My 2 Year Old Seems to Never Fall into "Deep Sleep"

Updated on February 20, 2009
P.M. asks from Stockbridge, GA
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my two year old daughter has been waking up in the middle of the night for a long time. recently she has been waking up between 11:00pm and midnight. everynight. she is a twin also. but even when her sister doesn't disturb her she is twitching and turning and rolling over. like she cant get comfortable. does anyone have advice. i have been letting her cry it out for the last week and a half. but still everynight. and it has helped instead of her up for hours and me fighting with her she knocks on her door for about 10 mins crying and goes back to bed. also when she wakes up in the middle of the night she brings out every excuse. juice, i peed, hug you, i'm so sad, and monsters, I need monster spray, hug you on the couch etc. she literally goes down the list. my best friend and i have sat and listened to all the excuses guessing which one was next. i really just think she cant get into that deep sleep. i dont know what to do. i have tried baths. we have a routine. strict bedtime routine. and her twin sister sleeps like a rock. someone help.

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So What Happened?

my solution was Melatonin. Thanks to Cindy. :)

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answers from Florence on

When she sleeps with you does she sleep well and all through the night? My son, who is almost two, wakes up during the night, I think because he gets cold and wants to snuggle. Right time we put him in the bed with us he sleeps good. We always put him in his bed, sometimes he sleeps all through the night, sometimes he doesn't.



answers from Charleston on

A good family chiropractor can help with sleep issues. Were your twins born c-section? If they were there are all types of things that could have been yanked out of whack during the delivery. If you are in the Charleston, SC area I recommend Atlantic Coast Family Chiropractic on Trolley Rd in Summerville. Dr Heather Wyant is the chiro and she specializes in kids and infants. Our family has been going there for the past four years and I highly recommend them. Please feel free to Google the practice and her website.



answers from Macon on

Hi, my son did the same thing. Turns out his adnoids had to be removed. They were too large and it caused him to snore and affected his breathing at night. Which in turn, caused him to never really fall into deep sleep. He also wet the bed every single night. he would wake up a lot and come to our room. After his adnoids were removed, he slept all night and nearly completely stopped wetting the bed. Sinus allergies usually cause the adnoids to get infected so if your daughter has sinus problems, this might be something to look into with your pediatrician. Good Luck & hope you get some rest soon ;-)



answers from Augusta on

Try giving her a dose of melatonin before bed. It's natural and might help knock her out. I also have given my kids warm chamomile tea to help relax them.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi P.,

I answered Melanie's request to this the other day:

"Cleaning supplies and bath and body products can cause neurological problems/damage/issues and can cause things like night terrors, nightmares, child behavioral disorders like ADD, ADHD, memory problems and sleep issues. The main problem with your average product at Wal-Mart is that it has an "allowed" limit of toxin. When used in combination of other things with "allowed" limits, the limit has increased exponentially. This is not to mention the combination of toxins that outgas and contraindicate like a pharmaceutical does. Bedtime is when all of us react to the stimuli of the day, whether it was a stressful day at work or a scary TV show or exposure to synthetic chemicals.

Detoxifying your house will help a lot; especially by changing to a laundry detergent that is considered non-toxic to humans. (There are a lot of things labeled non-toxic that are only considered non-toxic to the environment.) My daughter's and husband's sleep problems improved greatly after we detoxed the house."

When little one's are aggitated, they don't know how to explain things. It's like when we ladies are mad at that special time during the month, but we don't know what we're mad at :) Kids can't articulate things they don't understand. It's very possible that everyone in the house reacts differently to the same stimulus. I do know that when you take the stimulus away, everyone feels better.

When she sleeps, does she ever snore? That will tell you a lot as well...

God bless!

P.S. I also agree with Sarah about chiropractic. My chiropractor in Stockbridge in on North Henry in front of Wal-Mart. They do understand the immune system and are principled chiropractors. Let me know if you are interested. Usually with their referral system, your first visit would be almost free, if not completely free.

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