My 15 Month Old Has Vomited the Last 6 Days

Updated on December 27, 2010
J.M. asks from New Lenox, IL
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My 15 month old got sick on Monday, no fever but threw up 4 times that night. Since then he has thrown up everyday at last 1-2 times. Again there is no fever and he is acting normal. Went to Dr office and they said he looked fine and weren't too concerned. Anybody else have this problem? Suggestions?

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answers from Chicago on

My two year old just had something similar. Threw up several times one night, then one to two times a day for several days afterwards. I got it a few days later and threw up for about half a day, was feeling much better by that night (but felt like death all morning). Take him off all dairy and just give very small amounts of pedialite or gatoraid and water. It'll go away and he'll be fine.

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answers from New York on

If he is keeping enough fluids and food down when he doesn't vomit then you are probably okay giving him easy to digest foods and extra fluids until it runs it's course. If it gets worse or doesn't improve in a few days call the doctor back and ask if he needs to be seen again.

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answers from Kansas City on

Is he eating normally and just throwing up at random times or he is throwing up after he's eating or what?? There is a nasty flu bug going around everywhere that can cause vomiting although it is usually accompanied by fever and/or diarrhea. Is his nose stuffed up? Could he be having a lot of drainage from his nose into his throat, that can cause some kids to vomit at random times. I would definitely be asking more questions and tracking what he's eating and doing. Look for any patterns and maybe go back to the doctor soon.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Did the doctor ask you to track food? It might be something he's eating that he has a minor allergy to. Also, do you have lots of holiday changes - different meals, snacks, visitors, changes from your routine? He might be sensitive to the changes. My oldest son will throw up at the drop of a hat, but as long as he's eating, outputting, and hydrated, the doctor never minded. He was a big spit-up baby, too.

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Hi J.,

My daughter was sick last week (vomitting several times). The nurse said that something is going around, and it could last up to a week. I would just make sure that your son stays hydrated. (Having regular wet diapers.) If he does eat, stick to the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet, and keep portions small. If it's been a week and this is still going on, call your doctor again. And if he's not keeping liquids down/not wetting his diaper, call your doc and take him to the ER.

Hope he gets better soon!

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answers from Chicago on

my daughter went through something similar at this age. She vomited every night for almost a week and a half. I almost changed docs because i stopped believing him! Well he was right! So this was the issue, she was teething at the time and was swallowing her drool. She would then in the middle of the night go to nurse and would gag and throw up her food. As soon as the teeth popped out she as fine. Hope this is the issue. If your gut tells you there is more to this then you need to seek a second may want to also try getting rid of all dairy to see if that helps



answers from San Francisco on

Something stuck in his digestive tract or something? You should take him back, that's not normal, and they need to figure out why he's doing it.



answers from Chicago on

My 16 month old had the same thing last month. Doc said nasty stomach virus going around. It took my son a full 7 days to get well. He couldn't even drink milk. We just gave him water until he went 24 hrs without throwing up. Then we'd try milk. If that didn't stay down we started over again with water for 24 hrs. By the 7th day he kept milk down and we moved on to bread, etc. So sorry for you. This virus was horrible.


answers from Tampa on

The rota virus is close to projectile vomiting and doesn't ALWAYS have a fever. Is the vomiting a lot, or little amounts each time? Could it maybe be a motion sickness type thing? Like while jumping, in a baby swing, etc?

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