My 4 Year Old Has a Loose Tooth....

Updated on April 12, 2010
A.W. asks from Orange Beach, AL
18 answers

My son turned 4 last month and seems way too young to have a loose tooth.
I need to get him to a dentist to check it out, but just wanted to share with this community of parents to see if you've ever experienced this with your kiddos.
I do not recall any falls or injuries that may have bumped his tooth.
Now I am hoping and praying this is not something more serious and that it will soon tighten up.

Any of you parents have this happen with your babies?
If so, please share your experience, solutions, etc.

Thank you!

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answers from Fayetteville on

Don't worry! Yes, it is a little early for a loose tooth but no big deal. My son lost his first tooth at 4. He has several kids in his class who also lost teeth at that age. He has been going to the dentist since age 2 as recommended and has no other issues. Be excited and get ready for the tooth fairy! The first tooth is always exciting!



answers from Oklahoma City on

When did his teeth come in. This is just an old wives tale I heard - that you can tell when they will lose their first tooth by when the first one comes on. If it was 4 months then he will be 4, 5 months then he will be 5 and so on.

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answers from Rochester on

My kid is too young to have that happen yet.. he's only one.

However, while I was teaching I taught in a pre-k program and we had a few of our younger students (around 4) tell us teeth were loose, then a few days later said tooth would be gone. I usually just distracted them from messing with it in front of me. It grossed me out :(.



answers from Cleveland on

My 6 yr daughter just lost her 5th tooth... she started loosing the frount ones shortly after she started preschool at 4. So, I don't think your boy is to young to have a loose tooth.

Also, my kids started to see the dentist shortly after they had teeth... my littlest was around 6 mo old when he first started going. They keep telling me that there was no way he was 6 mo old w/ all the teeth he had & again at 12 mo I hear the samething... he had a full mouth of teeth. But he also loves to eat and you have to have teeth to do that - lol.

It's just time for you to start telling your boy about the tooth fairy... we have a special tooth plate that the tooth gets put on and in the morning the tooth is gone & a gold dollar is there. Remeber have fun with it!!!



answers from San Francisco on

Did he teeth early? The earlier they come in, the earlier they fall out. I teach preschool and had a 4 year old who lost a tooth. Some practicaly on their 5th b-day. See what the dentist says.



answers from Tulsa on

My daughter lost all 8 front teeth by the time she started Kindergarten. Eye tooth to eye tooth. Her Easter picture was so funny looking. A big gapping gummy grin in a beuutiful party dress, white gloves, hose and dressy white shoes.



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter lost 4 teeth when she was 4, and it was ok and her permanent teeth are fine and wonderful. No worries! Children go through this at different ages.

If you're especially worried, you can call your son's dentist (I did).

Good luck!


answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi A.! No time for fear! Your baby is just growing up! Sure, he should be going to the dentist, I started taking my girls to the dentist when they turned 2....I didn't want them to fear going or dread going so I started them off young and it has really paid off! My girls go to a great local ped's dentist and between the three of them we have had I think 2 or 3 cavaties and one set of braces so far (Yay!). Relax and see what the dentist says! Best wishes.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter started losing teeth at 4 her front teeth have been gone since Thanksgiving '08. I spoke with the dentist and she said anywhere between 4-6 is when they start.


answers from Dallas on

My now 15 yr old daughter started losing her teeth at early 4 yrs old.

My pediatric dentist said not to worry. By the age of 10, she had lost all the teeth she was supposed to plus had her 12 yr molars.

To top it off....everything came in perfectly...people can't believe she never had braces with her beautiful smile and teeth.

No cavities, we did do the sealants (WORTH THE $$) when the permanent teeth came in.


answers from Charlotte on

I don't think that too early to loose a tooth, the appropriate age varies. My son lost both bottom teeth when he was fine. Also, even if it is coming out a little early, his permanent tooth should be in soon, so I wouldn't worry.



answers from Chicago on


My daughter lost her first tooth one week in to age five. She is 8 and lost all her teeth by age7.




answers from Phoenix on

What does he say when you ask him when he first noticed his tooth was loose. he might give a clue to a tumble or something (like "that table hit me while i was watching x on tv...and you can figure out when that was). Dentist is a good idea. they xray the tooth and see if there is a problem with the tooth that is waiting to come in. If he fell sometime there is risk of the permanent tooth coming in gray. As he probably already goes to the dentist 2x a year, maybe just call them to see if he should come in or wait until the next appointment.
Sometimes a loose tooth is just that. baby teeth fall out. I've seen loose baby teeth "hang in there" for a year though.



answers from Las Vegas on

My 4.5YO tells me her tooth is loose too. I haven't checked it, I just keep distracting here, figuring it's going to get really sensitive and fall out.



answers from Florence on

Our daughter lost two bottom teeth at the age of 4 yrs. The dentist said it was completely normal to lose teeth between the ages of 4 and 6 yrs old. She also got her teeth very early- Her permanent teeth are growing in just fine and she has already gotten her 6 yr molars (at 4 yrs)! I wouldn't worry too much- I was concerned that she was too young to lose her teeth but the dentist reassured me otherwise. Good luck!


answers from Milwaukee on

IT could be that he will start losing his teeth, did he teeth early getting his baby teeth? My brother lost many teeth at age 4, he also got his baby teeth early.



answers from Sacramento on

I lost my first tooth at 4-years-old and had my last adult tooth in by 8. My teeth were pretty crowded for a while and the dentist thought I'd need braces, but as my jaw grew there was plenty of room. My teeth now are perfectly straight (to the degree that people soI think there is a range of what's "normal" It's a good idea to take him to the dentist, but it could be that he's just on the early end.



answers from Phoenix on

My son lost two teeth by 4 and my daughter had already lost 4.......sometimes they just come out early.

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