My 6 Year Old Is Having Nightmares

Updated on March 17, 2008
T.M. asks from Woonsocket, RI
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Help! My 6yo little boy is having nightmares and waking up around 1am almost every night. He has them so bad he wakes up screaming for me or my husband. He is begging my husband to sleep with him so he does not feel scared. Has anyone out there had this problem, and have any help with it???

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So What Happened?

Thanks to those who have answered my question about my son having nightmares. We have tried a few things and it seems to be getting undercontrol. The pillow trick has worked so far. Thanks again.

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Hi T.,
My daughter used to have nightmares and wake up scared, not wanting to go back to sleep on her own. I had read somewhere to turn her pillow over and say we are making a fresh start so there will be no more bad dreams. This really seem to work and she would feel more secure to go back to sleep on her own.
It sounds easy, but it did work!
C. M.



answers from Bangor on

What are they about?

My son had nightmares that were about 'monsters'. I promptly asked him "Do you think I'd let monsters in *MY* house!? I don't think so!" and it made him giggle.

Anyways - my advise is to find out that the nightmare is - because there could be an easy solution of reassurance - or there could be something bigger... for example: a bully problem at school.. a another kind of situation that scares them.



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I would put a mattress on the floor besides my bed for a few weeks and he probably will sleep through the night feeling the extra security. I would include nightly prayers as well.

I just remembered that sometimes when I wake up from a bad dream, I NEED to go to the bathroom, badly. Maybe control liquids after 6pm.



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My daughter had nightmares almost nightly when she was younger. I would get up each time she called and sat with her until she went back to sleep. She truely believes in her Dream Catchers she has on her headboard and her favourite stuffy helps too. She's older now, rarely has nightmares, occasional bad dream. She has to have a CD playing at bedtime to block out any sounds from outside. Don't know if this helps or not. Just need a lot of patience and let him know you believe in him and understand also. I also tried lavendar in the bath at night. It has a calming effect. Anything else you can think of that will make him and his room calm before he goes to sleep. His favourite songs playing, something that might help give good dreams. Good Luck

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