My 15 Month Old STILL Hasn't Said Mama

Updated on August 15, 2006
M.R. asks from Carrollton, TX
6 answers

My 15 month old son said MAMA once when he was like 6 months and hasn't said it since.
Is this normal or am i reading too much into it?

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answers from Dallas on

I'm not sure what 'normal' is but if you are worried, have him evaluated by ECI. It is free and if he qualifies, you get 6 months of free services and after that it is a sliding scale. There is an ECI Care line 1-800-250-2246 who will help connect the family with the local, appropriate ECI program. Just call and say you want your child tested. They just play games with the baby to check their abilities.

Good luck. The sooner you get ths addressed he better.. in general, if there is speech delay.

Some FAQ about ECI:
Question: WHAT IS ECI?
Answer: Early Childhood Intervention is a state wide program for infants and toddlers with disabilities or developmental concerns and their families. There are 64 different ECI programs in Texas available to families in every county .

Question: What makes a child eligible for the ECI program?
Answer: Children are eligible if they have not reached their third birthday, if they reside in Texas, and they have one of the following conditions:

developmental delay: a medically diagnosed condition that may result in a developmental delay.
atypical development: their pattern of development is different from their peers.

Question: How can the family find an ECI program in their area?
Answer: One can find an ECI program in Dallas County by calling the Dallas County ECI referral line: ###-###-####. This is an automated telephone system. By entering the zip code of the family in response to a prompt, the caller is connected to the appropriate ECI program.
In addition, there is an ECI Care line 1-800-250-2246 who will help connect the family with the local, appropriate ECI program.

Question: Where are the ECI services provided?
Answer: All ECI services are required to be provided in the child's natural environment. Typically this means that services are provided in the child's home or day care arrangement. The family specifies what the natural environment is for the child.

Question: What kind of services are available through ECI?
Answer: Services are based upon the need of the child and the needs of the family to support their child's development. Depending on what the child needs, services could include; Assistive technology, services and devices, Audiology, Early Identification, Screening and Assessment, Family Counseling, Family Education, Medical Services (diagnostic or evaluation services used to determine eligibility), Nursing Services, Nutrition Services, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychological Services, Service Coordination, Social Work Services, Special Instruction, Speech-Language Therapy and Vision Services.

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answers from Dallas on

Does he say anything else or at least make sounds/babbles or tries to mimic you? You may find that your son just isn't that interested in talking right now and then all of a sudden it seems he's saying new words every week! I would ask the pediatrician about it to make sure he's on track. Check out this link from
And this link:
It may not be something to worry about, he could be saying it any day now. Do a little research on line and then make an appt. with the Dr. and be ready with questions to ask. Good Luck!



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M., you might want to get your son evaluated at Easter Seals. There therapists are amazing and the evaluations are such a conforting precaution where you feel like your doing the smart thing for your child.
this is there number: ###-###-####



answers from Dallas on

You may want to ask your son's doctor. Does he say other words? If so, he will say mom again. My son went through a phase of just DaDA. Now, Mama is said when he needs food or a diaper change or even a book or something that he wants.



answers from Dallas on

You probably already do this but have your friends, older son, family and care giver and even yourself call you Momma. I know people out there don't do this just by force of habbit. I have a friend who's little girl would call her by her first name and not Momma because the parents adressed each other by first name. Also, use it as a game ask him his name and ask him whats yours. You don't say if he says any other words or any other issues you may have noticed. So, I'm assuming this is the only issue. Otherwise, if he doesn't say anything or just a few words I would be concerned too. Take the advice of the other post and have him tested.

Good luck to your little one,



answers from Dallas on

I would actually go on to a good ENT, having gone through this myself. I called ECI and they "tested" his hearing by whispering behind his ear to see if he turned his head - of course he did, there was someone behind his ear. We did speech therapy with ECI for a few months, but switched to Cook's and it was a world of difference. Nothing against Cook's, but I wanted my son to have the most aggresive form of therapy - of course, he was already 2. He was 2 years, 4 months before he said Mama - finally. Good luck!

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