My 10 Year Old and Her Allergies

Updated on June 01, 2011
M.S. asks from Lincolnshire, IL
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My 10 year old daughter has seasonal allergies. She takes Zyrtec every morning. It does help her her stuffy nose, but her eyes are still very itchy. The Zyrtec does not seem to be helping her itchy eyes. Any suggestions??

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answers from Boston on

Ask her allergist for prescription eye drops. Also remind her not touch her face when she's outside and to wash her hands when she comes in.

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answers from Biloxi on

I have itchy allergy eyes.
Eye doctor recommended Naphcon drops.
They don't sting, they make the itchy eyeballs stop.
My son uses them also.

I do notice that much of my eye itch is contact allergy - if I pet one of our dogs then touch my eyes, I get itchy. So it might make sense to see if there is an environmental cause of your daughter's eye itch. Also, make it a habit to always wash hands, and not touch face...I find both these things help lessen my eye allergies.

Good Luck
God Bless



answers from Chicago on

If she can stand allergy eye drops they work wonders. My daughter also takes zyrtec year round (I am on zyrtecD AS well as flucotisol nasal spray) When there is an ozone alert or the counts are high we have to do eye drops as well as the zyrtec..... so just a couple days a month in spring/summer.


answers from Jacksonville on

Yep. Check with her doctor about trying a different medication. Our son uses Zyrtec daily (at bedtime instead of in the morning though), but he doesn't have itchy eyes so much as stuffy/runny nose and sneezing. Allegra is over the counter now, maybe that would help her eyes better?



answers from Seattle on

Have you tried a different allergy medicine? I know Claritin has a great one. They have chewables for children too.

I would do trial and error until you find something that works better.
Ask her doctor their opinion too.



answers from Los Angeles on

Education not medication.
Allergies are due to a LACK of something in the body, and I promise you it is never a LACK of drugs.
I teach my families to feed their kids better so that their little bodies have a fighting chance. is where I'd begin.

Family Success Coach



answers from Pittsburgh on

Ask her allergist for prescription eye drops.



answers from New York on

My daugther used to take Zyrtec, now she takes Xyzal (very similar but I think it works better for her after so many years of Zyrtec). She also takes Singulair (sp?) and has a medicated nasal spray she takes all spring - I think it's Rhinocort but there are lots of similar ones. She doesn't have problems with itchy eyes but maybe her doctor can suggest something - maybe even over the counter?



answers from St. Louis on

love the zyrtec, but my dr recommended that I take it at bedtime. Something to think about!

And for the eyes, my family uses Patanol. It works great.....

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