My 2 Month Old Daughter and Her Soft Spot

Updated on October 21, 2006
R.H. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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I took my 2 month old to the doctor today for her well child check up and I told the doctor that her soft spot was very little. She checked it and it is the size of your round finger tip the top part of it. She is calling a neroalgest (SP). Does anyone have any advice on this? She said something about an CAT and maybe sugergy.

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I am no expert on things like this but it sounds to be that her skull is growing faster than it should be. When it does it doesnt leave enough room for her brain as it grows. The only reason why I am guessing this is because this sort of thing happened to my husband when he was that age. His mother keept trying to tell dr.'s but none of them would listen to her untill it got to the point that he had a bone buldging out of his forehead. They then had to go in and remove that part of the bone and make that his soft spot. The problem with him is that it took to long for the dr's to relize it and when his brain had grown so much it didnt have the room it needed. He was to the point that he was having bruising on the brain. Any way I dont mean to scare you with his story. I am glad that you noticed it when you did before it got to late. Hopefully all she needs and surgery to correct it and not have as many problems as my husband 30 some years ago. I hope all goes well!! Keep us informed if you dont mind.
K. B.

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My nephew had the same thing and they had to do surgery to fix it. He's doing just fine now. I know it's scary when the dr's talk about surgery especially on your little baby, but if it's not fixed it could lead to extremely bad headaches and the head could become deformed. I would follow your dr's advice, but if your still not sure get a 2nd opinion. It's your baby.

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My son is 3 months old and actually has no soft spot. It appears as if his saggital suture (the middle opening in his skull that allows growth) is fused. I have an appointment with the craniofacial plastic surgeons at Children's Mercy in November. More than likely he will have surgery. They actually thought this when he was born however the CT showed nothing and I have been concerned as you can tell by looking at his head that something is wrong so during his 2 month check up the doctor said he was concerned and that he needed to see a plastic surgeon. I was a bit shell shocked so I asked no questions finally I was able to get an appointment and began researching the internet which actually helped. His issue is a defect (craniosynosis) and is very cut and dry so there is good information on the internet. I would suggest that is you are confused or worried or just want to talk with the doctor again call them back. You know it is hard to ask the right questions when we get caught off guard like that. Hang in there and you will be in my thoughts.

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I Have a 14 month old daughter & her dr. told me the same thing when she was about the same age. I later found out that my daughter was actually fine & it is just common for her soft spot to be like that since she got stuck in my birth canal & i had to have an emergency c-section. She had massive conehead when we first brought her home.. but she is perfectly fine now.. I hope this helps.!



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Others have said it but I'll say it again: If at ALL unsure about surgery, get a second opinion. You should be very sure about what you are doing and why. If you the type of person who happens to be hesitant or nervous around doctors, take a family member or friend with you who can help remember to ask all the questions you want to ask - or take a list of questions in with you. Figure out what you want to know before you go in there, and ask it all! Don't worry about the doctor's time. They are well-compensated and you need to feel right about your choices. Armed with knowledge, you can make the best choice possible under the circumstances and feel good about your decisions... Good luck! You are in our prayers.



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Neurologist is what you are talking about. Just for you info we recently had to see the Neuro Doc at Children's Mercy. Wonderful doctor and office. We had the opposite problem tho. My son has a very large head. Don't be worried. Nothing to worry about. They see this kind of thing all the time. My cousin had a fused soft spot at a very young age and never needed surgery, so don't assume surgery yet! Just one step at a time. :)

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