My 4 Yr Old Child Has Lost 4 Teeth After Dental Work, Is That Normal?

Updated on September 16, 2016
J.R. asks from Burbank, CA
18 answers

My toddler at the age of 3 had dental work cause she had cavities,but now that she is 4yr and 10 mths has already lost 4 teeth, has anyone else experienced this and is this normal.

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answers from Washington DC on

You should ask her dentist. Might be a little early depending on what teeth they are, but her dentist would know her oral history better than we do.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Could be normal if it's her front two top and two bottom teeth. My daughter lost hers at age 4. It's on the early side of normal, but it's still developmentally appropriate. If you are concerned, it would be a good idea to ask the dentist.

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answers from Washington DC on

let me try to pick through this morass of non-information.
your child had dental work almost TWO years ago.
since then she has lost some teeth.
if she lost 4 teeth in the week after she had dental work, this might be a sensible question.
the only thing i can assume from the single sentence 'question' here is that you actually think that children between the ages of 3 and almost 5 don't ever lose teeth.
i mean, it's somewhat on the early side which is unusual, but then, so is a 3 year old having lots of cavities.
what does the dentist say?

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter saw a pediatric dentist from before age 2. About the time she turned 4 she started losing teeth. By the age of 10 she had lost everything she was supposed to plus had all of her molars.

My dr said some kids do lose teeth early and it's no biggie.

My daughter is 21. Never had a cavity, Perfect set of teeth, we did the sealants as new teeth came in and no orthodontics. She's got a model mouth! We were very fortunate but she was the only one in preschool who had the tooth fairy visiting regularly!!

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answers from Reading on

To me this seems precocious and I would check with the dentist. Deciduous teeth have significantly shorter roots than permanent, so there could have been damage. 4 is early to start losing, but not out of the range of normal. My daughter got her first teeth around six months and then also started losing them very early, too.

ETA: Hold up. She had this done at three and now she's almost 5? No, this wasn't caused by the dentist. Normal.

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answers from Norfolk on

It might be normal for her.
Ask your parents and in laws about when you and Hubby started losing teeth.

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answers from Philadelphia on

A lot of kids start losing their teeth at this age. I am not sure why you see a correlation between dental work done almost a year ago if not over a year ago and losing teeth now.

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answers from Portland on

Are you concerned it's from the fillings? I can't imagine so.

My kids lost their teeth later (quite late) but I'm sure some kids lose them early.

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answers from Boston on

Not enough info here. Which teeth? Over what period of time? What was the reason she had so many cavities, and what work was done? We aren't dentists so it's just opinion anyway, but there's just nothing to go on here.

This is a question for the dentist. If you don't trust your dentist, by all means, get a 2nd opinion. If you need a referral, ask your child's pediatrician for suggestions. I certainly wouldn't wait if I had questions about a child losing teeth over a period of time.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ask a pediatric dentist.

It's perfectly normal for a four year old to lose their baby teeth. My sister lost her first baby tooth when she was 4. My kids' pediatric dentist mentioned his son lost his first baby tooth at 4 as well.

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answers from San Francisco on

Call her dentist and ask. If s/he is retired or no longer in business get her into a new one and ask them.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest you look on the Internet or a book to learn about child development. Kids do start loosing baby teeth around that age. I think most people know that. This suggests to me that there is more going on than just losing teeth.

I don't see how dental work a year or more ago would cause him to lose teeth now. Why do you think it's related? You could take him to a dentist to get information.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Which teeth? If it's the front 4, then she's exactly the right age to lose them naturally.

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answers from Santa Fe on

She's almost 5...this is normal. Both my kids started losing their baby teeth at age 41/2...along with many other kids in their preschool. The preschool teachers would make a big deal out of celebrating it and they would get their name up on the tooth chart. It is also normal to lose your first tooth at age 6...there is a range. Why do you think this is abnormal? She will lose more teeth next year...and the year after that...Just get ready to be excited with her and have the tooth fairy come visit when she is sleeping.

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answers from Springfield on

most children begin to loose baby teeth around age 5 so earlier is not uncommon. as long as the other teeth are comming in just fine you have nothing to worry about.
dental work had nothing to do with normal body growth processes.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Does she have any evidence of adult teeth coming in where she lost the 4 teeth? Kids usually start loosing teeth around the age of 5, some earlier, some later. Are they the front teeth? Are they the same teeth she had fillings in? Has she been back to the dentist for regular check ups and cleanings? Has she had dental x-rays?

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answers from Boston on

She didn't lose them right after the fillings, is that right? If she lost four teeth since that time, and if they are in the front of her mouth ( top/bottom ) then that's probably normal? Idk. My son had one cavity filled last year, and it took him too he was 5 to lose his first tooth.. every child is different.. consult your child's dentist if you are very concerned..



answers from Oklahoma City on

It's perfectly normal for kids her age to start losing their baby teeth. It has nothing to do with dental work.

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