better sooner, or to NOT do to keep any additional pain/damage from ocurring while the damage heals.

My husband stepped in a hole (looking for a lost golf ball) and fell. He did not break anything, nor sprain his foot/ankle. But he did do 'SOMETHING' to the tendons in his foot. It wasn't severe enough for them to categorize it as a "sprain", but there WAS something injured. He went to see the ortho and they fitted him with an ankle brace that he had to wear for about a week anytime he was up and about (not sitting/lying in bed, or if driving the car). Then only when he was "active" (walking the mall, riding bike, golfing, etc). He was cautioned that it could take several weeks to a few months before he was healed, and that he should probably always wear the brace for serious sports (tennis, running, etc) to prevent another injury afterwards. He doesn't of course, though. It's been over 2 years now, and he hasn't had any more problems with it.

I'm not sure where the growth plates all are in the arms, but it certainly couldn't hurt to follow up with the ortho.



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I was riding my motorcycle a year and a half ago and dropped it going around a curve and some how landed on my elbow (the only injury). I had x-rays and they told me nothing was broken, but recomnded seeing an ortho speciallist. He told me it was just a very bad bruise. I couldn't move my arm much for several day and even months later if I barely bumped it, it hurt like crazy. Now it's back to normal.

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