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Updated on November 06, 2006
J.C. asks from Leesburg, VA
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A friend saw the mural that I'm doing on my daughter's wall of Barbie Swan Lake and wants me to paint a mural on her wall for her and will pay me for it. I have no clue what to charge her. Has anyone paid to have a mural done on your wall? If so, how big was it, how long did it take, what were the pricing specifics and total cost? Oh, and how detailed was it? Thanks for your help. I'm trying to find a stress releiver for me after dealing with these high energy children and painting just might be it....maybe. :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much to everyone who has so kindly responded and given me advice and support. She has a budget, so we're going to be working within her budget. But this is what we're going to do, I'm so excited to do it. The room is a Hawaiian theme room. I'll put a palm tree in a corner with a little island and will find some artificial palm fronds to make it 3D and some coconut lights. I'm going to make a surfboard mirror as well as some shelves to go over each bunk bed (4) with a battery powered light for each bed. I will then paint a window scene as if you're looking out over a Hawaiian scene, but the scene isn't decided yet, and whether it's a portable painting framed in a window or me painting the window and scene as an actual mural isn't decided yet either. All that will be for $300. I think she will be definitely getting her money's worth. It'll be fun though. Thanks again everyone!

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answers from Washington DC on

I was pricing a mural for my sons duck pond nursery and the one guy who i asked went to school with me and then went to school for art and wanted a small amount of 850$ i almost fell over i did find someone who would do it for 400$ but that was the lowest i found and so i didnt get my muralist after all i did it myself for about 75$.



answers from Philadelphia on

Wow what a great outlet! I had a friend paint a mural on all the walls in my daughters room. She did it just for fun and I paid her for the supplies. But before my friend said she would paint the walls I did price out a few people. I got quotes for about 2,000 to 3,000. Which I thought would be an awful lot, because my daughters room is only 7' x 9'.

Good luck with your endeavor. Sounds like fun. I wish I could paint.


answers from Reading on

Hello! I've never had a mural done, but I have had a lot of walls painted by a professional (who also happens to be my husbands cousin.) All I can say is discuss the money issue up front and don't be afraid to charge what you feel is fair. We had our stairwell painted and upstairs hall by the painter. He charged us $500.00 plus we paid for all the paint and supplies, and it only took him two days. This was a lot of money, and although it was a little labor wasn't very detailed. We felt that it was a fair price for a good job. When he did our tiny bathroom for us, he charged $300.00 plus supplies and it took about 8 hours. Hope this gives you an idea of how much painters charge these days!



answers from Scranton on

My husband paints as a side job on a regular basis and he charges $20-22 an hour just for normal painting. He said to tell you not to charge less than $40-45 an hour. Depending on how detailed it is maybe more. Hope that helps

T. :)



answers from Philadelphia on

I've done murals before but for friends and family...I never charged my mother-in-law for hers but I think $60 to $100 would have been fair if it were for someone else. I spent about 4 hours on it....but you should just estimate how much time you spent on the one you are doing in your daughter's room and charge an hourly rate to your friend. You can estimate how long it will take you by the design and the detail and how large it is. Give her a ball park figure but tell her you will charge her an hourly rate so it might be over or under the price you estimate.
Don't cheat yourself and dont go under $20 per hour for is a very personal and special thing you do so dont ever cheat yourself or give away your talent for free- I learned the hard way...Once friends and others see what you do they will all want a special rate. You can pick and choose who you give disounts to based on your relationship with them.

I have a face painting business and charge a flat rate per hour to everyone but to close friends and family I charge half of my regular rate.

The bottom line is offer your price to your friend and ask her is she thinks that is fair- then go from there. You can pretty much guess what a professional would charge or call one and find out their rate like you are shopping for a mural.



answers from Philadelphia on

i would charge by the hour. it takes alot of time and effort to do beautiful artwork, especially on walls. i am a face painter and i get paid by the hour. i've also tried my hand at window painting for holidays and such and it takes work, for 3 pictures on a mechanic shop garage bay, i was paid $50 and that was simple, bold work. i would say about $25-30 an hour is good. let me know how it works out.



answers from Scranton on

ok i am only assuming but i would first find out how big it will be, what matierials will cast and how long it will take you as an individual to do it at your pace. i would then add the price of materials to your ideal cost for labor considering the time you will be spending on it and that will amount to the final cost



answers from Dover on

Hi J.,

About six months ago a friend of mine painted a mural of Dumbledore "Harry Potter" on my son's bedroom wall. It is six foot tall with amazing detail. It took him about three days and although he never gave me a price figure I did give him $75.00 and was told that was plenty. I guess just go from there and see what is said.




answers from Pittsburgh on


I think all of the responses are great- just one more thing to consider though - you said you'd be doing it for a friend - I think there's a balance between profit to you and friendship - I think the answer is up to the two of you w/ regards to what is fair all around - not sure what your financial situation is or hers - could she help you to cut costs - guess I'm just thinking that I considered having a mural done when our oldest was born but couldn't find anyone and probably couldn't afford it anyway - wanting it and having the means for it are sadly different - it could also mean bartering if she can't afford what you're worth - you mentioned stress relief from 3 high energy children - maybe she could do some babysitting - just a thought - good luck and let us know - is there anyway to post a photo on here of your murals - love to see them



answers from Pittsburgh on

Maybe charge her a fee by the hour. That way you are being paid and if it takes you longer than you anticipated you won't be feeling like you are working for free.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.,
My brother is an artist and has done several mural's. He is in Hawaii so I emailed him your question and I will send you his answer as soon as I get it.



answers from Harrisburg on

I paint, although I have never paid anyone to do work. I personally would charge for all materials, and a little extra. Plus I would charge by the hour, and by the amount of detail it involves. For something as small as a one figure person, and taking about 2 days, I would charge about 100.00 dollars plus the cost of materials. If it was a week project, and it consits of multipal items, such as grass, trees, people, animals, and it took up a wall about 6 feet long, it would be pricy as in prob 300 dollars, plus materials....hope this helps...You could possiably get away with charging 500.00

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