Muscle Injury

Updated on August 01, 2013
B.D. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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I know this is a very broad question with very little detail, long do you think it should take a muscle sprain to heal?

My 10 yo daughter is ending week 9 and I feel that she should have seen more improvement by now. The orthopedic stands by his diagnosis but went ahead and ordered an MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

What has been your experience?

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So What Happened?

It is her hip so there is no immobilizing it.

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answers from Appleton on

Ice it as often as you can. Ice helps to heal any inflamation.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a friend who was in a auto accident. She had pain and her leg didn't really work well. They kept saying sprain. For a year. She had surgery on it this spring. It had torn a muscle very deeply inside. It would have never healed on its own. Just sayin.

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answers from Boston on

It depends what she's doing to it. The standard treatment is RICE - Rest, Immobilization, Compression, Elevation. If she's using it too much and re-injuring it, it's going to take a lot longer. I have a family of athletes and we also use an amino acid complex designed for muscle repair and recovery - it's actually delicious and it works great. Safe for kids. If you want info, let me know. It's food-based and does not conflict with any medications or therapies. There's also a fantastic anti-inflammatory available either as a capsule or in other nutritional products that may add to her recovery by actually healing the muscle rather than just reducing pain/inflammation like most meds do.

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answers from Chattanooga on

It depends on the severity... I sprained my wrist once, and it took me only 3 weeks to heal. My cousin sprained her ankle, horribly, and it took her several months, and 6 weeks of physical therapy before it was finished.

Feed her lots of protein to help the muscles heal. :)

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answers from Chicago on

I've torn every ligament in my ankle in gymnastics... so a major sprain. It took 10 weeks to heal completely.

Assuming she's had it immobilized, that may be part of the problem. She'll need a fair amount of stretching to those muscles and the surounding tissues.

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