My 5 Yr Daughter & 7 Yr Son Was Molested by Their 14 Yr Old Uncle

Updated on January 03, 2011
V.J. asks from Woodbine, GA
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Yesterday, i thought my life just about ended. When i found out my daughter and son have been molested by their 14 year old uncle.
It was two nights ago when me & my husband asked his little brother if he would babysit 15 Min's so we could go get some things for the house we needed. Well when we got back my little girl was in her panties running around the house. When i sat down on the couch she cam up too me & said mommy right here hurts pointing at the lower part of her belly. I asked her why she said, I don't know. At that time i notice her hair was wet. I asked have you had a bath, being concern because she don't take baths alone. I bathe her every night. Her response was yes we all took a bathe. I lost it & went off on my husband little brother & asked him why would he get in the tub with his 5 year old niece and 7 year nephew. He just laugh it off. Well that night Angel (My Daughter) said i want to sleep with you mommy. I told her she could, But then daddy jumped in our conversation and said no. After i got my baby's in bed. I laid their crying because i had this disgusting feeling. I asked my husband why didn't he get on too his brother about taking a bath with our little ones. He said because you got on him. I was so upset, all i could picture was this grown boy in the tub with my baby's. Well my husband fell asleep shortly after. Well the next morning i told my daughter to come with me, That i was going to take her to get some candy. Well on the way too the store i was sitting there not knowing how too come out & ask my Little girl some serious question. Finally i said baby girl you know that right there is our private no one is supposes too touch us there. She got this sad look on her face then i asked her no one hasn't touch you there have they? All she would say was I don't know for about ten Min's. Finally she broke down an said Yes Her uncle did. I started streaming out in tears, I had no idea what too do so i rushed home and got my son, And asked him the same questions. He was so terrified. But he came clean. But as being a mom we would hurt anyone who would harm our little ones. What do i do in this case. My youngins are not the same kids anymore. And I'm not even the same mom anymore, I feel like i have failed as a mommy because i left my two precious babies with a sick monster. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE. what can they do too a 14 year old boy. what kind of help is out their for my baby's an me and my husband.. I cant stop crying. I love my baby's. now mommy don't know what to do

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So What Happened?

Mom's thank you all for the advice. I'm a very young mom, an all this stuff terrified me. i couldn't even think straight. All i could think about is what my babies are going threw and how they feel. I took them too the hospital this morning. The 14 yr old monster didn't penetrate neither one of my baby's they referred me an the youngins counseling. They went and pick up the 14 yr old monster & taking him too mental health too figure out why he would do a thing. I'm pressing charges & determined that they send him away. Mom's please talk with your baby's that their are real scary monster out there & it could be family, friends, or a stranger. This world is sick. Thank you all for giving me suggestions, It helped me out alot mentally

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answers from Cleveland on

First of all, this is a mother's worst nightmare, and I am terribly sorry that you have to deal with this. It is horrible.
You need to take your children to the doctor. Now. They will need to do an exam on them to make sure they are OK. They will help you report this to the police. I know this is going to be hard, but you can do it. You need to be strong and make your kids feel like it's OK and that you will protect them. Don't lose your cool in front of them. They need to feel safe with you right now.
Take them to the doctor immediately and call the police. Stay strong. You are their Mama, their protector, and you can do this.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with Momma L.
Report this to the police and take your kids to the emergency room as well.
It all needs to be documented.
I'm sorry this happened.
Are you positive?
This teenager needs help and I would not be surprised if he has not been abused by someone as well.
Good luck.

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answers from Houston on

Well first, you need to report it to the police. They will investigate and get that 14 year old some help, possibly he will be detained depending on the severity of what he did. He is old enough to know better and be tried, but not old enough to prosecute like an adult for this type of thing. Be careful not to ask leading questions to your children so the professionals can dissect everything that happened. Take your children to the hospital to be checked out and to make sure all has been documented. You and your children will likely need some counseling, but when you call it in, the police and hospital can give your family resources.

I'm sorry this happened. But please stay strong for your children and try not to break down in front of them. They need support and it may make them feel worse seeing you like that.

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answers from Phoenix on

I am so sorry, this is every parents worst nightmare.

Take them to the hospital immediately to be checked and get everything documented. They will also help you contact the police to report it.

I pray for the strength you will need to get though this and you will. You are a mommy and can do anything your babies need!

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My condolenses that your family is going through this! I do not have any advice besides what has already been said. You, your children and your husband all need to go into counseling. You have already had them been examined and alerted the authorities. KUDOS TO YOU FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING! You will make it through this, your children will one day see what an amazing mommy they have who LOVES them so much and did everything in her power to keep them SAFE. and you have kept them safe! By ensuring this MONSTER will never hurt them again and that the world will know what he is to keep other mom's babies safe as well.

I just wanted to reinforce IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT THAT THIS HAPPENED TO YOUR BABIES!!!! Again, kudos to you for seeing something was wrong when you came home, and following that mommy feeling! How many of us moms wouldn't give a second thought about leaving our children with an uncle? This is something that can happen to anyone, and your experienced has reinforced our need as parents to be selective and always talk to our children about the dangers the world has. My heart aches and I cry for you. Thank you for being so brave during this time and sharing with us.

HUGS to you and your babies! God bless




answers from Salt Lake City on

Take your kids to the doctor have them checked it is going to be uncomfortable and terrible for them. Then you call the police, a 14 year old boy can be charged for molestation. Then you stay as far away from him as possible because I know if it were me the little b*@#% wouldnt stand a chance if I got a hold of him.
Good luck



answers from New York on

First of all you are NOT a bad mom you did not know what was going to happen!!!
You need to report him to the police so he can not do this to any other children. Talk to your pediatrician and ask for help.

God bless you and your children

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