My 6 Month Old Won't STAY Asleep!

Updated on February 09, 2008
R.T. asks from Cicero, NY
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My 6 month of daughter used to be a CHAMPION sleeper. She still is a great night sleeper (12-13 hours with one waking to eat), but we have lots of naptime battles. Every since Christmas (we went away then) she has refused to stay asleep during her naps. I realize that probably screwed her up some, but its been over a month since we've gotten home! A good nap used to be 90 minutes to 2 and a half hours (sometimes longer) but now we can't get her to stay asleep at naptime for longer than about an hour. Since she's not sleeping that well during the day anymore, we have to put her down for more naps (3-4 now). How can I get her to STAY asleep during her naps and take a good nap?

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answers from Jackson on

around 6 months my daughter stopped needing long naps and switched to "cat naps" Her mid morning nap is about an hour, and her afternoon nap is about an hour and half. and she sleeps 4-6hours at a stretch at night for a total of 12hours (wakes to nurse at around midnight and 4 am usually)



answers from Lansing on

With all three of my kids, there was a point where just when we thought they were in a sleep routine, it would change. If she is taking 3 or 4 naps during the day that are an hour, she's probably not going to sleep as long at night. I would try fewer naps, like one in the morning a few hours after she wakes up, then another in the afternoon. You might have a few days at first where she is a little crabby about the change, but in my opinion it's better to have them sleep a good stretch at night!



answers from Boise on

What you are explaining isn't that abnormal, I think a lot of little ones change thier schedule at about that age as they become more independent, I wouldn't stress they actually tend to right themselves after a few months, just be consistant and as long as her night are going pretty well the I would wait it out, My 17 month old went through the same thing and it can be frustrating cause cause I liked that "break" to do what needed to be done, but know he is back on track of course in a few months he won't nap mine never do past to so I just enjoy whatever he is willing to let me have :).



answers from Pocatello on

If she's sleeping at night, I wouldn't worry about the day. Four 1 hour naps sound good to me for a six month old. My six month old girl only takes one 1 hour nap and sleeps through the night with one feeding. My older son usually had three 1 hour naps & one 2 hour nap at this age. Each kid is different. I think children this age are supposed to need 14-18 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. So you're right on target. I've always thought, too, that if you put the child in the crib, and it's quiet, and you tell them it's nap time, then you've done your job. Now it's up to them to sleep. That's their job. If they don't sleep, then maybe they weren't tired. If your daughter won't nap but seems sleepy, maybe she should have an earlier bedtime.



answers from Saginaw on

Hi R., I think some of this is natural. Our daughter (against my wishes) insisted on a schedule which required letting her daughter cry, for a short period, for up to an hour. I have to admit, this is a very happy child, who now has great sleep habits, and lots of energy, and very few cranky periods. I couldn't have done it, but it worked for her.



answers from Boise on

What I did with my children (and now grandchildren) when I couldn't get them to take a nice nap was regulate their sleep schedule better.
Just like us they need a set time for everything. Put them to bed at the same time each night, maybe a half hour later than you are now. Wake them up each morning at the same time, maybe a half hour earlier than she is getting up now. Just that one less hour of sleep at night will help her take a long nap, and just one, during the day.
At this age she is really discovering everything about her body, how to move and make noises. With my oldest daughter she hated taking naps, and it started very early with her to, so I had to set a tight sleep schedule for her and this was the method that helped me.
Hope this helps some.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Like the other moms have already said, at that age naps do become shorter. My 5 1/2 month old has just started that same phase but is also sleeping through the night. I went throught the same thing with my almost 3 year old. But I will take the sleeping all night over long naps any day! Do you have an exersaucer or johnny jumper for your daughter? I have found if I let my baby get in a good play session before I feed him, he will nap a little longer than if I just put him down. You may want to try that and see how it works. Just a side note be glad she is still napping, my oldest wont nap for anything and I sure miss those breaks in the day!



answers from Grand Rapids on

My son did the same thing, as long as she is sleeping at night for that long I would lay her down for her nap and even if she is resting and not sleeping I would say that is good just rest time is enough for her right now. maybe she will need more in a month or two but right at this time she might just need the rest time. I know that don't help you get your rest but that is all she needs right now. be happy she still sleeps that good at night.

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