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Updated on September 06, 2006
A. asks from Justin, TX
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Hi Mama's...wanted to know what is the best site to go to for downloading music. I've done it from Walmart, but at .99 a song....seems like there should be a better place to go. My kids love to hear their songs while we run errands and any input would be great. Thanks so much and happy Monday!!!


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answers from Dallas on

My husband's coworkers have used a website called It's out of Russia, but the songs are of in English! The price of each song depends on the size of the mp3 file, so they can be from 10 cents to 20 cents per song.

Hope it works for you!

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NAPSTER! Yes, I know what you might be thinking. My husband found on that you can sign up for a monthly subscription. We have $10 and some change taken out of our checking account once a month, and we can go to napster and we have unlimited downloading with the subscription. We have done all the FREE stuff and we have also done the Wal Mart thing, but with napster the selection is so much greater.



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I have found to be the best and most dependable for music downloads. great quality, great selection - easy to use. I can edit the song length or the volume. Just download the application for free on to your desktop; set up an account, and buy music. Ask friends/family members to give you iTunes gift cards (found at Walmart, grocery stores, online) for your bdays or Christmas. And all the CDs you own now can be uploaded into your library so if anything happens to the CD (scratched, stolen, lost, you always have a copy of it on your desktop). I've made a playlist of children's songs for my son and it's great... iTunes has a whole genre section of Children's music.

I'd be leary of any "free" file sharing website -- remember what happened to Napster customers? [The big record labels went after regular Joe customers, sued them in court for stealing music and won!] If you're buying rights to own the music, you need to pay the artist something for his/her creation. Stealing music is not right to the artist.



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Hi A.,

Just a thought? Have you gotten them their own personalized music CD's? Each song has their name sung throughout it. Children love to hear their names in music!

I distribute 11 different music cd's for children so I'm sure you'll find something you like.

Check out




answers from Dallas on FREE!!!! I burned couple CD's for my son already!



answers from Dallas on is free but complicated. i think itunes is the best but it is .99 a song. for the size of its library and ease of the application, i think it is worth it. you could also get someone else to get half a 'library' and you could swap ...



answers from Dallas on

hi A.,

limewire (not livewire). it's free for everything (movies too) and i didn't find it complicated and i don't know a thing about computers. you just pick a genre and it starts giving you hundreds of songs/artists to choose from. its great!

A. j.



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yes, A. is excellent its free and easy to use. you can get any song you want and any other media you desire for free. i've been using them for years and never had a problem with viruses or anything like that, they are pretty good with that. i can even take the songs i get from there and put it on my ipod. it's great, try it there's no risks involved because you are simply sharing music with other people you get what other people let you have. if you dont like it you can always remove it with no penalties. have fun.

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