My 6 Year Old Hyperactive..............

Updated on November 30, 2006
K.A. asks from Greensburg, IN
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My 6 year old is in 1st grade. The teacher has called me numerous times he talks out, bothers other kids, throws food in lunch room when kids annoy him. I do not want to put him on meds. I did try herbal drops which helped the first week or so and then it was back to the same stuff. He is the same way at home but is aggressive to other kids at home pushing, hitting, and taking toys away from them. I have tried everything time outs, taking tv or computer away, spanking, and sent to room. Nothing effects him. He was tested for adhd last year and the therapist said he did not have it. I am at my wits end on what to do. I cry about it because you are supposed to be able to help your children but I don't know what to do. If anyone has suggestions.

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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone who responded. Things are getting a little better. We have set up a routine at home and he is speaking with the counselor at school. Things aren't perfect still gets in a little trouble at school but nothing major, normal 6 year old boy stuff. Trying the diet and has calmed him down a bit at home. Thank you all again. It is really nice to have this support.

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answers from Evansville on

I have a friend whose son "was" hyper. She opted to change his diet. It worked. She researched it on the web and found that food that contain certain dyes can make a child hyper. If she gives him certain foods like Kool-Aid and Yogurt he gets extremely hyper. If you don't want him on meds then try the diet.



answers from Charleston on

Dear mom ,My son is 8 and I had no choice but to try the medicine <the first we tried made him be more aggressive ,but now he is doing much better on this new medicine .I cried because I put him on the medication but since the medicine he dont loose recess and not in dentition all the time .But dd Add and stuff are not the same as just plan behavior problems ,So to ease you and him I would have him put on something for awhile to see how he does ,You can always stop givin it to him .He is not happy child in trouble all the time .Just my advise with you much luck .



answers from Indianapolis on

Have you read the ADD Answer by Dr Lawless (not sure of spelling)? I've had several friends with hyper kids and docs talking meds. After reading the book they made very simple diet changes (less refined sugar, more fiber, etc) and that alone made a >huge< difference. Suddenly they are no longer 'hyper' kids on the verge of medicine. Unfortunately, way too many kids are medicated for no reason in this country... there are many other alternatives to try first!



answers from Kokomo on

Dear K.,

Have you asked your family DR or Pediatrician about this behavior? It is possible that he has some sort of food or other allergy that can trigger mood and behavioral issues. A Dr can help to narrow down possibilities. Sometimes keeping a diary or log of his behavior and the circumstances involved can also help find a pattern. ADHD can sometimes be missed at an early age and retesting may be an option a little later. Good luck. ~B. C.



answers from Lexington on

sometimes there is an underlying issue when a child is acting agressively. could another child be bullying him on the bus or at school? or maybe he's is acting out because he feels like he is not getting enuf one on one attention from you and dad at home. with 3 other kids, it's kind of hard to devote much time to each one specifically. but maybe that's what he needs. when he acts out he gets attention...adverse attention, but attention all the same. maybe you should talk to to your son...get him to open up about his feelings and why he's gets so angry.



answers from Louisville on

My 6 year old daughter has ADHD, and I was getting the same thing. Mine were somewhat funnier, but still disturbing. (making farting noises with her armpits during a guest speaker, singing christmas songs in time out in April, general goofing off and not listenting) I took her to a Child Psychiatrist who put her on medication and handed me two forms for the teacher. One for right a way, and one for after a month of meds. Now she is learning in school and not getting in trouble. When she was acting out she could not concentrate enough to learn what was being taught. Now she is catching up to the levels she should be at. I was torn about medication too, but if it is my selfishly not wanting to medicate my child and her education, I will choose her education every time. And the meds are a Godsend. Even at home she can sit and do a puzzle, play games on the computer or clean up her dinner mess without me asking a million times and her throwing a tantrum to boot.



answers from Lafayette on

It sounds like ADHD. I have ADHD and half of my kids have it as well. I don't like the idea of my kids having to depend on medication, grades in school sucked because my mom and dad refused to get me treated. As a result I never went to college and I wind up in alot of dead end jobs that don't pay nearly enough. Alot of kids if they don't get the propper medication, they end up self medicating...alcohol or illegal streat drugs...wich in turn leads to addiction. Maybe it would be a good thing to get your 6 year old into counseling...maybe the counselor could help you find new ways to try to handle it...or if medication seems to be the only thing that might work and you're worried about your 6 year old being on a stimulant, then ask about Straterra. I don't think the Straterra works quite as well or as quickly, but it does help alot...and it's a non-stimulant. Otherwise, he's likely to be places in BD classes (behavior disorder)...that's where they put the "bad kids" at. They were going to do that to my oldest son until we got him medicated. The thing is the kid isn't bad...he just has a problem and doesn't know how to express it or control it. Another thing you may want to look into is a special parenting class designed for kids with ADHD such as "1-2-3 Magic"...that was an excellent class. What ever you choose to do, don't expect anything to work 100% or right away...there is no miracle drug or miracle cure. Some days will be harder than others. And I sympathize with you...I've been there many times.



answers from Muncie on

Hi I am not going to tell you I know what you are going throu I have just recently done a research paper on ADHD for school and do you know that ADHD is not a real mental diorder. In my research I found that alot of things can cause the problems your son is having. Try his diet for one, he may be allergic to dyes or may be getting to much surgar. There are diets on the web that you can pull off and see what he maybe allergic too. Im not saying he is but it is one thing to look at and see if it is the problem. If you have problems finding them let me know and I will try to help you as much as I can. Try and hold it together. S.

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