My 3 Year Old Has Molluscum Contagiosum and It Is Red & Swollen

Updated on February 07, 2011
S.H. asks from Decatur, GA
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My 3 year old has had Molluscum contagiosum for a few months, we were told it would go away on it's own and so far the small bumps have never bothered her but now her hand is red and swollen around the bumps. Has anyone ever had this happen? Her hand is very sore and tender. I will be taking her to the doctor but just wanted to get some feedback until then. Thanks!

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answers from Denver on

Ugh i just cringe at the thought of molluscum which we are still dealing with with my 6 year old. I think hes had it for a little over 1 year now if not longer He gets them only on the right side of his body and at least they come in 2's. Right now he has 2 on his forearm. If its red and swollen it could be infected my nephew who gave my lovely son this fantastic long lasting thing has had to be put on antibiotics a few times due to an infected one. Sometimes they get red and swollen when the seed is ready to come out but you will see the white seed it really sticks near the top. I would put a bandaid over the big ones that really seem to be bugging her.

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answers from Cincinnati on

First, my stepson got those nasty things from the disgusting daycare that his mother insisted he go to (but thats another story!). Then, my 5 year old got them, then my 4 year old got them, now my 2 year old has them. They stayed with each kid for at least 6 mos. When our kids had them get swollen and they came to a head, we would pop them, clean them out with rubbing alcohol and if they were really gross looking, we would then put neosporin and a bandaid on them. We found that was/is the only way to get rid of them (one at a time). Just make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and clean the infected area really well.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

See a dermatologist.



answers from Oklahoma City on

You can put some neosporin , my DD has those on the eye lids but after a while they get red and then pop out, I use vitacilina is a Mexican version of neosporin (but I think is on American tv comercials now),has some antibacterial on it.....
But about the sore and tender is something that never happened to her you"ll probably need to make an doctor appt...
The ones in the eyelid after they POP never came back but now we are dealing with some un her forehead it looks like she's having lite acne but she's only 7! and doc say is molluscom..



answers from Macon on

We had this with our three kids at the same time. Their doctor put something that smelled alot like 'compound w' on it to get them to blister, then some antibiotic ointment for about a week, then they went away for good thankfully and no scars! My doctor disagreed with the "they'll just go away on their own" treatment that another doctor in the practice told us about two monthas prior. Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

Ugh we delt with this and it spread like wildfire!! My 5 year old and 8 year old had it last year.. An outbreak at my daughters preschool happend.. then my oldest got it.. they hurt.. yes they will go away on their own but they keep spreading and my oldest was so embarresed it was all over her neck and her arms.. (she is a swimmer) we had the dr.. carfeully use a solution made to remove the bumbs.. yes it was uncomfortable and they blistered it took two treatments but know they are gone and it has been a year!!! Both my girls had them removed to stop the spread one of my DD had 50 little bumps!!
Best of luck,



answers from Washington DC on

We are dealing with this right now. He got it from the swimming pool where he takes swimming lessons. The doc said that when they get red and swollen the body is realizing they are there and trying to fight them, then they pop (and it hurt when the one did pop and if we touch the other really puffy ones). I put this thing called Azostrep on it because it has lidocaine in it and it stops the pain. She told me to cover them as much as possible to keep him out of them because that is how they spread to other areas of the body, and to go about our normal routine because it will be with us for up to 9 months to a year, depending on how we can control the spread. She said they usually look really nasty before they start to get better. I noticed a few on his face today which really bothers me because we can't cover his face, and my daughter looks to have some starting on her face. I swear it is in that pool water because every week he comes out of the pool with more on him. But 9 months is a long time not to go in a pool.

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