My 15-Month Old Has Chronic Constipation - How to Give Her Miralax W/o a Bottle?

Updated on August 12, 2011
H.W. asks from Bellevue, WA
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Hello all,

My 15-year old has been on Miralax since she was six months old. She has a "very slow gut." And, gets backed up very easily. We give her Miralax in her bottles. But, she is starting to wean herself off them. Here's my question. How do I give Miralax to a baby who does not drink very much outside her bottle? She will take a sippy cup, but only really drinks an ounce at a time. And, I know they need to drink the Miralax at one sitting. I'm looking for creative mom ideas.

Thank you!

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answers from Milwaukee on

At 15 months old she should be able to use a sippy cup. I would start giving her one more often so she gets used to it. Once she is more used to it you can make the switch.

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answers from New York on

Try her favorite juice in a cup with a straw. Kids love straws. Then make a game to get it down in one sitting.

Can you mix it with a non liquid - like yogurt? If so, give it a try.

You might try chocolate milk with a straw, too.

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answers from Tampa on

Try a syringe... .put some juice in the syringe to to mix it with miralax (I do not know how it taste...)... I always says to my son that it's juice what I have in the syringe...
Good Luck N.

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answers from Seattle on

We mix the powdered Miralax (or generic equivalent) with 8 oz apple juice and give our dd 2 ounces of the "juice" a day in a sippy cup. A straw cup would work as well. There is no need to give it all at once. Just make sure she drinks all of it each day. We were also told we could adjust the amount up or down a bit to get the correct consistency (coming out, not going in... tmi).

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answers from Seattle on

Are you sure she's constipated? One of my sons only pooped once every ten days until he was 2 and after researching it and talking to his doctor, I learned that it was perfectly normal.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I think I would sit her down and do the bottle for now until she is drinking better from the cup. Otherwise you'll have to find some liquid she is nuts about, like juicy juice, and can get her to drink it down. I feel for you, my 8 yr old granddaughter is like this. I just give her something like ice cream for a reward of drinking her drink down quickly.



answers from Oklahoma City on

try a med syringe or or try changing it up and give her a little dark karo syrup in her milk good luck



answers from Dallas on

Also try adding prune juice to her milk or formula



answers from Seattle on

Instead of mixing it into a drink, we used to mix it with something like applesauce or yogurt.

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