Musty Smell in Furniture

Updated on August 09, 2010
K.N. asks from Alexandria, VA
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Hello Moms,

My parents recently paid to have some of our furniture re-upholstered (an early Christmas gift). The furniture was then stored in my mom's "studio" for a month, and they brought it to us last week. It smells very musty! I am really upset, as I am due with our 2nd daughter in the next week, and I was really looking forward to my "new" furniture!!! I have febreezed it many times, then we had the furniture professionally cleaned. And still musty!

Any thoughts as to how to get rid of the smell? I don't think there is mold growing in it, and don't want to have to have it re-re-upholstered. Never mind the expense, I love the new fabric!!

Thank you!

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answers from Denver on

Have you checked with the people who re-upholstered it? Maybe there is a problem with the shipment of the fabric or something. It may be the actual stuffing from the old couch that needed to be cleaned before it was re-upholstered. They may be able to give you some advice. I cannot imagine that being in a studio for only a month would have caused a musty smell you cannot remove.

Other options may be to use some expensive perfumes or something of that nature. They tend to hang around for quite a while. I have also used Lysol before which is good for killing any germs that may be in the couch. I have never had luck with Febreeze - EVER. I lasts as long as airfreshner, which isn't long.

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I used to get a lot of my furniture from second hand stores, and they always had a sort of stale, musty smell to them. I would sprinkle baby powder all over it and beat it in to the cushions/fabrics. Literally take something (I used a golf club) and beat it into the cushions. My mom would use a combo of baby powder/baking powder. Just beware if you do this, you might want to cover your nose and mouth with something. Good Luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Carpet cleaners usually can clean furniture and drapes. I would call a reputable company like vacuums etc and ask if they know a good carpet cleaning company . Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

I would spray them heavily with white vinegar, then put them out in the sun until they dry.



answers from Sacramento on

Maybe try the fabric sprays from bath and body works instead. I like them better than febreze as they do a better job.

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