Multiple C-sections - Benson,AZ

Updated on August 28, 2006
T.F. asks from Benson, AZ
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Has anyone had 5 or more csections? Would you share your experience? Thanks

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So What Happened?

I had my #5 c-sec on October 26th and it went as if was the first. My Dr. said it was tough getting thru the scar tissue but she managed. I now belive that if she had such a hard time cutting thru with a sharp razor, I think it could hold up to pushing during a VBAC. I wish she would have encouraged me to do a VBAC. If we decide to have another baby, I would have it at home before I scheduled another c-sec! I forgot the feelings I get during the surgery, the hospital stay etc...
I would love to experience a real birthing experience some day. We will decide in a year and if we opt not to have more children then my husband will do the deed. :)
I would not believe a Dr. if they told me that more than 2 c-sec is impossible.
Take care Ladies!

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answers from Fort Collins on

Dear T.,

I have only had one C-section; a transverse or pfanensteil incision (bikini-type incision) due to my son being in a transverse lie position; he also had multiple complications at his birth (a very necessary Cesarean delivery). My sister-in-law had four successful C-sections because all of her children were breech and the physicians were not trained in turning breech babies. She had attempted VBAC births 3 times, but after discussing her births with her, we concluded that she did not have the type of encouragement necessary for VBAC births (encouragement from physicians, position awareness for VBAC birth, etc.). As you probably know, the more Cesarean surgeries one has, the more risks one can have from surgical complications (infection, etc.). I highly recommend that if you want more information about multiple Cesarean births, you can get information from ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network). They can help provide data on this (if that's what you need) or do you solely want birth stories from women with more than 4 Cesarean births?

A. D.



answers from Phoenix on

Hello, I like you have had 4 c-sections, my children are transverse and I had no other options. My husband and I were planning to have a 5th child and my obgyn said I would have no problems or complications and my uterus would be able to handle another child because my repairs to the uterus after each c-sect were healed very good and I had excellent strength in the uterus and none of the other incisions that had healed were even streched or damaged. Good luck, I wish you the best and an easy recovery.



answers from Fort Collins on

Well I didn't have 5 but I had 3, does that count? lol. With mine they were all transverse cut so each one could be cut at the same spot as the one before. I have a friend here who had 5 cs's.



answers from Denver on

I always thought that they reccomended that you not have more than 4 c-sections, but I haven't ever actually heard that from a doctor. Good luck to you, you probably know better than I since I have only had 2 but I think the real key is to get up and move around as soon as they will let you.

R. D

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