My 4 Year Old Has Eczema on Her Eye

Updated on July 15, 2017
S.S. asks from Hillsdale, NY
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My 4 year old has eczema on her eye and I cannot get it to go away. I have tried Vaseline, cortisone 10, aquaphore, Eucerine, and even my Mary Kay Eye Cream. Nothing works. Any suggestions? I have read about mixing Ponds Cold Cream with Mylanta, but can that go near the eye?

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answers from New York on

My two children have had eczema since they were born, they are now 5 and 8. I find Cetaphil works rather well. I apply each time after a bath when the skin is still damp. My next line of defense would have been the aquaphore, applied the same way. These were both suggestions from their ped. dr.
I am rather reluctant to us RX.
Another idea is Crisco. Yes, the white cooking grease. My old ped. dr, for my oldest son who is now 20, swore by it for all kinds of skin ailments. My younger kid's eczema has never been that bad, where I needed to look for additional remedies. This dr. was still practicing from his home office well into his 80's. They do not make dr.'s like that anymore. Good luck...

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answers from Syracuse on

That is exactly where I got my eczema the first time. Nothing helped it and it hurt a lot.
I think your best bet is to stick with the cortisone. I definately wouldn't apply so many different creams to her eye. With eczema, even the most hypoallergenic or sensitve creams can make it sting and burn really bad. Trust me, I tried them ALL.
Your best bet is to change some things in her diet. I would definately start with dairy and sugars. This will last a while and will not go away with any creams. It's a response her body is having from the inside and you may find it will go away on her eye but then appear on her hands or other parts of her body. Oh, always apply your choice of cream before she goes outside. The cold air can really make it worse as does hot water. I would buy a mild shampoo so when you wash and rinse what drips down to her eye won't make things worse.
good luck, I hope this doesn't go on too long for her.



answers from New York on

My nephew has this same problem. He is 2 1/2 and has been battling if since he was about 8 months old. The pediatrician tried several different creams. He also went ot an allergist and they tested him and found no allergy. My brother finally took him to a pediatric dermatologist and he is now on a prescription cream (i forget what the name is) and Patenol eye drops and it is cleared up after a week of use. The dermatologist he saw was from a group from Childrens hosp of Philadelphia.



answers from New York on


Since the eczema is on and/or near her eye, I would definitely stop using over-the-counter medications to treat it. Not only is it not very likely that they'll help, but if she should rub them into her eye, it very well might cause vision problems for her, or harm her eye.

As someone who has been plagued with eczema for nearly my entire life, I can tell you, without a doubt, that you are not going to find anything over-the-counter which is going to help very much, or that will get rid of it. Also, eczema is extrememly itchy at times, which makes it even more more likely that she may rub some of whatever you're using on in into her eye eventually.

I would suggest having her seen by your pediatrician, and have him prescribe something to treat it. He may prescribe something himself that will be safe for you to use near her eye, or he may suggest having her seen by a dermatologist, before it becomes any worse.

Eczema can not only be treated topically by prescription medication, but can also be treated by taking oral medication, such as small doses of prednisone at times when it appears and is particularly bothersome. Only a doctor can make the determination of what would be best for your daughter. As she gets older, she may also get it in other places on her body, so finding the best and safest way to control it now, while she's still young, would definitely be the best way to go.




answers from New York on

Hello S.,

I was just curious, is the eczema on her eye or her eyelid? The reason I ask is that I had a rash on my one eyelid that looked like eczema and I went to the eye doctor and he told me it was an allergic reaction in my eye that was causing the rash on my eyelid. It was actually caused by an outdoor allergy (seasonal allergies).

He gave me "Zaditor" drops (it's an antihistamine eye drop) to put in my eye and then "Genteal" (they make it in a lubricant, which is what I used and they also sell them as eye drops) to put on the eyelid as the dryness was driving me nuts! I was using these together a couple times a day for the first few days, then as needed thereafter.

It cleared up in days and I felt a ton of relief! I am not sure if this is what your daughter has, but you could always run it by her doctor. You can buy these items over-the-counter at many drug (CVS) and retail (Walmart) stores.

I hope this info. helps!!!

Take care,



answers from Atlanta on

My toddler (who has dealed with severe eczema before) had some red bumps on her legs and arms show up... I used foderma serum and it was gone in two days. YAY!



answers from Binghamton on

OK, get his and don't try anything else; Organic Rosehip Seed oil. I get mine at because it is hard to find in it's purest form. It is miraculous and totally safe for the eye area, unlike most of the other products you mentioned. It's also great for all kinds of skin irritations and is a great moisturizer. I use one drop on my damp face and haven't used anything else in years. You WON'T be disappointed.



answers from New York on

Try Vanicream. I bought it at CVS - it is behind the counter but you do not need a script. All perfume and dye free.

Most kids with eczema have an allergy. My daughter always had light eczema, usually behind her knees on her back. She always ate peanut butter and jelly, when she was 5 yrs old we gave her a tree nut and turns out she has a few nut allergies. They tested her for peanuts also and she was a low level the allergist said that is probably why she always had eczema. we elminated peanuts and all tree nuts and she has not had ezcema in over a year. Just a thought.



answers from Albany on

Hi S.,
My daughter has eczema, although she's never had it on her eye. We have found 2 product lines that have good results. Arbonne baby hair & body wash and the lotion is what we use now. (See my listing on mom-owned businesses.) The other product line is cetaphil, which can be purchased at grocery & drug stores. We prefer the Arbonne because its natural. The other thing that I believe is beneficial is an immune system supplement with zinc. We've had no bad breakouts or secondary infections in last 3 years.
Please feel free to contact me.



answers from New York on

Hi S., I understand it is very upsetting for both you and your child to have the eczema esp. on their eye. I know because my son developed what I like to describe as an allergic Eczema on his arms and legs many years ago. There are many things that cause eczema and sometimes the remedies can add to the cause. So here are some helpful tips:
1. Avoid dairy, acidic foods (oranges, tomatoes, pineapple etc.) eggs, and peanut butter, French fries, margarine, donuts, hydrogenated oils, and SUGAR. This IS hard, when kids are young these are all the things they love and are easy for them to eat. If they can't avoid them, just try to really limit them.

2. Avoid lotions and creams with Lanolin.
Even moms and dads should avoid lanolin if they hold and come in contact with the child. I did use Hydrocortisone, but again very sparingly. Many people do not know these have side effect like thinning of the skin and loss of pigmentation. I was introduced to Shaklee's organic baby products which contain NO chemicals, parabens, lanolins, talc or mineral oils.

3. Use laundry detergents that are free of fragrance, dyes, and chemicals.I was introduced to the Shaklee Get Clean products and use only them. Some people think they can just use it to wash the child's clothes, but what they do not know is that the other detergents leave a residue in the washer, which can end up on the child's clothing. Then be sure to wash everything that would come in contact with the skin. For example, bedding, blankets, towels etc.The cost is actually cheaper when broken down...Shaklee's Non-Toxic cleaners contain no chemicals or irritants.

4. Remove all chemicals from your home. This may some weird to someone unfamiliar with Shaklee so let me explain. Many of the everyday cleaners we use contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin.
For example, if you use a floor cleaner that contains bleach and the child is playing on that floor the residue
from the cleaner will end up on his skin. There are "Over 150 chemicals found in the average home have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities. (Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission) Again you will also be saving your family $200 to $300 a
year just by switching brands.

5. When giving your child a bath, try to use to coolest water possible. The heat will bring out the rash even more. Be sure to use a cleanser that is at a perfect ph. I recommend using organic Baby products. When finished, lightly towel dry leaving the skin moist and immediately apply moisturizer. This will help to lock in moisture.

6. One of the most important is a supplementation program. A child with eczema is having a problem with the conversion of EPA, DHA, and GLA into prostaglandins.

If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
These and other recommendations worked for me and now I am happy to share them with you.
R. R.N.

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