Mud Race Team Names

Updated on June 23, 2011
M.H. asks from Groves, TX
5 answers

Hi Mamas!

I've decided to run a local mud race for the first time ever, hopefully I'll survive! I need help coming up with a team name and costume. So far I've thought have Mud Dancing Divas, Dirty Dancers, Mud Diving Divas. Thanks for your input!

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More Answers


answers from Los Angeles on

The Dirty Dozen
Mud Lovers
Wet and Dirty Women
Dirt Divas

Good Luck and have fun!


answers from Dallas on

Mud Bugs - with crawfish as your mascot


answers from Bloomington on

Mud Puppies
Muddy Mamas
Mud Pies



answers from Austin on

Let's see....The Mud Cats(catfish.) If you use Dirt Divas, Miss Piggy should be your mascot as she comes from mud loving folks. Grubby Girls, Grimy Girls. Look up Dirty on your Thesaurus in Word. It will give you a list of "dirty" words. Have fun!!!!! (Maybe put tape at the top of your sock to keep the mud out of there to prevent blisters.) cb


answers from Spokane on

Oh how fun! There is a "dirty dash" coming here in August and a group of us are contemplating signing up. But it's a 10K in the mud - yikes!
I like your dirty dancers :)

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