My 4Yr. Old Daughters 1St Sleepover

Updated on January 21, 2009
S.M. asks from Westchester, IL
6 answers

hello ladies, my daughter has been bugging me about a sleepover for the longest time now, she's 4yrs. old & has 4 cousins around her age. I need help with fun girly activities for 3-5 yr. olds, snacks, movies, goodie bags, prizes, games any ideas would be helpful to make this memorable & fun for my daughter. thanks, sm

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answers from Chicago on

S., 4 is pretty young for sleepovers that involve a lot of hooha. I would suggest an activity but pretty low key. and some calming stuff when it comes closer to bedtime. the nails and hair thing is cute idea. and then maybe movie/snack and a story before bed. don't let it get too late or your going to have overtired preschoolers which will then turn into "I want my mommy" as far as goodie bags go is it a birthday party sleepover? if not why the extra's. just make it a fun night and leave it at that. I would suggest you have them all bring sleeping bags and their own pillows so they are comfortable at night time.
oh yeah also from having experience with sleepovers as I have a daughter. make a set time the next day for pick up. or you may end up with extra kids all day long. you may not mind if there all family but it is always better to have a set time. like 6pm till say 9 or 10 next day or whatever but better to have a time than not.

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answers from Springfield on

Hi S.,
How about doing nails and hair,anything that is cut and glued together and then drawn on would be fun (maybe glitter too, playing barbies, baking cookies. It all sounds fun! Don't forget to take pictures or even make a video!
I'm sure the girls (and you) will all have a great time!

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answers from Chicago on

First of all, GOOD LUCK! Five 4 yr olds? That'll be something. I think it's too early and you may end of having to drive someone home in the middle of the night because they miss their mom/dad/dog/bed, pick one! Other than that, movies pick something that won't have them bouncing all over the place, nothing scary, no musicals. You could have them do their nails *(actually you'll end up doing their nails) or their hair. (see Club Libby Lu!) Goody bags? This isn't a birthday is it? Then they are not needed... unless you give them the hair stuff or nail polish that they used.

I think 1 friend is enough for a sleep over (because they won't really go to sleep right away anyhow) and then you MIGHT get some sleep your self.


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answers from Peoria on

The Dollar Tree is a great place to go and get cheap supplies that will TOTALLY entertain the girls. They have Foam Stickers that are great for making little pictures and such. Plus they arent messy.

My daughter is almost 4 and just had her first sleepover too. it was awesome! Hope they have a great time!

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answers from Chicago on

I know that there have been a few responses about 4 years old being too young for a sleep over. My girls have been having sleepovers since they were four (and earlier when having sleepovers at grandmas house). Yes, at any age, parents should be ready to come and pick kids up or take them home, but this can be a fun time evening for all!

For activities, you might try cupcake, cake or cookie decorating. Just have it done early enough so that they actually go to sleep at a reasonable time. Movied and popcorn are also a favorite in our house along with just playing whatever games/toys they normally would.
Try a scavenger hunt thru the house to find objects or rewards can be done inexpensively.

Expect them to stay up a little later than normal. Be ready for a special breakfast in the morning too, shape pancakes or chocolate chip pancakes. You can even do waffles with some icecream and chocolate sauce (my husbands favorite at home and in restaurants).

The important thing to remember is you know if your children (and you) are ready for this.
Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

It seems pretty young. And at those ages there is a pretty good chance that at least one will wake up in the middle of the night crying for mom. What we did until we knew my son's friends wouldn't have a problem staying away from home (around 6 or later) is we would have PJ parties. We would have their friends come over in their PJ's. I usually buy a few of the Boboli pizza crusts and let the kids make their own pizzas. And I would buy or make sugar cookies and would let them decorate their own cookies. I would even give them a little ice cream to eat with it if they'd like. We then pop popcorn and watch a movie.

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