Mucus in Infant Stool

Updated on December 28, 2010
R.D. asks from Port Jefferson, NY
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My 5 week old baby is mainly formula fed, with a small amount of breast milk a day. A week ago I switched her to the powder version of her formula and it seem her stools have really changed. She poops many more times a day, they are also a different color and consistency. I have now noticed some clear mucus in her stool. Has anyone else experienced this? I have put a call in to her pediatrician.
Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Just spoke to the pediatrician who said that as long as mucus is not in diarrhea and or with blood then not to worry.

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Dear R., Congratulations on your baby girl. I would say that mucus is natural in all babies. They have it from birth and it has to come out..... see what the doctor says..... Grandma Mary

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Personally we found the liquid formula to be easier on the tummy.

If your baby has a little congestion (stuffy or runny nose) it's not uncommon for some mucus in the stool.

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Mucus could just be that she's congested and is swallowing it. OR it can mean some adjustments to her disgestive system as it's constantly developing still. Formula will change the consistency and amount of poop. My son - at about 8 weeks - began to poop mucus and some blood. Turned out to be a milk protein intolerance... we switched to a special formula and it really helped. At 2 he drinks milk - and his body has grown to be able to handle it. He also had some colic symptoms... not sure if yours does. See what the Dr. says... good luck!

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I would recommend switching back to the liquid. I had lots of issues with my daughter who was originally exclusively breastfed and then we had to switch to formula. She was having a similar issue and seemed to be gassier and grumpier. I found out that the powder formula has corn starch added to it and the "mucus" is most likely the gelled up corn starch. I switched her to the liquid and it cleared up in a day. They say that babies digestive system is better developed by 3 months, but I haven't switched her back to powder yet, despite how many cans I have sitting on my counter. I may give it a shot after my liquid supply runs out. (I have to buy in bulk because my insurance covers part of the cost, she's on hypoallergenic formula). Good luck!

BTW.... I had called my pediatrician who told me the same thing and not to worry, but after about a week of this my daughter seemed crankier than usual, so I did the research and switched to liquid. And she had been on the powder for over a month. It just suddenly caught up with her. It could have been that the batch had more corn syrup than usual, I don't know, but the liquid formula cleared it right up.

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If you are already breastfeeding... cut out most of the formula and only breastfeed and pump for a storage stock up - - your baby will be much happier and less likely to have tummy issues. Mucus usually means a bacterial infection.

The baby's GI tract is open and immature until about 8 months old - - if you can hold off on formula till then, it'll be great because formula is a foreign protein and flora to the previously sterile body of a newborn.

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The liquid formula may have emulsifiers in it to keep it from separating - generally not good and hard to digest. Check the label - I don't know what you are using. So putting her on the powder may be eliminating that stuff and make it easier for her to poop more. Not sure what the mucus is. If she has some congestion and that is being eliminated, that could be the problem. Not sure. Let me know what the pedi says and then I can give you more info on stabilizing her and making her poop more consistent.

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