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Updated on April 14, 2013
M.S. asks from Ellicott City, MD
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We are participating in a big "kids stuff" sale this weekend. Its called "Kids Nearly New Sale" and its at our local fairgrounds and familys rent booths and sell baby and childrens items, toys, clothes, etc. Now that our youngest is 14 months we are ready to sell off lots of baby stuff (swing, bouncy seats, baby tubs, etc) and a whole bunch of clothing, blankets and accessories. My mom has taken care of all her grandbabies at one point or another over the years and has accumulated a bunch of stuff too. So, we are sharing a booth.

I think we are fine on the pricing of the bigger items, but for the clothes and smaller stuff, I know we need to price things low, but it seems that my mom has priced nearly everything as $1.

She made a sign, and it says:
Clothes $1
Jackets $1
Shoes $1
Coats $1
Blankets $1
Sheets $1
Sleepers $1
Baby Toys $1
Two Piece outfits $2 (Still $1 per item)

So, she shows me the sign and says “I think it might be too busy. Too much stuff on it”. And I was like, “well we could just make a sign that says everything is $1…”
We have a lot of stuff and do want to sell as much as we can. So, I get that we need to have low prices. My mom says that is what she would be willing to pay for stuff. She is very conservative, I am less conservative. I think something can cost $2 or $3 and still be a good buy.
Really, I am just curious, would you price everything at $1? If you attended one of these sales, what kind of prices would you expect to see for clothing and smaller items similar to what I have described?

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answers from Washington DC on

do you want to make money or just get rid of it?

If you price everything one dollar - you might get rid of it all.

Toys and bouncers, etc. I would NOT price at $1. You can put price tags on everything - expect customers to STILL bargain for a lower price - even at $1!!!

Don't forget bags for customers!! A sign that is too busy will drive people away or make them ask too many questions. You can either say "items priced as marked" or color tags Red dot - $1, Blue dot $2 Green dot $3...etc.

it needs to work for both of you!

have fun and good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

For some clothing items (bibs, t-shirts, onsies) I would expect them to cost .25 - .50 each. So, I'd do those 2 for $1. The sheets and coats I might sell for $1.50 - 2.00.

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answers from Rochester on

I would absolutely not price everything a dollar.

I have had a garage sale every year since my first was born...she's now 8. Both sets of grandparents spend WAY too much on clothes, toys, etc for our two kids...8 and 3. So we have a ton of stuff to get rid of...every year...especially nice clothes that look brand new.

If your clothes are nice, not too worn, stain free,'s how I price. 50 cents for t-shirts/thin long sleeve shirts. Sweats 75 cents. Regular pants, nicer shirts, etc, a dollar. Whole outfits, nice dresses, good sweaters, etc...anywhere between 1.50 to 4.00, depending on how expensive it was, the quality, and what I think someone else would pay to have it. Coats...coats are expensive!! Especially considering how quickly they outgrow things...someone will gladly pay 5 bucks for a winter parka for a young child. That's hit or miss.

Toys...depends. If it's a junkie little baby toy, I go anywhere from free to a dollar, depending on it's size and usage. Larger toys, though...I have gotten anywhere from 2-20 dollars, just depending on what the toy actually was.

If you price everything at a dollar, you can perhaps expect that all of it will sell. But you can always mark things down as the day goes on, if they aren't selling...start a bit higher, if that's what you want to do.

I make a few hundred bucks each summer by doing the sale, and we rely on that money to do a lot of summer things.

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answers from Columbus on

I agree, the sign is way too busy! I've been to many sales and it would be much better to just have: "Everything $1.00 unless marked!" When my kids were babies I went to sales all the time and I would have no problem paying $2.00, $3.00 or up to $5.00 for a jacket/coat as long as it's in good condition.

Same with the toys: I would have paid a little more for a better or bigger toy as long as it was in good condition.

In fact, I just came from a church rummage sale and they had signs everywhere in the clothing area that everything was $1.00 unless marked. I was fine with that!!

Good luck!!

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answers from Seattle on

I expect most clothes to be $1. I just got a bunch of clothes for my daughter this past weekend at a garage sale. H&M, American Girl, Gap, and Old Navy. All of it was priced at $1. Jackets I would expect to be $3-$5. Shoes maybe $2.
Baby toys, the kind baby just chews on, I have seen for .25 - .50

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answers from Anchorage on

$1 is reasonable, but some nicer items, like a nice jacket, could go for more. You could do a $1 table and then hang a few nicer items up and price them separately at 2 or 3.

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answers from Chicago on

Nicer name brand things like Gymboree, Gap, Hanna Anderson, etc. I would price at $2-3.
Jackets & coats probably $2
Baby gear: $5-10
All the rest I think $1 is fair

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answers from Washington DC on

I went to a children's consignment sale a few months ago. It was half off day and I bought most things for $3 or less. I might not have bought all the items at full price, but I would have bought the Hello Kitty hoodie in perfect condition for the original $6 price. I'll pay more for jeans that are in good shape, but less for a standard t-shirt I might just as easily find on sale at Target for $2.

I think if everything is $1 then just make a sign "everything on this table $1" or have a bin that says the sizes of the clothes in it and say "everything in this bin $2" or whatever. I wouldn't list clothes separately if she already has that category.

Part of it for many people is haggling. So when my sister saw a baby toy at a townwide sale for $5, she asked if they'd take $3 and they did.

I would price things like white onesies really really cheap, like 50 cents, and things like sets at a $3-5 depending on the brand. I bought my nephew a shorts and shirt set, Oshkosh brand, for $4 and was happy.

You might start the day with a slightly higher price and toward the end say "everything 50% off!"

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answers from San Antonio on

I take part in three of those sales a year. I usually put up a sign that says all clothing/shoes $1.00 unless marked. I will put socks, bibs (when I had them), and unders in a bin and mark that 25 cents each. I will mark jackets and nice outfits between $2-$5, depending on brand and wear. Anything else, I just let go for $1, and I will let everything go 1/2 price when there is about 2 hours left in the sale, just to get rid of it.
Good Luck!

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answers from New York on

I would price things at $2 or $3. Bring a poster board that says Everything $1. You can put it up if stuff is not selling.

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answers from Boston on

Regular shirts/pants/shorts etc I would do $1. Jackets/coats $2 or $3 depending on the condition, its still a great deal. And shoes definitely $3-$5 again depending on condition.

The sign would be a little busy (especially if everything is the same price lol). And who really knows the difference between coats and jackets haha.

You could try this type of sign if you want consistency:

Clothing- $1
Coats/Jackets- $3
Shoes- $3
Blankets/sheets- $2
Everything else as marked.

The toys would really depend on what they are. I would count the sleepers as clothing.

I have bought coats and shoes at the consignment store for $5 and been thrilled that I found such a great deal.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I wouldn't make everything $1.

I like the idea of bins or tables that are x price. But then you have to watch so that things aren't put down on the wrong table, etc... the better way would be to go with the colored dot pricing. All blue dot items $1. All red dot items $0.50. All yellow dot items $2. etc..
I would keep the price structure simple.. but $1 for everything is TOO simple, because, not everything has the same value. You can always cut the pricing later... and it would be easy with a marker to scratch thru the $2 sign and make it $1.50 Or $1.25 and the $1 sign marked to read $ .75 or whatever, as the day goes on.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm with you. I would price everything sleepers at $1 and everything else on your list $2-$5.

Set it up by table, if possible.
Everything on this table is $1
Everything on this table is $5

You have to allow for barganing. Some will just pay it, becuase $5 for a cute Halloween costume or coat is a great deal. Others don't think they are getting a deal unless they haggle.

I once had a sale where I had 5 pairs of brand new Levis jeans. Literally worn maybe 2 times each. I had $10 on them. I had paid $30+. A lady offered me $5 for each pair... um no. She eventually paid the $10. She still got an awesome deal. She just wanted a better one.

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answers from Dallas on

Jackets, shoes, coats, blankets, 2 piece outfits - more than $ - anywhere from $2-$5 depending on the quality.

If the baby toys are super awesome, price them higher. If they're just basic, keep them at $1.

Actual baby gear (non-toy) can be more expensive - 1/3-1/2 of what you paid.

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answers from Grand Forks on

"$1 unless marked". You could start out with $2 or $3, then halfway through put up a sign "Clearance Everything $1".

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answers from Dallas on

The cloths I probably wouldn't pay $1 for unless they are in almost new condition. Usually I will only pay .25 to .50 cents for cloths for little ones. And $1 for a set. Most the other I could see $1 on

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answers from New York on

It does work better if you can price things the same. Personally, I think you may not want to be as simple as everything $1.

Prices vary by area, but I think you could get a lot more than a $1 for a nice jacket or a coat. You may want to price those separately.

As for "clothes", I wouldn't pay $1 for many items, but I would pay more for quality clothing (an Oskosh jumpter).

There's nothing wrong with a sign that has different prices, but don't make it too complicated.

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answers from Washington DC on

What I've noticed around here is that people mark things up anticipating negotiation. It drives me crazy, but if you're willing to negotiate lower than your prices are fine. Otherwise, I think you could ask more and you're not too far from where I live. I think it's about what you're seeing in your area since if I were in my hometown, for example, prices would be lower there than they are here.

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answers from Chicago on

I would prove according to what you would pay. I do not do everything a dollar at my sales. ,2, 3 or even 4 dollars etc.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I price clothes much cheaper because people just won't pay very much for them. The next sale they go to down the street will likely have their stuff priced for $.25 and $.50 so I price stuff to go.

As for the bigger stuff, I'd make sure you had the prices written on some duct tape or something. They are going to want them for a dollar if there is a sign anywhere saying everything is a dollar, even if it says clothes only.

I went to a garage sale today in the ritziest neighborhood in my area, easily the most expensive homes in my town. They the most adorable baby and toddler clothes, they were priced exactly at the prices you listed. People would look at them and ooh and aah but no one was buying a single outfit.

They had cute cute cute baby shoes, $1 per pair. I bought 5 pair of boys sneakers for $1 each pair and they were Reebok, Nike, Sketcher Z-straps, one else was buying shoes either.

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