My 18 Month Old Is Limping

Updated on January 30, 2013
J.S. asks from Marietta, GA
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My 18 month old had a hard fall 2 days ago. We took him to the hospital and they did x-rays. The first doctor that looked at them told us he fractured his femur. She had another doctor look at them and he said it was just the way his bones where growing. Now 2 days later my son is still limping and when I touch the top of his leg he freaks out. I find it funny that he has tenderness where the first doctor saw a fracture in his x-ray. As his mom I feel like something is wrong but I don't want to take him to 500 doctors and them all tell me the same thing. Would it be worth it for me to take him and get more x-rays done just to put my mind at rest? I am so worried about him that it is making me sick. Does it sometimes take more than one time doing x-rays to find something wrong?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! I took him to his pediatrician on Monday which was the day after his fall. She told me to wait a few days and see if he is still limping so I did. They called me today to ask how he was doing and he is still limping so they sent us to have more x-rays done. She told me that since he is still limping and can't stand for anyone to touch his left leg, then he probably does have some kind of fracture. She is going to call me first thing in the morning to let me know what the x-rays show. If he does have a fracture we will go straight to the hospital and more than likely have surgery. Praying that it is not a fracture!

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Follow your gut and go back in. Can you call the Dr. and tell them he is still limping and they may need to look at him again. If they say no, ask why he would still be limping. In the end, follow your instincts - the worst that can happen is you get confirmation of the first Dr. Good luck :)



answers from Houston on

If you are concerned, take your son to his doctor. I'm honestly am not a fan of the ER. I have been told I didn't have a fracture twice and ended up having one. Sometimes, it is difficult to see a fracture until they start healing. I really don't think this is anything to get sick over. Your child will fall and hurt themselves many times. Take a deep breath!! Your son is taking his ques from you.

I would just call his doctor, tell them what happened, let them know that the doctors were not in agreement and that you would like a second opinion. Easy.



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Often the answer you receive in an x-ray is as good as the radiologist that reads it. Here in NY, we have a lot of night time pediatric places that have x-rays machines and then the pediatrician reads the x-ray and then the next day a radiologist does. Do you have a place like this. I only say this bc you will then not be sitting in a flu filled ER and can get in and out quickly and still take the films to a ped ortho if need be. My daughter had a limp and her foot turned in for a few days and we didn't remember her falling. I freaked out thinking it was hip dysphasia and all of the above. It went away in a few days. Also she fell on her wrist and wouldn't out pressure on it and she was say it hurts and cry and she's two. Took her for X-rays bc it def seemed broken, it wasnt though. So hopefully your son's is not as well!



answers from Athens on

Sounds like your little guy had a terrible fall. Even if he didn't break anything I am certain he has a nasty bruise. That will hurt for days just by itself. Just massage it for him and give him some childrens tylenol if he needs it.



answers from Dallas on

Can you have the xrays that were taken reevaluated? Sent to his pediatrician? When I was 8, they said my arm was sprained. My mother pressed to have them look at the xray again and sure enough, it was broken. When I was 25 I fell and hurt my elbow. I was told it was just a bruise. The next day I get a call from the clinic and was told after a reevaluation, they realized it was in fact broken.

I say if he is limping, in pain and you are worrying yourself sick, it can't hurt to get a second opinion.


answers from Columbia on

In September I fell and fractured my S-3 vertebrae. The X-ray didn't show it. I had to have an MRI to find the fracture.

The point is that x-rays don't show everything. Get another opinion.



answers from New York on

could be the angle they took the xray at.. I mean it may be nothing and he may just be bruised/sore... but on the other hand maybe if they take another from a slightly different angle there could be a fracture there that was just hard to see fromt he first xray... i think to be on the safe side id take him for a second opinion (show a different doc the origional xray) or to get another xray all together



answers from Atlanta on

The hospital should have told you to follow up with his doctor. If they didn't, you should follow up with his doctor. They will be able to tell you if his healing well or what else you need to do. There's no embarrassment to double or triple checking your child's well being. Good luck! I'm sure everything is fine!



answers from New York on

Get him to orthopedist ASAP.



answers from New York on

You need a pediatric orthopedist and another set of x-rays. Plus possibly an MRI. Sure, it could be nothing, but it doesn't sound like it. And on the possibility that it's, say, a hairline fracture, you do not want to mess around.

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