My 5 Year Old Crying His Head Hurts When He Sits Up

Updated on May 16, 2011
B.J. asks from Holiday, FL
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My son had a viral infection earlier this week. He is fully recovered so do not believe this has anything to do with the viral infection he had. He woke up at 2 am crying in pain we couldn't calm him down. I tried cold pack on his head And giving him water. I ended up giving him Tylenol and after an hour or so he fell back asleep. This am he's still crying his forehead hurts. I don't think it's an ear infection cause he says it's his forehead. He seems content when he's laying down. He doesnt want to sit up at all. Took his temperature at 2 am no temp. Now it 99 but really don't consider that a fever. Any ideas on why his head is hurting. He doesn't have a runny nose either.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your help. I was worried so brought him in to urgent care. They checked him for everything and said he was fine. Dr. Told me it was a bad migrane. He didn't eat all day and didn't want to move it lasted until about 8 at night. He just got over it. I was starting to think maybe he was a little dehydrated or hungry from not eating all day it was probably making his headache worse. Whatever caused it praying we don't go through it again. Thank you all!!!

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I think sinus infection too. Time to see the doctor and get some antibiotics. I had this last year for the first time and it was very painful. I struggled on for a while without going to the doc, but it didn't go away by itself. Poor little guy. Hope he's feeling better soon.

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I would guess either a sinus thing or even strep. I always get headaches when I have had strep, and no sore throat. I would take him in.

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I would definitely take him to the doctor. He's not fooling and he's in pain. If Tylenol hasn't helped, then you need help figuring out the underling cause.

Hang in there, B..

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If a headache is severe and Tylenol or ibuprofen doesn't help it resolve, I would take him to the doctor or the ER if it's the middle of the night. See if he has any pain when he tries to touch his chin to his chest, bending his neck. If he does, get to the ER.
Serious "head" issues don't commonly affect kids, BUT, they CAN, so I don't play around with that.

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I had to pick my son up from school weds because of his head hurting. His hurts above his eyebrow. It causes him to vomit and feel very baf. We went to the er with it 3 yrs ago and they diagnosed a sinus migraine. He's prob had 7 in 3 yrs. It is some serious pain that tylenol doesn't touch. Sure sounds like it could be the same thing. If its still hurting after a good nap I would take him in so they can help him. Its miserable! Nick was 10 the first time it happened

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Poor baby. I also vote sinus infection. Try giving him children's decongestant, let him sit in a steam shower or bath, use some nasal saline wash and see if that helps.



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Sounds like sinus pressure, which means there's mucus there, probably from his immune system having responded to the virus and toxins that built up. A cleansing diet/alkalizing fresh veggie & fruit juices can help. I'd avoid giving him OTC medicines since those weaken the liver and make it harder for the body to detox and overcome infections. Rest and fresh juice and pure water give the body the opportunity to heal itself.


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he could be light headed (typically in the top or forehead).



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I don't want to alarm you, but take him to a doctor. I had a similar issue years ago - a viral infection that turned into the mother of all headaches. I couldn't even moved. It turned out I had viral meningitis. The virus in the other part of my body had traveled to my nervous system. It is possible. Have it checked out.



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Find a Webster chiropractor to check him out.
best, k



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Could be the first migraine. Check into food allergies/developmental vision and stress.


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COuld be sinus blockage or infection that was mentioned earlier... or he could be having an issue with blood pressure (orthostatic hypertension) which can be from anything and be temporary.



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please call a DR......



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I agree that it could be a sinus infection as well. I would give him Tylenol or Motrin as needed. Call your doc just to make sure.



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sinus headache pehaps?


answers from Milwaukee on

Is he stuffed up at all? It could be a sinus infection and he may need antibotics. Headachs and sitting up can cause great pain when one has an sinus infection. At least with me when I have a sinus infection I will run about 99 - 99.5 for days on end, so I got to the doc.

The doc will looking in the ears again, in the nose, feel above the eyes and under the eyes to see if it hurts when touched there.

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