My 2 Months Baby Stools Are Liquid, Does He Has Diarrhea? Please Help

Updated on July 28, 2010
I.C. asks from Catskill, NY
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My baby stools has always been very liquidy and I never thougth of it as diarrhea, because I'm breastfeeding and my lactation consultant say is a normal stool; but today I'm worry because I went to the clinic to give him his 2 month inmunizations and changed his diaper in front of the nurse, when she asked me since when my baby was having diarrhea and I said that he is always like that. I couldn't talk to the doctor because she was not at the clinic today. He has many stools a day, some days 5 times, others 4. He looks like he is in pain and take a long time pushing to get the poop out. The dr said it is normal. He is having peep diapers about 6 to 8 times a day. What do you guys think? May it be diarrhea? please help

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So What Happened?

ohh thanks for the rapid reponse :). Is good to know that it happened to other babies too. This my first baby and the ligth that there may be something wrong is always ready to show up. My husband thinks I overreact ; but I cant help it.

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It sounds very normal and healthy. Diarrhea is really like "water" with no content and sometimes will have tiny tiny blood. Don't worry!!

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My 3 month old does the exact same thing and he's healthy and happy... =)



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Us mommas are natural worriers. But your son sounds perfectly normal. When my high maintenance son was an infant, he pooped and peed just the same. Nothing in my diet changed that. So that was normal for him. He pooped and peed around the clock, grunted a lot with bowel movements, etc. My easy going infant daughter had really, really runny poop, seemed very, very gassy, and cried a lot throughout the day. I'm not in the anti-dairy league, but I did eliminate dairy from my diet (mostly) and changed her occasional formula to the Enfamil Gentlease brand, and she's a lot better (poop looks like her brother's at least and she's not gassy anymore). Now she only poops every 3-4 days though (can never win, can we?) I'll know that the pizza I just couldn't resist the other day was too much for her if she gets gassy and fussy and bad poop.



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It seems normal to me too, and I'm guessing mustard yellow color? Both my boys had really watery stool until I introduced formula or solid food. Especially if it looks the same as it always has I wouldn't worry.


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My son is like that. I think he is lactose intolerant, my nurse practitioner (we couldn't get an appt with our doctor) thinks so to, so we are now on Similac in the orange can. So far his poops are nice and solid, but not to solid. Perhaps try cutting out all dairy in your diet for a bit and see if that helps.



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Brestfed babies should have loose (liquid cottage cheese consistency) stools that vary from mustardy yellow to greenish/brownish. They may go as often as every feeding or as infrequently as once a week. That is perfectly normal.
It's hard to believe, but there are practitioners (nurses and doctors) who have zero knowledge about breastfeeding and have never seen breastmilk poop... He sounds fine to me.
Just as an addition, if you would like to help him go, move his legs a bit after each feeding (think a very gentle bicycle or side to side) that helps stimulate the movement of the bowels.
Good luck!


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Its very similar when my son was that age.Its beause of the breat milk and I saw the fact that he five dirty nappies a day a very positive thing.
It showed that he had a healthy system.
Pasing stools especially soft is a sign of being healthy in adulthood so why not the same as babies.
Feeling constipated is a lot more uncomfortable.
Hope this helps
B. k.


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I breast fed both of our children and until they started eating some solids at 8/9 months old their poos were very yellow and very liquid like. We had MANY "blow outs" that went EVERYWHERE and the only thing I could do is set them in the tub so I could strip them and clean them up without getting their poo everywhere. I mean poos that went straight up their front, straight up their back, out both legs... every which direction it could possibly go. Breastfed babies poo will look like diarrhea but it is completely normal and healthy. If someone is not familiar with breast fed babies or not educated about them they will think your child has diarrhea. They don't. They are healthy.

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