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Updated on April 13, 2010
A.S. asks from Odessa, FL
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I have a 3y5mo old boy who's showing some musical ear. I was wondering what is a good time to start him in music lessons and if anyone has advice on places/teachers they would recommend? We live just north of Carrolwood, so anything within 20 min drive would be fine. I was thinking of piano lessons to start or finding a summer camp that has a lot of music/ instruments involved. The summer camps that I have seen are geared towards various types of dance. My son is quite stubborn, so finding a good match would be key in order for him to keep the interest up. Any suggestions?

The music lessons that are geared towards kids of his age, where they bang on the kiddie instruments and sing songs are not really what I have in mind.

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Hi! I am so pleased to hear your child is musically inclined. I am a music teacher and have started children from all different ages. It all varies with children development. There is a program called Musikgarten which helps pave the way for little ones to gain interest and training in basic music while moving up to instruments at the proper time. In the past, I required this class (some rhythm instruments and singing, but much more) to see when the window opened for more formal training. Once the attention span and certain motor skills have developed, the Suzuki Method is recommended. It starts children as early as 2 or 3yr. Again depending on each child....some wait until they are 4 or 5. This method includes the parent in the lessons to help at home with practice and proves to be very fun. Several of my students started piano or violin at 3 or 4yr and are great musicians today enjoying what they do!
Hope this helps and feel free to let me know if you need more details.

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Hi A.,

We have one of the best performing arts centers in the country here in downtown Tampa! (Tampa Bay Perf. Arts Center) Their Patel Conservatory offers lots of classes; not sure if they start that young, though.
You might also want to call Baby Bungalow on Azeele. They are a great resource for all kind of things for babies and preschoolers. In fact, my friend whose name happens to be A. S. also! works there.

good luck,

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Hillsdale Baptist Church has a fine arts academy that does private or group lessons. The teachers are phenomenal and I would highly recommend looking into the program. The church is on the corner of Ehrlich and Veteran's Expy.
Good Luck...this is a wonderful church family too.

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I started piano lessons when I was 5. One of my friends started when she was 3.

I hope one of my two has the musical ear.

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It may be farther than you want to drive, but check out NoiseMakers in St. Petersburg. Our Crazy Fingers class is designed for kids between 3 - 5 years old. We also have mom-and-me classes, and classes for older kids. They learn guitar, drums, keyboards, bass, etc... We also do a lot of concerts, if your son wants to get up on stage. Website:, or call ###-###-####.

We also have Rock 'n' Roll camps over the summer that your son may be interested in. There will be six camps over June, July, and August. Check the website for more details. Rock on.



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THe ideal age is really around 4 1/2 - 5 yrs of age. This way they've developed better fine motor skills, have the ability to focus longer and can identify the letters A-G and numbers 1-4. I have had students try piano out during the summer months by doing about 4 lessons. This helps the parents and the teacher gauge if it's something the child is really ready for and interested in.

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