My 2 Month Old Has Whooping Cough

Updated on October 30, 2010
G.H. asks from Oxford, NC
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we just found out that my baby girl has whooping cough. she is only 2 months old so other than antibiotics there is nothing that the dr can give her to soothe her. I'm afraid she will end up back at the hospital. does any one know of anything that will make her feel any better. i've gear that camamile tea would help but i don't know about giving that to an infant. please help, i can't stand to see my child feel so bad and not be able to comfort her.

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So What Happened?

thanks for all the advice... she is finally starting to get over it. the coughing isn't as bad anymore. we tried all the recomendations and they all seemed to work a little. and strange enough the vicks on the feet helped a little.

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answers from Raleigh on

When my daughter had a bad cold the Dr. said to give her warm apple juice and it would help with the coughing fits. Hope this passes quickly!
Take care,



answers from Greensboro on

Maybe you should run a vaporisor or humidifier



answers from Greenville on

a humidifier might help. also letting her sit in a steamed up bathroom.



answers from Charlotte on

I don't know if this works, but I heard that if you put vix on a child's feet and cover them with socks, that the cough will stop for some time. I have not tried this yet, but will if my children have a cough. I think it is worth a try. I wish the best of luck to you.



answers from Charleston on

My daughter has had whooping cough and I noticed on the ride home with the windows down that the cool, moist air helped relieve her coughing. So if you have a vaporiser could use it with just water and that may help.



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My son has had wooping cough several times over the course of the last year. You are lucky your ped gave you antibiotics because it is a virus and antibiotics will not help with the wooping cough. Lots of fresh air is what is good for this. Especially at night when the cough seems to be the worse drive with the windows down and let the fresh air in. When my son has had it I always use a humidifier in his room and this really seems to help because it puts moisture into the room and then they don't seem to cough as much. Hope this helps.



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Well I know how u feel my 2mth old son has it and his Dr put him on a five day antibiotics zithromyacin and its not really helping and so scared.he has had his cough for 3 weeks now and don't seem like its letting up. If u get any news on relief Please let me know and good luck ill pray for u guys also..



answers from Norfolk on

Ugh. My daughter got that when she was about 2 months old. It was awful. Everytime she'd have one of those coughing spells I thought she was going to stop breathing. I wish I had some advice for you. I brought my daughter from her crib to our bed to sleep, but that was more for my piece of mind. Good luck getting though it.


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