My 1 Month Old Baby Has Running Nose/ Cold What Should I Do?

Updated on January 06, 2011
A.L. asks from Chester, ID
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My baby 1 month old has cough and stuffy nose yellowish. During the night its worse her nose is so blocked that I have to suck the mucus out. In the day mucus hardens so I soften them with the saline liquid.

I know that baby has no medicine for them but is there any help or meds that can be used what about homeopathic?
PLease help me advice thank you very much....

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So What Happened?

Hi there I really appreciate all the help I got so far. At the profile pic is my baby. I tried all the advice and I thank you all so much. She is indeed better now but still coughs a little and still have some mucus in her nose but at least now she sleeps better just sometimes when it gets too hot the heater on her nose will be blocked, and if I on the humidifier it makes it worse or she sneezes, I was also reading articles that cold can last to about a month. I am getting a bit of a cold myself as well thus seems the germs to be circulating around.

One thing that works great is the Hylands cough and cold I use very little and administer to her somehow it will irritate her throat and cause her to cough out all the phlegm, I suggest this method to other moms too very effective. This method help her to get better faster. Its homeopathic and its very mild. Use a little and it helps remove phlegm and I use the aspirator to suck out all the secretion awesome. My 1st child at 1 month was already very chubby but the 2nd due to her cold she still is tiny but doing great just still have a bit of cold especially night time, in the day she is ok.

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A humidifier might help keep things from drying, and might also help mucus clear up quicker. Or, sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower running for a little while- lotsa steam will help her breathing.

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Sorry i refer to him, i have a son and i guess its habit.

There are a few things the saline drops and that sucker thingy work awesome just a couple of saline drops in each nostril to loosen the mucus and then suck it out. Also a cool mist humidifier u can also put a phonebook under his crib mattress or something a little thinner for the bassiett pad to prop him up a bit or just raise one end of the bassinett just so his head is proped a little so his nose will drain instead of stopping up. And also you can run a very hot shower and sit in the bathroom with him for about 20 or 30 mins, that will help loosen the phlem as well. I use to use all three of these and it worked wonderfully. Good luck. Poor baby, just try to keep his little nose as clear as you can.

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I love using a humidifier. It really helps my kids to breath at night. Safe for a baby.


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anytime someone has yellow or green discharge, it's a sign of a sinus infection. YOu need to go get medication for you baby soon or you can have serious problems ahead like ear infections. I don't recommend homeopathic when there is a potential infection.



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They say to go to the doctor after 2 weeks of the cold because if it persists that long, it could be an infection (sinus/respiratory) otherwise, you'll waste a co-pay because they will tell you its just a cold. (I'm not 100% on this because
only 1 month is so little!)

Here is what we do with those symptoms...
-sit in shower with the steam
-turn on humidifier at night
-Vick's Vapo-rub for babies (pink top) on soles of feet then put socks on and vick's on chest - both at night
-Sinus rinse (by Nedi pot company) then nose sucking thing.
-worst case scenario - Hyland's c-plus cold tablets. (These are homeopathic cold tablets that seem to work with my son. I didn't find them until he was over 9 months old so I have never used them on a one month old. I did however use the Hyland's colic tablets on my daughter before she was a month old and they worked great. Anyway - they are at Babies R Us or CVS.

Good luck - I hope your little one is better soon! Please don't let the cold go more than 2 weeks!



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Don't start running and getting antibiotics at the drop of a hat. Do see the doctor to confirm that it is just a cold. Are you breastfeeding? Vitamin D3 is the best thing a body needs to keep from getting sick and if you are sick to get better faster. So if you are nursing - you take some probiotics and some Vitamin D3. Humidifiers are good in lots of situations as someone else mentioned.

If you are using formula, you might want to switch to something that isn't dairy as that could be the problem as well.

Just know that if your baby is still sick, has been on antibiotics within the past few weeks, you do NOT get any vaccines. You need to wait until her immune system is working better before assaulting it with the ingredients found in vaccines. Tylenol is also not good to use as it puts the immune system on hold for up to 21 days, depleting Glutathione production.



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Hi A.,

If you have a humidifier, you might consider running it at night and perhaps getting a wedge-type pillow for her to be able to sit up a little bit.

Basically, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be thinking of you and sending you my best. Having a young one that is sick is tough, but this too shall pass.

Take good care, and best of luck to you,



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When my son was that age, we found putting a few drops of breast milk in each nostril the most helpful. After a warm bath, my husband would tilt him slightly with his head a bit lower than his body and I'd put just a few drops at the nostril allowing them to flow right in. Good luck!



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Talk to your pediatrician, they will know if the baby needs antibiotics. If it's yellow it's possible they do.

This most recent virus that went around in our town got worse with moisture. I got it and every time I turned on the humidifier I clogged up so bad I couldn't breathe. Even Sudafed didn't help. Normally holding the baby in a very warm steamy shower helps, using the nasal saline,suctioning, everything you are doing.

Just make sure the doc tests for RSV by putting saline in the nose then suctioning it out and testing it. RSV is very serious and can be deadly to little guys. Since one of my friends lost her little guy to it I never, never, never take a chance. He had been to the doc the day before and they didn't want to test him, the doc thought the baby was just congested and would be okay. He was gone less than 18 hours later.



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What you are doing is really all you can safely do for could also try keeping a humidifier in the room to keep the air moist and help her breath, you can put a thick blanket underneath the mattress to elevate the end her head lays on so that the mucus drains, but don't put anything on top of the mattress where she sleeps because then it's a SIDS risk.

Good's rough seeing them struggle through colds when they are that little but they pass.




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Breast milk up the nose with a syringe, humidifier, majorly up you liquid intake and hold her in a hot steamy shower before bed. IF FEVER ARISES TAKE TO THE DOC IMMEDIATELY. Could be serious in a newborn (meningitis).



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First, try to keep your baby's nasal and bronchial passages clear by using a humidifier. Keep it on all day and night in whichever room your baby is in.
Secondly, keep using the saline spray each time your change your baby's diaper. When you use the spray try to keep your baby upright, such as in a swing or bouncy seat. This helps the mucous to drain.
Badger has a chest rub that works wonders. It's all organic natural substances and you just slather it on your baby's chest. I used it right before nap and bedtime and my little guy seems to sleep a little easier. You can also use it on the bottoms of your baby's feet and be sure to put socks on.
Finally, there is a product by Ecletic Kids called Herbal Cough Elixir. It really helps to loosen the gunk and it is safe to use on infants. You determine the dosage by weight.



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In addition to all the other responses, they now have infant vicks/mentholatum. But before using, ask you doctor since your baby is only 1 month. My son caught his first cold/cough/runny nose at 3 months and my doctor okayed it and til this day I use the same method and it seems to work.

Basically, after a wipe down (or bath), I rub a very small bit of mentholatum on his back, chest, and behind his ears. It helps him breathe and has helped with his nighttime coughing as well as speed up his recovery. Again, ask if this is okay for a month old and if it is, I suggest using very little just to be on teh safe side since mentholtum is very strong.

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