My 3 Month Old Sweats All the Time, and His Temp Is normal..should I Be Worried

Updated on January 10, 2007
T.H. asks from Killeen, TX
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My son is three months old now and for the last week he has been sweating. I'll have him in nothing but a diaper and the temp in the house is about 70 and still he sweats. I am starting to get concerned. Should I be? He seems fine and it doesn't seem to bother him. I just never heard of that young of a child sweating all the time.

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answers from Wichita Falls on

I wouldn't worry a whole lot, but I would definitely bring it up to my pediatrician. My husband is a sweater - has been since he was tiny, and does it EVEN WHEN HE'S COLD. He never has a problem with fluid retention, though. <g>

Good luck.

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answers from Killeen on

I have a 1yr old daughter she sweats a lot too, but i have learned its normal for her she sweats especially when she is sleeping. I just acredit my husband to her sweating, it can be frezzing outside and he is sweating up a storm. Maybe its in your sons nature to be sweaty. If your lil one is eating ok acting normal i woudlnt worry so much, of course being the good mom you probably are, taking him to the doctor once to make sure its not diabetes or something like that woudlnt be bad. Better save then sorry.

I have a weird theory on why babies sweat so much, and that is that because they are so small they cant keep/produce enough body heat so their little bodys compensate for it by over heating itself to keep them warm during a period when they woudlnt regularly be keeping their warmth (sleeping). But that is just my opinion i am not a doctor or anythign i am just thinking too much for my own good.



answers from San Antonio on

not at all my little boy is about to be one and hes done it since he was born they just are warm natured thats all any questions feel free to call - A. ###-###-####



answers from Abilene on

Aww congrats! I'm 26 mother of 3 7yr son, 2yr daughter, 4 month son. My son also sweats alot at night or anytime he's sleeping or when he is in his swing. one rule of thumb is when something is wrong with your baby at that age they will either cry all the time or they will just lay there responseless to everything. If you baby is just sweating will laying or in you arms an he doesn't have fever then he's probably fine. if he's sweating will he is trying to eat an doesn't eat well then i would really worry. but if he is eating sleeping an going potty then i would worry to much all my babies where that way they still sweat at night will they are sleeping an the oldest is 7. but if you are still worried take your son to the doc just to be on the safe side. it's better to take your baby one time to many then one time not enough i always say. take care an good luck K.



answers from San Antonio on

My son is the same age (actually he was born Sept. 8th!) and I've never seen such a sweaty child....he sweats like a football player! I never really thought it was anything abnormal though. My daughter gets real sweaty when she sleeps so it never really occurred to me that it could be anything out of the ordinary....I would be interested to know, though. If it's really concerning you, then just ask his doctor....I've called my doctor a million times with questions (no matter how stupid I think the question may be) and they were always ready to answer.



answers from Philadelphia on

I am a new mom too. I have a 3 month old little girl born three weeks after your son. If my litte girl sweat that much I would also be concerned. If her attitude was still happy and she ate and peed and pooped normal, i wouldn't be AS alarmed as I would if none of those things were true. Call 22-NURSE for Ask-A-Nurse. They are great and will give you lots of helpful info.
Sorry, I couldn't help...But I can sympathize!!



answers from Austin on

I don't know if that is normal or not - I've never heard of it. Have you called your pediatricians office? I don't want to scare you, and I may be way off as I am no medical professional, but, as an adult, when I started sweating all the time, it was a sign my blood sugars were not normal and I was diagnosed with diabetes. Again, this may not be what's going on, but I would recommend you talk to your doctor about it.



answers from San Antonio on

Sweat Test

Test Overview

A sweat test measures the amount of salt (sodium and chloride) in sweat. It is done to help diagnose cystic fibrosis. Normally, sweat on the skin surface contains very little sodium and chloride. People with cystic fibrosis have 2 to 5 times the normal amount of sodium and chloride in their sweat.

During the sweat test, medication that causes a person to sweat is applied to the skin. The sweat is then collected on a paper or a gauze pad and the amount of salt chemicals in the paper or gauze is measured in a lab. Generally, chloride is measured. See an illustration of a sweat test.

A sweat test is done on any baby suspected of having cystic fibrosis. An initial test may be done as early as 48 hours of age. However, a sweat test done during the first month of life may need to be repeated. Younger babies may not produce enough sweat to give reliable test results. Also, younger babies may have lower sweat chloride levels than older babies and children with cystic fibrosis.

Got this form :

I would call his dr.

Hope this helps and best of luck,



answers from Austin on

First, thank you for serving our country! Now - I'd call your doctor just to be on the safe side and catch anything serious at the onset rather than waiting. But, my oldest daughter sweated a lot too. Her head seemed to radiate heat and when she'd fall asleep on our chests, we'd have a ring of sweat on our shirts and there was nothing wrong with her. She just did that and it was normal. Her body temp was normal, she wasn't sick, she just seemed hot and sweated. So, your sweet little boy may be perfectly normal but in case, it's something else, I'd call the doctor for peace of mind!

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